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Hi Karen
Thanks for your comment, ever since I throw away all "teachings" above and beyond, the only thing left is just me. I have in a utterly blank state. I wanna change, in fact I did change A LOT, but now what else I can do to find my own spiritual path. I cannot just do it myself with no support. I believe in LOVE. However, is it just LOVE can solve everything, especially now?! After all, I am still human, need money to survive. I don't want to live/work in this slave world and yet I don't have that any financial support me to continue. A Catch 20/20 case, either I continue to work to pay bills, food or homeless.
I know my own LIGHT inside me, and also am a very lost light. I am not a savoir, or hero . I do know I come here for helping Tara/Gaia ascension. If I can't take care of myself, how can I help others. I am no body, nobody listen to me. Most people judge your credit ability by how much money you make, not how much good deed you do. No matter how many good karma I have been accumulated, nothing good coming back to me. Something is very off in this 3D earth. Those who sell their soul gain all while I try to do the right thing is being ridiculous. I am in despair, deflated into no hope. I am not suicidal, just don't see any hope to continue the journey, I want to "go home" , "knock knock" no one there to pick me back. I am abandoned soul......
So Karen, what's wrong with me??