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Monday, 24 April 2017 07:29

Choosing to Change our Mind

April 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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Our minds are incredibly powerful. In a sense we could say that God’s gift to each of us is our amazing and limitless mind. With our mind we can create our reality and even when life throws us a curved ball and we find ourselves in a set of circumstances that “happened to us” or that we feel we have no control over, still, through the power of our mind we can choose how we will perceive and process these circumstances and what type of effect they will have upon us going forwards.

Our mind’s job mandate is to keep us safe and alive. When it perceives a threat it tries to move us away from it, taking us into fight or flight mode, survival being its number one goal. When the immediate danger appears to be over, our mind will take us into recovery mode and in due course a feeling of safety should take over once again and our mind switches from “red/alert” to “green/safe” and our body can begin to relax.

However for many people in this modern busy world they rarely or never find themselves in the green zone – their body is never relaxed, their mind is on constant alert and they perceive themselves to be surrounded by various types of threatening circumstances all the time. Their body begins to run constantly on adrenaline as this is what the body requires in order to fight or take flight should the need arise and whilst this is a natural process for survival, to live in this state constantly creates a major drain of energy to the body, more particularly we may begin to suffer from adrenal fatigue or eventually complete adrenal exhaustion which at it’s most severe can lead to death.

Fight and flight mode is our body’s warning system. When this is triggered off inside of us we are meant to pay attention to it - there is a major stress within our system. Something is not right and we need to find out what that something is and fix it before it is too late. Unfortunately we often press the “override” switch on our internal stress – we may ignore it completely and pretend that we are not feeling what we are feeling or some people choose the pharmaceutical route in order to not feel it. Regardless though, it’s still there until we change things.

How do we get to the point of living in a constant state of stress or trauma, when we have such a powerful creative mind and why do so many people feel powerless to change their unhappy lives?

Well, our mind believes and does exactly what we tell it to do but unfortunately most of us are completely unaware of the damaging effect we can have on our selves and our life with the words that we constantly say to ourselves.

When we believe that we live on a prison planet, that we are enslaved or that we are too small or insignificant to make a difference in the world then that becomes the reality in which we live and when we believe we are a loser, unattractive, un-loveable, we create that too. Through the words that we say to ourselves, our mind creates for us exactly what it is that it thinks we want based upon what we tell it. As it is our mind’s job is to obey our thoughts to create our reality and keep us safe then this is something that must be factored in when we look at our life and try to understand why it looks the way that it does. Whether our life looks pretty great or is a total disaster, it is our mindset and beliefs that created it based upon the way we view things.

When we constantly tell ourselves in the form of statements that “my life is a disaster”, “this job is killing me”, “I am stuck in a life that I hate”, “I can’t leave this bad relationship”, then that will become our reality, so even when things are not going well in our life because we tell ourselves things like “I can’t see a way out, it’s never going to change, there’s nothing I can do to make it any different or this will be my life forever”, then your mind believes you and of course, the moment you try to take a positive step towards making changes, then your mind says “Hold on a moment, you said that there’s nothing you can do to make things different or to change it, and now I see you changing, so I had better do something (like create an event or circumstance) that get’s you back to where you said you were, meaning that you can’t see a way out, it’s never going to change, because you have said that repeatedly to me and I think that must be what you want”.

It sounds odd to think that we would by mistake tell our minds to keep us in a situation that we don’t want to be in, but the mind’s job is not to differentiate between what you say and what you really mean, it just takes the words you give it literally. So a statement like: “There’s nothing I can do to get out of this” from the understanding of your mind could easily become “I must make sure that nothing you do can get you out of this”. It might be confusing to understand it from this angle at first but stick with it and you’ll get to understand the literal meaning behind your words and you will understand how you empower or dis-empower yourself constantly with your thoughts and the words you tell yourself.

If we say, “this job is killing me, this is a torture”, then you might expect at some point to get sick or too weak to work. From your mind’s perspective it got you safe and took you away from something that was harming you. The next step might be that you begin to say to yourself “I am too weak to work”, you might find that your job ends because you’ve been off too long and then you can’t find another one because your mind is still holding on to the belief that “I am too weak to work”. You said that and it is so. How clever of you – you just created your own reality! Albeit, perhaps not the one you expected.

