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We are at a time of intense and profound change upon this planet. A great many people are awakening and becoming aware of a feeling from deep within themselves that they are a part of this great change.

This personal and planetary evolution that we are experiencing affects us all on a very deep cellular level and often brings up hidden physical and emotional dis-ease patterns to be cleared from the body.  As well, changes in the way we think and feel and sometimes the struggle that we go through to surrender to our heart when we are so used to being ruled by our head, can produce some strange and bizarre physical symptoms, now commonly referred to as lightbody symptoms.  We are in a process of expanding our awareness of ourselves from a 3D mind and physical human body structure into that of a multidimensional human, with our feeling and knowing coming through at a heart level.

As a multidimensional energetic healer, teacher and ascension facilitator I have seen personally the benefits that one can gain through having understanding and context for what is being experienced and also through the use of various techniques and meditation processes that I share.

I also work with people on an individual level to assist them in understanding their own personal journey of ascension and the role that they are playing for the greater whole.  Each one of us is playing an important part and again, when we have an understanding of the part we play, we are often able to overcome the most challenging of situations that occur in our lives and move forward in an empowered way as we begin to realise our true and authentic soul purpose.

It is my intention through this website to share with you information, tools and techniques that will assist you to understand these changes and to support your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as you move through your ascension process and begin to know yourself as a multidimensional human.

Everything I share with you here reflects my personal experience – information and guidance that has come directly to me through the Universal Mind of God, Christ Consciousness and my Higher Self, intuitive knowing and meditation. My work is in alignment to the Law of One, Christ/Unity Consciousness.

My sincere wish is for humanity to be freed from its enslavement and that every Being may know who they truly are, a Divine and Sovereign Being.

With blessings upon your journey.





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