On my path, I have journeyed fairly extensively through multi-dimensional levels and layers of consciousness.  I have seen and witnessed some pretty wild things in terms of inter-dimensional beings, past and future timelines and parallel worlds.  I speak spiritual language fluently and have done for years, probably lifetimes actually.  I do encourage a healthy exploration of the spiritual but we should guard against becoming obsessive in any particular area of it. I believe that at the end of the day, if we are not grounded and living in the present moment and really paying attention to what is going on around us, to what is out of balance in our life and to addressing the requirements of our physical body…   then all the spiritual knowledge in the world is not going to save us.

These days, as a Spiritual Educator and Health and Wellness Coach, I favour a much more holistic approach to life – one that doesn’t take us outside of our physical body and floating around in other worlds, but one:

  • that recognises that we are here in a physical body and thereby heals and supports our physical body through adequate nutrition, clean water, exercise and sunshine;
  • that creates balance in our life by addressing our emotions and taking control of the ego mind through a regular mindfulness practice;
  • that takes time to know the contents of our own heart and mind;
  • that acknowledges consciousness and Spirit is in everything and takes time to appreciate what we have in life and to feel our connection with one another, with nature and with God;
  • that ultimately allows us to create a purified and divine physical vessel, within which our higher consciousness or God Self may dwell.

To me, this is Ascension – a grounded and practical approach that includes everyone – not just those who have been told they have “a special mission on earth” or that they are one of the “chosen ones”.  In fact my work might not even interest these types of special people…

I believe that no matter where we are in our spiritual understanding, we can all evolve to become a better person tomorrow than we were yesterday.

I believe that through making small and consistent changes to our diet, we can become healthier.  That through moving our bodies and exercising we can become stronger and that through changing our mindset we can become happier, healthier and at peace.

I am passionate about educating people to bring all of these things together in a way that works for them so that we can all create a happier, more peaceful life and become who we truly are, not what others think we should be.

This is my passion and I endeavour to bring the qualities of love, compassion, caring and sharing into all of the work presented here so that we can all benefit from developing a community of consciously evolving and loving humans in this world.

From my heart to yours…