Many of us have experienced having to attend an event that we really don’t want to go to, or maybe had to give a speech or presentation that we were dreading having to give – over and over in our thoughts we told our mind how terrible this was going to be and how we really didn’t want to go and lo and behold when that date comes around we end up sick in bed and can’t attend or we lose our voice and can’t speak or lose our glasses and can’t read our speech. With the help of our mind and the words we told it, we created a situation where we didn’t have to do something that we really didn’t want to do!

We talk about wanting “a week off work where we get to do nothing at all” and we end up sick in bed incapable of doing anything anyway. How’s that for manifesting a week off work?

So if our minds are really that good at creating things for us that it thinks we want, we had better make sure that we tell it some really good things. The mind learns by repetition so what we say to ourselves continually creates our reality.

When we tell ourselves negative and hurtful things our body becomes weaker.
When we tell ourselves strong and empowering things our body becomes stronger.

If you have anything in your life that you don’t want, any bad habit, if you lack motivation, if you lack confidence, if you are lazy and procrastinate, if you can never find a job, somehow your mind thinks that’s what you want and it’s helping you to keep it that way because somewhere along the line you sent that message to your mind. Equally with any positive habits we might want to have like eating healthily, exercising or being really committed to a project, if we find that whatever we try to do we just can’t keep on track, it will likely be because our mind has not picked up on the fact that we want this new habit, due to some miscommunication from the past. It seems bizarre that we would sabotage ourselves in this way, and yet this is exactly what we do. It is usually unconscious and can often be difficult to trace back to its roots, but nevertheless, we are powerful beings and we can change our minds at any time that we choose to. We have to literally re-frame or re-wire our minds and with enough repetition a new state of mind and a completely new reality can be created purely, through the power of our mind.

Habits can be hard to break but not if we choose to. New ways of being can be tricky but not if we choose to make them a priority. Breaking the cycle of negative self talk can also be challenging but when we CHOOSE to create a better life for ourselves and we give our mind the right messages and empowering self talk then our lives do become completely different. We just have to CHOOSE to create a different reality for ourselves and stop telling ourselves that we can’t, or we are stuck or all the other multitude of destructive commands we send ourselves each day.

Here are some examples to re-motivate ourselves and re-wire our mind:

I am choosing to make healthy food choices. (Repeat often and especially when shopping, eating or choosing from a menu).

I love getting up early on a cold morning to go for a run because I feel good when I do it and my body responds so positively that I love it. (Repeat often and especially when the alarm clock goes off and you are warm and snugly in bed!).

I love my job because it gives me the opportunity to earn money to be self sufficient and I feel good about that. It keeps me in the loop so that when an even better job becomes available for me I am in a perfect position to grab it with both hands so that job will easily become mine. I look forward to moving into an even better job that I will love. (Repeat often and especially when you’re getting ready to go to work in a job that you don’t feel much love for, walking/travelling to work and when you feel tired from work).

I readily identify with the things in my life that make me feel happy and I easily remove the things in my life that cause me stress or unhappiness. When I do this I find that more joy, health and optimism enter my life and I feel good again. I am improving my life and state of health day by day. (Repeat often because this is good for all of us!)

How the power of the mind affects Starseeds

For many of the starseeds that come here to this planet it can feel like a very confusing and somewhat hostile place to be. For much of their life they have felt different and have been accused of being over sensitive or just plain weird. Most of them being empaths, have been affected by the emotional states of the people around them, the planetary mass consciousness and the energetic memory locked in the land upon which they walk with no understanding that what they are feeling is not personally theirs and this can happen to such a degree that they might have felt somewhat “targeted” as bizarre situations always seem to come their way.

So when that internal alarm clock goes off and they “wake up” and begin to access more of who they truly are and what they have come here to do, it can feel like a massive relief because everything finally starts to make sense.

Unfortunately though, I believe that many Starseeds on this planet are deliberately targeted by some of the spiritual/ascension communities at that point, through the implanting of many distorted beliefs which have lead to the total disempowerment of so many of us.

