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Through the Looking Glass

November 2016 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Where we are right now

We can all clearly see that it is an extremely chaotic time on planet right now and when everything around us feels so unstable like this we should be mindful to keep ourselves as centered and grounded as we can. We must protect ourselves from getting sucked into a vortex of darkness, despair, anger or any of these vibrations that we intuitively know are not in our best interests. This is a perfect time to focus with gratitude and appreciation on the things that we have in our lives that bring us joy and happiness or perhaps focus on the beauty that is around us. No matter how small it is let us be grateful for what we do have, as others are not so fortunate.

Much of the media is filled with talk of the US Presidential Elections, in fact everywhere seems to be filled with talk of this. It is so heavy in the collective that even those of us who do not watch the news on TV or read such articles can feel it. I feel it personally as unrest, instability, a sense of foreboding and actually it makes me feel quite nauseous. People who would not normally be involved in any political conversations at all are finding themselves discussing who is the best person for the job and sadly we can see that people all over the world are becoming divided through these discussions. This is sad because many of us on the spiritual ascension path were hoping that we would see more and more people coming together in Unity and Oneness in this time cycle and yet we see in some instances that the divide is getting even greater. We could wonder if this is actually part of the Negative Agenda’s design for this time period and yet astrological alignments bare witness to the fact that this time of chaos has actually been predicted for millennia - we are just playing right into that time, but is there a purpose to it? Could we actually be moving towards a brighter future?

Finding ourselves in the midst of this turbulence doesn’t need to be quite so terrible providing we can just hold ourselves together, centered and focus on ourselves, our growth, our heart and aim to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

We could perhaps choose to see this as a type of initiation: When the going gets tough on planet, how do we behave? Do we join in with the judgement, hate and vitriol? Or are we able to hold a neutral stance and witness that going through these changes is a hard time for everyone and still hold compassion for ourselves and others and most importantly an open heart.
Are we able to stay detached from these difficult political discussions or do we get swept up and carried away in the arguing?

It’s interesting that on a planet that is so diverse in every single area of life, what is happening now has the ability to affect every single living person and the planet itself. Threats of another world war have been thrown around and some political leaders seemed keen on the idea. Anyone with an open, kind and loving heart would not be thinking in these terms because the destruction and loss of life is just too huge to even contemplate this as an option. We, humanity, really must put down our arms of war if we are ever to evolve, however, it appears that our evolution is not the agenda that our governments are pushing for.

(Update: Since the time of writing this newsletter the US Presidential Elections have completed and we now have a new US President: Donald Trump. This result came through on 11/9 which I feel is a direct override of the 9/11 Armageddon Timeline that the Establishment were planning to trigger. This would most definitely have taken us into WWIII. Many people feel that Donald Trump does not have the right make up to be a President, however he has proven to be strong enough to stand up to the hate campaign that was laid against him and he has broken a recurring timeline that could literally save the planet and humanity from the total control and domination of the New World Order.)

We are also witnessing and standing in support of our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock in North Dakota as they strive to protect their water and sacred lands. They are being brutally attacked, beaten and abused and still they stand because there really is no choice for them. When the water is polluted too much is lost that can never be regained. Protecting our land is imperative and we face similar problems in other locations too in the areas where large corporations are fracking, drilling and building pipelines. Many of these are also not reported on mainstream media.

When our waterways are polluted and dead, in a sense, we are dead too. We are a part of the earth, our consciousness is intertwined with that of the planet – her heart is our heart and we feel her pain. On the surface this situation is all about an oil pipeline – big $$$ - and the dangers of pollution but the subtlety of this situation is that it is about protecting sacred lands. What is beyond or beneath those sacred lands? What is in the ethers and what connects inter-dimensionally through that area that is so powerful that indigenous people from all over the World are standing alongside the Sioux to protect these lands? Something about this has touched me so deeply that it almost feels personal to me. When I take the time to sit and feel into this situation the surge of emotion that has come up has moved me to tears on a number of occasions and information has come forth about exactly what it is that our brothers and sisters and really trying to protect there. THIS, like many of the things that we see playing out around us at the moment, is not all that it appears to be on the surface and this runs much deeper than just the waters.

