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In Between Spaces

November 2017 Newsletter for Becoming Conscious

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We have known for a long while that the earth would go through changes as it shifts from one-dimensional space into another and the same is true for us as humans living upon this planet.

As we move from one location in time and space, from one identity or aspect of Self into another there is always a period of time when we don’t quite know where we are, who we are and sometimes what on earth is supposed to happen next. When we have experienced a shift of consciousness within ourselves we often look at our life and ask: “Now what? What am I supposed to do next?”

When we arrive at this point it can be either terrifying or liberating and sometimes it can be both – equally exciting, like that feeling of terror that one might feels at the top of a water slide, followed immediately by the exhilaration of the movement of action and then the tremendous sense of achievement (sometimes mixed with relief) when one lands safely at the bottom of the slide – often before running to do it all over again.

We experience this many times over in our life though – when we move from junior school to senior school or from there to Uni, or from Uni to the workplace; from working girl to motherhood; single to married to divorced or widowed. All of these times of transition can cause a degree of stress although some find them easy and transition smoothly from one state of being to another.

Generally on the whole though it takes time to effectively settle ourselves into our new identity and be in present time location. For many people there can be a feeling of not being sure who they are in this new space, how to be themselves in this new space, what is expected of them in this new space. Years of working on ourselves to become authentic means that we can no longer “act” a certain way if that is not who we truly are – we must be authentic. However that initial period of finding our way in a new situation; being who we truly are in that and wondering if we will be accepted as and for ourselves, sometimes hoping that we will be but at the same time not really caring either because being true and authentic is more important to us.

Commonly, deep down we really do want to be accepted, as we crave a sense of belonging and connection with others. Sometimes we may find that connection with our family but sometimes it is just not there - we are not on the same wavelength and we need to create a space in order to find ourselves. If we can find the courage to do this then once we have fully integrated this change, we can more easily become close with family once again because we are then more able to hold our sense of self and not go back into old patterns of behaviour. Having the space to find our Self is the important factor in this. If no space is created, pressure mounts and relationships can suffer.

In a sense, the world watches on as we take these steps through life and there is a general consensus and understanding of this process because we all go through it or a version of it anyway but one of the more tricky transitions to navigate is the one we go through repeatedly as we climb the ladder of spiritual awakening or ascension or specifically if a life change coincides, or actually triggers, a simultaneous spiritual consciousness shift, not least because most of the work is done on the inside where the world can’t watch and there are less people who actually understand what is really going on, on the inside.

Actually all healing occurs first on the inside – it is an inside job and when we continually look to external sources to fix us it is like putting a spanner in the works. We need time, we need space and we need the courage to look inside at what bothers us so that we can change it and move forwards again.

There is an element of alone-ness in this process and whilst we are hardwired to find connection (and avoid rejection) in actual fact finding connection with people can be somewhat difficult when, through one’s personal level of spiritual awakening, one has acquired the ability to be able to see through the lies, swiftly assess the manipulations and have an accurate “big picture” vision of the person we were, just a few short moments ago, attempting to connect and become friends with. This “inner knowing” comes through in a flash and it is very different to opening up a field to read their energy on a psychic level. This is a much more evolved skill.

A thing that people often say to me in session work, is that they can’t find people to connect with who are the same as them, they feel like they don’t belong and that they feel so alone in this world even if they have family or friends around them because nobody is the same as them. This is a typical starseed complaint – I know because I have felt this too and it is true, nobody is the same as us because we are all unique in our experiences, our gifts and in what we have to offer to the world. Earthlings suffer from this too – it is actually a human condition – but I feel that we, as starseeds, may feel it more intensely due to our exquisite sensitivity and often empathic abilities. It actually feels painful for us to force ourselves to connect with someone with whom we find no vibrational match. We are not being judgemental of the person, we don’t think we’re better than them, we are just merely assessing the situation, taking a reading for personal resonance and then we know whether we can engage further or whether the situation will prove detrimental for us to engage with at that time. We are not closing the door to that person, situation or opportunity, we are merely assessing that it is not right for us to engage with now – and this may change in the future. In a sense, once we have the understanding and have honed our skill in doing this, it becomes an amazing tool that we can use to help us navigate our way through life. It is like an internal personal GPS system that guides us in the right direction.

Until we have perfected our Starseed Sensing Skills though, it would probably be a lot easier for everyone if we were all graded into levels of spiritual advancement or if we had to wear truthfulness and integrity level badges pinned on to our lapel. That way we could easily spot a person with a level of integrity equal to our own, and avoid the painful situation of seeing through their bold face lies. No wonder why so many of us struggle with social small talk, because we can see right where it’s leading and that is usually nowhere much! I love those really deep heart centred conversations with another person where you absolutely know the person is sharing their truth with you and you can match that sharing. These types of conversations are uplifting for both parties as there is a convergence of energy and both parties experience an expansion of their consciousness – so opposite to those conversations where you walk away from the other person feeling completely drained or worse, having had to put shields up or shut down a little as a protection from the vibrational mis-match that was occurring between the two of you. Being in this type of situation long term leads to energetic depletion, adrenal fatigue and depression.

