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I thank you for this article! For the last couple weeks I have been lead to certain truths pertaining to implants and all types of tagging and chips (eventually leading me to this article). I was feeling as though I was a victim of MKULTRA or some form of mind control as a child. I’ve had this feeling since then that certain people around me knew something about me that they were not telling me! All the while in my gut I knew something was off, that something was existing with me essentially filtering out and or “siphoning” off ( as you put it) my light and my energy. Because us Starseeds and Higher Light Beings come with much more Light flowing to us than Earthbound folk, we are targeted at birth to become tagged and implanted. (Not that these Earthbound folk aren’t targeted as well.)

Information was pouring into my experience about having an overlaid “filter” on my consciousness, much like this “false matrix” you talk about. I always perceived a massive block disabling my ability to reach into the Higher places during meditation. Eventually I was guided to go as deep as I could into meditation and boy was it intense, my body was shuddering and shaking and all of a sudden a massive blackness lifted out of me! I felt almost drunk for about an hour or two afterwards. After this I was told by my higher self this “entity” was with me since childhood! This same “entity” I used to have “nightmares” about! Talk about confirmation in this article! Anyway, I figured I’d share so others can see the truth within this article! Hopefully this helps also, MUCH LOVE!!