We still have astrological influences affecting us to search for what is true and what is not. This is an astrological theme that has been running for almost a year now and we can see all sorts of manipulations by the media and others designed to confuse and mislead us about what to believe. It’s easier to control the masses when they are confused about what to believe. A Controller can step in powerfully then because the masses have been so worn down by all the controversy that they just want it to stop and be “saved” from it. The inaccuracies, falsities and blatant lying that we are witnessing is part of an agenda to mislead the public so severely that we cannot tell what is true or false anymore. It is designed to confuse our minds to the point that we actually give in and stop caring. Like a type of mental abuse, we are seeing gaslighting on a massive scale by political leaders and the media and we have already seen it in religions and spiritual organisations as well as in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and food industries. Can we take anymore of this lying and mental confusion? How do we work out what we can and can’t believe?

What can we do now and where we are heading?

We are in a transition time and it could take a number of years to move through this. We don’t really know what’s coming around the corner but depending on what happens with world politics it could be a really tough time that we are heading for. For any woman that has given birth, she may remember her time of transition into the second stage of labour, feelings of exhaustion, feeling weak, sick, wobbly, zoned out, ready to give up and walk away from it all. Well, many of the Lightworkers who came here to help in this transition period are feeling this right now too and like drugs in labour, there are a number of things available to soothe our Lightworkers and distract them away from what they really came here to do.

How we can help ourselves right now… is to find stability in our lives. If we can withdraw from stressful situations, information or people, then that will benefit us. Being as peaceful as we can will be helpful. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we withdraw from life. Personally I can quite easily play the hermit card but it is not for everyone and if you have tried that and feel yourself shutting down and falling into depression then that is not for you and you should “re-enter” the world a little bit. When you do, be very vigilant that the things you choose to do bring you joy and help you to feel uplifted and that the people you choose to be with are supportive to you and can meet you as an equal. Don’t hang out with people that drain you. Don’t go to places that you don’t like and make you feel bad. Practice Energetic Self Care 101. If you are here as a Lightworker to hold light for the planet and love in your heart then that should be your focus. Move away from people, places and things that threaten your ability to do that. Do it effectively, don’t just speak it.

We are in a time when we must care for and nurture ourselves in order that should the going get really tough in the future then we are already in a good position to hold stable. In a sense we are training ourselves to be in the eye of the storm. A time of equilibrium will come on the planet again, but we must create it on a personal level first. When great numbers of us find personal balance we are in a much better position to affect the collective and planetary consciousness. How can we realistically call for balance and peace on this planet when we cannot even create balance and peace inside our own homes? We must work on ourselves first and this is much more achievable if we do give ourselves quiet time to do our own personal inner work. We can all put on a brave face for the world, but if underneath we are unhappy, then that unhappiness will not go away until we address it. When we live like that we are inner divided and there is a feeling of separation as opposed to completeness.

This is the time when we must work on ourselves and clear out any imbalances that exist within us. When things are hidden and covered up, they tend to fester and this is in fact, what we are seeing playing out on a large scale through these presidential elections. On the world stage these two candidates through the revealing of what they have tried to cover up, are playing out the same things that so many people are doing in their personal lives – another example of the macro and the micro – a mirror is being held up and we can see all that is reflected there. We have also noted astrologically for some time now that anything that is hidden will be revealed and some of it may be shocking indeed so it looks as if all of this is about on target.

What happens in the collective affects us personally, so we can see that we are in something like a clean up operation. Things that were hidden are coming up unexpectedly from all angles. Some people are trying to bring things up into the Light to be seen and others are still desperately trying to hide things and hold on to whatever position of power or status they think they have but this is not a time to be doing this now as the energetic backlash from this is huge and only getting stronger. In order to avoid this, we should perhaps ask ourselves: is there anything that I am hiding or refusing to address? And I afraid that if I am honest and speak up, that my whole world will change?

