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Hi again LadyGaia
You know.... maybe it's ok to have a blank slate (or state)! - that space where "no thing" exists, except yourself and God. The trick is not to fill that space with creations of the ego mind but to allow a space where truth and inner knowing can reside.
Part of being human within this matrix IS that we usually have to work to support ourselves - nobody really gets a free ride down here, even though it might look like some people do, there is usually a pay off at another level and they may or may not be aware of that while they are participating in life down here.
I have to work to put food on my table and a roof over my head and almost everyone that I know has to too. It is part of being self responsible and there is empowerment in that if we choose to see it that way. Alternatively we could see ourselves as "chained to the system" and then the energy of the money earned feels different and has a different impact upon us.
Even if nobody "listens to us", it should not stop us from developing ourselves to be "all that we truly are". Our ability to embody our own higher levels of consciousness is not reliant upon what others think of us. This is our own personal journey and we do it for the Love of our True Self not for the admiration or recognition of that by other people. It is between your Self and God/Source. The work that you put in privately is only fully understood by a greater power. Nonetheless you chose to come here and even though you may not feel very appreciated by others you are here, holding your Light, holding your piece of the puzzle and you are appreciated by a greater force. When you begin to appreciate yourself more, then the pieces of the puzzle come together much more easily and things begin to make sense. When you declare that you are an abandoned soul, that you are lost, you become that. The language we use when we talk to ourselves and others is extremely powerful - you could perhaps create a more empowering script for yourself to include things like: I am One with God Source. I am Love. I am Light. I am Loved and Supported by All of Life itself. My Breath is my Power...
Words that feel empowering and personal to you bring in those qualities - it is like feeding your starving Soul. If you do this a couple of times a day for a minimum of 21days you will feel different but say it like you mean it!
With love