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Thank you for such a thoughtful and intelligent article.

The quote from your friend amused me, because this is one of my favourite sayings that I use from time to time. What others think of me truly is their business and certainly isn't any of mine. We did not come here to win a popularity contest - we came here to evolve ourselves, and that is the only thing we are truly responsible for. You cannot control what another thinks, but you CAN control what you think of yourself. I like to stick to what I have control over, and that is myself and my own thoughts, words and actions in this reality.

Just like many others, I'll be the first to admit that I don't tend to achieve the actions that I know in my heart that I SHOULD (one of my least favourite words) be doing, but each moment is a new moment and I resolve to do better every day. My intention is to live like a baby and try, try, try again. Life continually seems to get in the way, but this simply means we need to come back to the self continually whenever we are able.

The collective consciousness is such a powerful thing - but we can only be responsible (at least initially) for our little slice of it. That's my aim, anyway, because this is the only part I CAN have some control over. We are unable to truly and fully help others until we help ourselves first by connecting with that larger part of who we truly are.

I find that I'm much happier when I don't engage in watching the news on TV. There are other ways of keeping up with events that are less harmful, IMO

Thanks again for my uplifting article of the day - love to all.