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Welcome to Becoming Conscious... helping to make transformational changes in your life.

We cannot deny that a great many changes are happening all around us on this planet and many people are struggling to make sense of these changes. Some we easily understand but some almost defy belief. A complete shift of consciousness is required in order to understand much of what we see… as well as what we don’t see. When we have a context for these experiences, it makes it easier for us to be “in this world but not of it”. We must expand our awareness to encompass “all that is” in order to be “all that we truly are”.


Meditation is recommended not just for the benefits of spiritual understanding and developing inner peace and calm to help us through the difficult times in life, but as a means to really understand the contents of our own heart and mind.  Amazing research now exists of the benefits of a daily meditation practice in the reduction of stress and anxiety as well as many areas of healing including cancer, multiple sclerosis and more.  By learning how to take control of our ego mind we are able to be more centred in our hearts.  This gives us the ability the connect with "who we truly are" and allows us to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.  When we can bridge the connection between our hearts and minds we are able to turn off the hormones of stress that cause aging and switch on the anti-aging hormones for health and longevity.


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When we make small and consistent changes in our lifestyle and food choices, step-by-step, we can turn our lives around and create the healthy vibrant life we always dreamed of.  We can learn to become aware of foods that are supportive to the health of our body and foods that are detrimental to it and we can support our bodies towards longevity through individually designed and suitable detoxes and cleansing that fit in with our personal tastes and lifestyles.  Radical change is not usually sustainable for most people, so we encourage a more educational approach as the aim is for long term change and education that provide the skills that you need to stay healthy.  We can learn how to "tune in" to what our body is telling us and through specific movements we can unlock hidden emotions or trauma that in turn open up the pathway towards health and healing on all levels.  Our body has it's own intelligence and is a part of our overall experience here in our human form.  Through awareness and connection we can access our own Body Consciousness in its purest form, which ultimately holds all of the wisdom keys to health.

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It is often said that "we are Spirit having a human experience" and when we begin to understand this as more than just a mental concept then a whole multidimensional world opens up to us that we may choose to explore. So many areas of spirituality are available to us from psychic development, through mediumship and trance channelling, or participation in various spiritual groups and communities, to crystal healing, reiki and spiritual healing, shamanism and so much more.  Many of these we can use as a stepping stone to uncover our own gifts and talents as a healer. Through our own internal healing and clearing work we may come to hold a level of consciousness and connection that allows the Light of the Divine to flow through us to hold space for another's healing to occur. Through various processes of spiritual awakening and ascension we come to embody more and more of our True and Authentic Self.  Our Infinite Self.  


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Welcome to Becoming Conscious...
helping to make transformational changes in your life.

Having worked and studied extensively in many different areas of the spiritual industry, specialising particularly in the teaching of Ascension and the technology of the lightbody, I now favour a much more holistic approach with my work rather than focusing in just one area. 
Commonly we hear it said that we are more than just a physical body but we are also more than just a spiritual body too and so I aim to bring that back into balance here by encompassing healing of the physical body (primarily through nutrition), offering emotional and mental healing and strengthening techniques as well as covering all aspects of spiritual development.
Assisting others to become empowered in their own lives is my passion and as a Teacher and Healer I am very generous with the information that I share.
This is my life’s work, what I have learned through my own journey and I am happy to share this with you here on my website and in my forum area.
Please feel welcome here…


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