What exactly is it that you are afraid of?

We are being encouraged to really dig deep now stretch ourselves into expansion as opposed to hiding something and staying in contraction.

By mid November the energies may be feeling a little less intense and we may get a sense of moving forward towards something. What we will be moving towards will depend upon what we put in place right now in early November (actually we’ve been leading up to this through October too). This is a time to put things into action to create a better outcome for our future. This could be starting a new healthy diet or lifestyle, a new recreation or activity, starting a new job, launching a new product or bringing truth and openness into our relationships and this time could also bring out the dreamer in us. The part of us that wants a better life, a better world, but also the part of us that CAN imagine a better future and the part of us that wants moves towards that better future with positivity, step by step climbing over the obstacles and pushing aside anything that would wish to stop us from achieving our highest potential. This is a really great time to make those changes that we know we need to, however with that said as these energies focus a little more on growth in relationships and because there is still an energy that is bringing dark things up to the seen, this could also be a little bit uncomfortable for some of us if there are still some things hidden or not fully addressed in our lives. This is a slightly longer-term assignment – something that will come up three times in the next year, so it offers the opportunity to address everything in the end. What is not dealt with will come around again. The Universe brings us opportunities to deal with things; it just depends when we choose to deal with them. There could be love and money involved in this too, so it’s pretty powerful and people can be very sensitive about these things so we could find that things go just a bit too far and it all becomes really uncomfortable. In the heat of the moment, perhaps someone says something that is just too much and it tips the whole of our lives upside down. It’s shocking when this happens, but it allows us take stock of where we really are and then re-build so that our path is more directional towards what we want in our lives versus what we don’t.

The influence of Uranus and Sagittarius coming in to the charts might have us searching for something – we want to know everything, we can’t get enough of something – or we might be awakening into a knowing of certain things and we could also get a feeling of expansiveness and openness and a feeling of wanting to reach into the future. The new moon begins this futuristic type of energy when we are seeing and projecting into our future. It’s important though to remain grounded. The ascension process always needs to be physicalised so we have to kind of pluck our ideas from the ethers and then do what it takes to physicalise them into reality. We have to do this. Others can’t do this for us so it could involve getting down to the nitty-gritty part of making those changes within ourselves. If we dream of a healthy body we have to take the steps to create it. If we want a happy relationship we have to work with our partner to create it. If we want a successful business or career we have to work at that. These things don’t magically drop into our lap and this is the danger at this time – that we sit back, wait and do nothing and this is something that we see quite commonly with spiritual groups and their people. It’s a “Wishing on a Star” type of thing when in actual fact this is a time to get our groundwork done, consciously and walk the walk.

We can see the potential for people to get stuck in this transitional phase of life. It’s important that we remember to keep moving forward, peddling or rowing as otherwise we may get swept backwards with the currant that is not necessarily moving in the direction of our highest potential or personal future timeline.

Timelines are a big thing at the moment. A great many timelines are coming up, either to be repeated so that we find ourselves just doing more of the same and making the same choices over and over, or so that we can jump off of that old, repeating, stagnant timeline and on to a new more creative and conscious timeline. If we are facing the same issues in our life, if things just keep coming round and around again, then we know that we are in some kind of a looping or holding pattern. In nature, things don’t get stuck like this. The same particles of water don’t circulate and flow down the same part of the river repeatedly. Even planets that appear to circulate around and around and actually moving on a forward trajectory through space so to find ourselves in the same old place again and again is a red flag for us, a sign that we might need to shift things up a little. Approached from this place of conscious choosing we can all experience progression and expansion in our lives and this is conscious creation. The more in alignment we are in our mind body and spirit the more the Universe will step in to assist us and our powers of manifestation will soar.

So until next time, keep moving forwards with love and an open heart.

© 2016, Karen AnTara
All rights reserved

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