Feeling like we have finally found our “spiritual tribe” and got some answers as to why we feel so different, we as Starseeds despite our inherent power, are also quite vulnerable and I have seen that we are often too quick to give our power away to a person, method or belief system that appears to hold the answers that we search for. If our newfound tribe can hook us in by suggesting that it has the information that we require then we will gobble that up with hardly a second thought, all discernment gone out the window as if everything said to us is gospel. This usually comes about because we finally felt safe there with a group of like minded people or have had so many similar experiences to our own. If our fight and flight response is triggered by anything that occurs as a part of these groups, we usually override our mind’s response by telling it that we are clearing past timelines or processing astral garbage, because that’s what everyone else there believes and we are often so desperate to “belong” that we go along with it.

While so many of these groups appear to be helping to break through the mind control of the 3D matrix, what is not so readily recognised is that we are being subtly mind controlled in a different direction – one that may render us powerless against certain inter-dimensional forces based upon the belief structure of who we think we are and what we are here to do.

So the problem with this now is that we have a generation of Starseeds who have a whole load of negative belief structures and thought forms firmly planted (implanted) in their mind that they vehemently defend due to the fact that they think this is a Starseed trait. Some even claim it quite proudly. They do not recognise such as harmful or destructive to their lives, they cling to these beliefs as a type of explanation for why they feel so bad and although they do ask “why” from time to time, they also accept this as their lot in life – their belief that they cannot change anything (because they are a Starseed and that is what it is like here on this planet for Starseeds) is what creates that reality for themselves and this is the message that they repeatedly send to their mind.

My recent article The Starseed Trap explains a particular agenda of keeping Starseed and Indigo people trapped and it is as if they are being held within a particular bandwidth of frequency where they can never truly access the “freedom” that they think they have. Only once they have passed through that bandwidth and are “free” from it, are they able to re-frame or re-wire their consciousness towards their true creative potential as God intended.

Many of our Starseeds are extremely empathic, psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient and can very easily pick up the vibrations and messages that are all around us in the field, however I think it is important for us to understand that not every message or piece of information that surrounds us is meant for us. Some of it we should be aware of and just pass it by. If we choose to go poking around in places that don’t belong to us, we are going to find some things that we may wish we really hadn’t found.

When we enter a vibrational field that is different than our own, our presence is felt there. When we put our hand into a bowl of water the level of the water in the bowl rises because our hand is in it – our presence is felt and if there were fish in that bowl our presence would be very keenly felt perhaps even sending the fish into a state of fight and flight over this perceived danger. Equally when we visit a new location we may “feel” the energy of that location, we may “sense” the presence of spirit beings there or be able to “read” the memory of what has occurred there on that land in the past or recently. For a Starseed much of this information will just flow in, we don’t need to go searching for it, it is just in our awareness but we must understand that what we choose to do with it next will create a particular outcome for all involved.

If as a Starseed we believe that it is our mission to uncover locations where satanic or occult practices have occurred and then go in and clean them up, then at every place we travel to, our internal “satanic practices” beacon will be on high alert, searching to find something and be assured we will find it as these types of practices have been and still are rife on this planet! If we tell our mind this is what we are here to do, this is what we want; it will direct us towards it and find it. Our mind (through our ability to create our reality) leads us to what we said we wanted and yet when we get there our survival mode is urgently triggered (our mind is trying to keep us safe) and yet we continue on there, never giving up and we override our body’s internal safety mechanism that says we really should be getting out of there. Very soon we will find that we are a Starseed living in fight and flight mode (as this can be heavy duty work) and we are becoming sick and exhausted because every time we step foot outside our door (and sometimes even in the perceived safety of our own home) we are having to fight and battle demonic forces. Why? Because we entered a space that wasn’t ours to enter, because we believed that is what we are here to do. We told our mind that this is what we want and we searched it out.

But is it really true that we are here to do this? Or is it an ego belief that we picked up from someone else’s perception that we chose to make our own reality?

Have we, through consistently overriding our body’s safety mechanism confused our mind so much that it actually doesn’t even know what we want anymore? Is this why so many Starseeds are stuck – powerless to change their reality?

