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A Year of Many Changes

January 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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As we step into 2017 – a new time cycle is beginning. 2017 is a number 1 year, so there will be lots of fresh new beginnings available to us and as the planets have aligned to propel us forwards it might finally be the time we’ve been waiting for to branch out with our creativity, get new projects off the ground or make some really important changes in our lives.

With Chiron in Pisces and a Cancer moon happening on 12th January we might feel emotional and sensitive towards the end of the first week of January and into the second week, but rather than feeling like a victim of our past, these new energies are encouraging us to step forward with courage and conviction and move towards creating the life that we really want – the one that is more aligned to our True Self. Full moons bring completions, so there may be a sense of letting go of something… this could perhaps be an old part of yourself that is no longer aligned if your intention now is to strive to reach your highest potential.

The energies going forward this year speak to us of opportunity, inspiration and optimism. No person or thing can hold us back unless we give them the power to do so and these energies have a certain propelling quality to them so once we set things in motion we could find ourselves moving forwards at great speed but we must also be quite nimble on our feet as some shifts, changes and dodging of obstacles might be required if we are to take maximum advantage of the energies available to us through this year and into next. This is not a time to sit back and dream of what we might become. This is a time to step forward and really walk the talk.

Clearly, we are once again at a time of great change on the planet. We have entered a completely new time cycle and even though we have been and still are involved in an Ascension Cycle, this year of 2017 highlights a particularly important time in our ascension process as more than ever before we are going to be held accountable for our actions and required to take responsibility for what we have created up to this point.

I have talked previously in newsletters and articles* about the many deceptions that exist in new age/ascension teachings and the levels of the spiritual abuse that exist in groups and organisations and beginning now, this year, we will begin to see that some of those spiritual teachers and leaders will be required to answer for their actions in order that the record can be set straight in time. Many of them have been creating false and negative timelines and others have been instrumental in introducing inorganic and artificial timelines designed to trap the consciousness of its’ participants in order that their energy can be used to feed the group’s off planet consciousness field – hence they have become part of an ET Agenda. Several levels of these types of manipulations exist and they need to be corrected now in this time of reckoning as it is not acceptable for good people to continue to be manipulated in the way that we have seen is happening and these false timelines must be collapsed now in order that they are not perpetuated into eternity.

Some years back (around 2008) an opportunity was presented for spiritual teachers to shift from new age/false ascension teachings to those of the true ascension-based teachings in which they spoke of Unity and Christ Consciousness. There was a certain amount of ego involved amongst some of the teachers and their followers – suggesting that ascension teachings were so much more superior and more highly evolved than the old new age stuff and this apparent “upgrade” in skills and knowledge appealed to a lot of people in the industry who then proceeded to flood the spiritual ascension marketplace with their work. Much of it was regurgitated information taken from others as opposed to direct experience of the consciousness fields and a lot was also put forward as channelled material or that received through direct transmission. Some of the quite well known teachers chose to stay with the more new age types of information but there were also many in the new age circles who chose the “upgrade” to the ascension circles. Unfortunately, or fortunately perhaps, we are required at every level to continue our own personal healing and clearing work. If we don’t do this we are at risk of developing a rather large ego or an over inflated spiritual pride and it is these weaknesses or lack of self development and accountability that have laid many a charismatic teacher/leader open and vulnerable to negative forces.

Since that time, ascension teachings have taken off at great speed and information about lightbody technology and merkabah mechanics is readily available all over the net. Whilst initially this seemed as if it would be the answer to free people from “new age slavery” we can now see that they (the Negative Alien Agenda) just swapped one lot of slavery for another, so there now exists also a type of “ascension slavery” as many of the teachers/leaders involved in these ascension teachings actually sold themselves out and either consciously or unconsciously allowed their own consciousness to become hijacked mostly by off planet groups of beings who pass themselves off as more enlightened. Certainly they use all the right words so that we could presume that they know more than we do.

As the dismantling of this so-called 3D “reality” has continued, more and more people have been waking up. This is a good thing and it was designed to be this way but what was perhaps not readily recognised early on is that not only would people awaken to 5D and see through that mist, but that they would continue to awaken to 7D and to higher and higher levels and actually begin to find their own direct connection to God, so that they could in fact begin to see the falsities, lies and subtle manipulations that so clearly exist in many of the ascension models. Even though it is suggested that we focus upon our own connection to God Source – rarely do people in these groups actually focus on that work personally, preferring instead to be spoon-feed information by the teacher.

For all that these ascension teachers preach about love and compassion, truth and transparency – if they are not acting authentically and with integrity themselves, that is all seen in the larger field and now at this time specifically Universal karma will begin to deliver itself where it needs to, to correct the distorted timelines that have been created through the connection with off planet beings to whom we readily given our authority but with minimal understanding of who they actually are.

We may see the dismantling of some of these groups and organisations beginning now and sadly it will not look pretty. There are always those beings who are not directly connected to God Source and who have been feeding energetically from the members of such groups who will begin to clamber around desperately trying to hold on to their energy source or what they think they have control over. As energy is withdrawn from them they become more and more desperate as the time goes on and their behaviour which can also manifest through an involved person can verge on manic. Alternatively unseen forces can relentlessly hound a person who “sees” and attempts to step away from the group gracefully. The person who chooses to step away may feel disempowered, afraid and completely alone and I have seen this numerous times in people who actually are the very brave and strong people, who are trying to pull away from a mind controlling and manipulative force. Offering support and encouragement is what we should do with these people – they have seen something that is not right there and they are trying to break free from that hypnotic type of force. It can be very hard to do and sometimes we see these people drawn back in – like a magnetic attraction – but it’s actually a controlling force or field of energy that, at one point, they had chosen to participate with, before understanding it’s full agenda.