Were we, in fact, programmed to believe that it was our job to do that work specifically in order to place ourselves at risk of a complete meltdown. Because Starseeds don’t give up – when we are on a mission, we are there for the long haul. We are extremely powerful in our ability to create a better reality for ourselves and this planet and in fact this IS what we came here to do. But just perhaps we may have got a little confused in how that should actually be achieved – call it bad programming if you like… but the question now is “are we capable of changing that bad programming? I believe Yes we are… if we Choose to.

If as a Starseed we believe that, due to our exquisite sensitivity it is our job to help to heal everyone that we sense or feel in emotional distress or to clear the energy of places we find ourselves in, then very soon going out and about in crowds becomes uncomfortable, we can’t go out and we may even get to the point where we can’t hold down a job anymore because it becomes too much for us to be out in society.

Now, please don't misunderstand me, psychic burnout is very real. I am not saying this does not exist or is made up. As an empath I often need to retreat into my quiet space and get away from “the madding crowd”, too much noise and too much activity. In fact I am very happy in my own company, alone, but this is something I CHOOSE to do and NOT because the world outside is a hostile place, which unfortunately is a mindset, that many Starseeds seem to have acquired.

Extracting myself from this type of Starseed mindset has been one of the most liberating, profound and empowering things I have ever done in my life. I have learned how to manage my energy so much better now and when I do happen to pass by a location where (for example) satanic ritual or occult sacrifice has occurred, even though I know it and can see it, sense it, feel it, I can also pass it by without engaging with it in any way. The beings there don’t really see me anymore as I no longer feel like a threat to them – they don’t need to defend themselves against me or attack me to keep me away. Any energetic signature that I may pick up from being in that space is easily cleared away from my field as there is no longer any resonance there for me.  Clearly, we as Starseeds CAN change our reality if we choose to.

The expression: Be in this World, not of it. Tells me that we should be able to walk gently upon this earth and pass through it making a difference purely through the vibration of love that we hold in our heart for the planet and her inhabitants - not enter a space, cause a massive uproar and then forever and a day be having to fight off demonic entities or ET’s that we upset when we went poking around in a place that wasn’t ours to poke around in, in the first place.

If you poke your finger in a hornet’s nest, Oh, you’ll find hornets all right, but do you really need to go there to prove that they exist?

In terms of raising the consciousness of ourselves and others, which is the more effective route: the one where we walk peacefully with love and compassion in our heart or the one where we are running and swiping at hornets?


Walk softly upon the earth.
May its beauty forever surround you,
its wonders forever astound you.

May its wisdom delight you,
its music invite you
to dance and to play and to sing.

May you love and be loved by all that you meet;
may you know and practice compassion.

Rejoice in the earth and in all of creation.
Rejoice in life.

a parting blessing - alfred v. fedak - 2008


Until next time, walk gently in this World and create your own Reality, not somebody else’s.

With love
Karen AnTara

© 2017, Karen AnTara

All rights reserved

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  • Comment Link Karen AnTara Thursday, 23 November 2017 07:54 posted by Karen AnTara

    Thank you for appreciating my work Darren. :)

  • Comment Link Darren H. Tuesday, 07 November 2017 01:39 posted by Darren H.

    Thank you ... This is helping to open many brilliant vistas in this life!

  • Comment Link Karen Friday, 28 April 2017 17:00 posted by Karen

    Beautifully written Lisa. Thank you.
    There is definitely no failed mission with this - we are moving away from so many fallen and completed timelines at the moment and what we are feeling is more like a new wave of consciousness.... finally... ;)

  • Comment Link Lisa Thursday, 27 April 2017 08:14 posted by Lisa

    Hi Karen,
    This is certainly a subject that I have been living myself. As of late I have never been happier in my life by doing exactly that - creating my own reality by focusing on the things that bring me real joy. When I sit amongst this way of being my energy and vibration shifts. My connection to others and the earth, not to mention myself, improve to the point of downright joyful. I still feel and see all that is around me, I can't help it. However as you were saying about being more effective by raising your own consciousness makes sense. It also had me feeling a moment of that old program of failed mission, aren't I supposed to suffer, aren't I the one who goes first, headlong into battle sacrificing myself on every level. All that. Simply programs to be cleared. Deleted. Rehabilitated. The 'keep it simple' method is far more effective, intelligent and works well for gentle souls from the Stars. We are still on point with our mission in this life, we have simply found a more effective, resilient way to do it.



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