2017 is going to be the beginning of some great changes. We are still in the process of clearing out the old to make way for the new but a reading has already been taken of what is correct and true that can be propelled forward into the new creative cycle versus what is distorted and needs to be held back from continuing to cause further damage and hardship to the people involved. This is true not only in groups and organisations but also in politics on a global level and in personal relationships too.

2017 is a year of corrections. Where people have been up to no good – they will be seen and this may require a whole shaking up of the system to bring them to justice. In our personal life we can also make corrections. Not corrections in that we got something wrong or made bad choices necessarily, but corrections in that we are being afforded a wonderful opportunity for growth and expansion right now. We can take what we have learned and move forwards again. We are not required, nor encouraged to stay stuck in life anymore and we might even choose to shake things up in our own lives now in order to get where we need to be for this next stage.

We know from reading historic timelines that the NAA does not give up easily. Their consciousness passes down the timelines like a virus and mutates into different forms in order to continue to exist. Re-creating itself over and over again but really it’s the same thing dressed up to look different. A re-cycling of information and a regurgitating of what someone else said first. Another job – same old abusive and demanding boss. Another relationship – same old issues coming up.

The question is: What needs to be corrected within ourselves in order that we can move beyond this place?

For many of us in this last year or two we have had the opportunity to see what we need to understand and to correct our path. We are being asked: “will you go on like this or do you need to make some changes?” and if we have already been through a big dismantling in our life and are now on track, then we can expect good fortune driving us forward into a creative and successful life. This depends to some degree upon where various planets line up on our birth chart as to what area of our life will be most impacted and supported but generally if we are willing to do our personal work 2017 is shaping up to be a very important and exciting year for many of us. Take some time now to think about what is working well in your life and what is not? What changes do you need to make to create a healthier, happier life. ** (Read about my Healthy Lifestyle Challenge 2017)

Some people will continue to exist in hardship through this year unfortunately. Where there is a strong dominant mental mind, heavy programming and implanting or major abuse and trauma leading to a type of victim mentality, then it may be a year of some difficult challenges for these people. The choice to experience this resides with each individual – that is our free will – we can shift our consciousness in an instant if we choose to be aware enough and thankfully the energies available to us in this year can support us with rapid transitions and changes. If we have chosen to leave these necessary changes to the last moment, then hang on to your hat because this could be a bumpy ride at top speed and maybe there are some thrill seekers here amongst us that will choose this route...

180 degree turnarounds are possible this year and their impacts will be great so there could be some turbulence around us from time to time if a great many people happened to choose this route all at around the same time. Major shifts in consciousness affect the collective fields and the sensitive ones amongst us can feel this. In this year of great change we can expect that this will be happening throughout the year and moving forwards into next year too. All the way more and more actually until 2020.

In astrological circles there is some talk about alignments for this year being similar to those of the 60’s. They talk of social and political change and when we consider the UK and US political scene then we could say that, of course it is obvious that we are in for some changes. Or could it be just the sheer number of people waking up and seeing that we have been manipulated and lied to – all feeling that it is time to put this to an end? We may still be in for challenging times before we can say that we have brought this Change that we see on the horizon, into effect but we are poised for this now, more than at any other time in recent history.

This time really speaks to the Warriors amongst us and the Truth Speakers. When we choose to stay silent to the abuses of others, we also choose on a level to participate with that behaviour. We will be held accountable for that choice – of staying silent when we had an opportunity to speak the truth and make a difference.

You may think it’s not your problem but it is! Because you were there and you saw it and you know what’s going on but you still chose not to speak up.

You think it’s none of your business – it’s not connected to you… And yet you talk about Unity and Oneness and how we are all connected.

Perhaps in this Year of Many Changes we should focus on our human-ness and connection. We are all One in the sense that what hurts me, hurts you, although we are usually not aware of where our pain comes from on these more subtle levels. There are a great many atrocities occurring on the planet and there is also a great deal of beauty and love. We should not ignore the fact that bad things happen to good people and we will probably never get our head around why some people have to suffer as they do here. Explaining it away as it being “their karma” is not good enough when we know how manipulated the system is down here. It is not a level playing field. Our people are suffering here and it’s NOT OK. It would be impossible for all of us to get involved with every human rights issue on this planet but it IS possible for each of us to make a difference in our own way. We each have an important role to play. Not one single compassionate action goes un-noticed by the Divine. We all have an opportunity, every single day, to be a good person, to better ourselves (thereby raising our vibration) and to be a kind person. We have the opportunity to model goodness and kindness each day that we breathe. A simple pleasant comment to a stranger could be all that it takes to raise their spirit and to give them hope.

Can you imagine a life where people cared about each other more? Wouldn’t that be a blessing right there in our own neighbourhood? Let us work towards creating that now. Let us commit to making a difference in the world starting with just one loving gesture each day…

No kind action ever stops with itself. One kind action leads to another. Good example is followed. A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. The greatest work that kindness does to others is that it makes them kind themselves. --Amelia Earhart

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others.


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