Of course I jest about being sorted into groups like this as it doesn’t represent a free society or a place in which people can make their own personal choices and it is through our own choices that we learn and grow. It is clear to see that if we hang around with the wrong people we become just like them. What is the “wrong” people?  – just people that do not have the same goals, passions or dreams that we do – there is nothing wrong with the people themselves, they are where they are, doing what they want to do but those things don’t necessarily match what we want to do. If you spend a lot of time going out with people who drink, smoke, take drugs and party hard when what you really want to be doing is eating healthy, meditating and getting fit, at some point you will either drift away from them or you will join in with what they are doing just in order to find a point of connection with them. It can be hard to step away from friends, or family, that you can find no point of connection with any longer but when the change occurs inside of you, when you begin to dream a different life, the only way to achieve your dream is to take steps towards it.

Freedom is having the courage to follow your dreams... and deep down, we all want to be free.

In our struggle to find connection it is possible that we may consciously override or sacrifice our own dreams just to fit in and if we do, is that the wrong choice? Is it a choice we can live with long-term or is there a subtle feeling of self-betrayal somewhere deep inside of us?

Do we feel that belonging, fitting in or being the same as the others is more important than being true to our self?

When we settle just in order to avoid any fuss, behave in ways that we don’t really want to, override our inner knowing by making choices that we know are not the right ones for us… how much of our spirit, our energy, does it really cost us? What is the price of spiritual compromise and how much does self-betrayal actually cost us in the long term? Does it cost us our dream, our happiness, our life? (As you read these questions, listen for your own internal answers).

When we realise that we are consciously suppressing thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams inside of ourselves that niggling feeling begins – that just perhaps the Universe has a bigger plan for us… and then as we contemplate that, the layers of suppressed emotions begin to shift and move and we may be pushed into an inner process that nobody can see from the outside but our inner turmoil may be great, huge in fact depending how far out of our comfort zone we are needing to be pushed in order to take the next step.  

This is called a spiritual initiation. It’s an opportunity for growth, all orchestrated by our Higher Self or our Spirit and as we go into it, it can feel a bit like we are in between space and time and it can feel like a really confusing place to be. We have left one space because with the realisation that we are suppressing emotions and stunting our growth we can’t quite go back to the place we were before when we hadn’t realised that yet - we do know that we are refusing to deal with things if we go back - however we haven’t arrived at the new place yet either because we haven’t actioned a change or integrated it yet and it takes time to do that. Some people stay in this in between space for years.

It is our Spirit that drives us and no amount of conscious mind processing can really switch it off. Our Spirit is with us for as long as we live and it will keep surfacing with ideas, thoughts and inspirations for ever – it’s like those pesky weeds in the garden that you think you’ve got rid of until they come back again to haunt you. Poison might be the answer for the weeds if you really want them to die but what of your Spirit, that part of you that never gives up pushing you to be all that you can be? Killing that would surely not be a good idea and yet we see people all around us who are doing this, both consciously and unconsciously because they don’t realise the dangers of this type of suppression.

Suppression is defined as conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind.  Any desire whether unacceptable or acceptable that is suppressed will cause a rebound effect at some point and suppressed thoughts or memories are still in our consciousness!  Just because we are not accessing them with our conscious mind anymore doesn’t mean they have left the building! They are there all the same like a hidden virus that just waits for our immune system to be down so that it can be triggered into action. Everything that we suppress will at some point make itself known to us. What we do with it when it comes up is the important part though, as it dictates whether we repeat the cycle of suppression and having to face it and bury it again or whether we find the courage and internal strength to meet this challenge and head in to a spiritual initiation that holds the potential for emotional healing, spiritual growth and expansion.

We grow through overcoming our challenges and each time we do this we build our inner core strength - to the point that this just becomes how we deal with things – we face them head on and overcome them. We feel things coming up and we deal with them and clear them. This allows the body to go into a healing and rejuvenation process – sometimes this may be a cold or flu, sleeping for long hours or lots of weeping. All are good and natural parts of processing and once passed it leaves us with a sense of achievement that is actually “our empowerment”.

So coming up in the planetary field right now are many opportunities for growth and personal development. As the earth shifts and releases pressure in the form of earthquakes and volcanos, so our bodies also undergo these shifts as we are innately connected to the earth. The way that we see global power trying to control and harness earth’s elements and power is a macro version of what we do to ourselves in the micro when we try to control and suppress our feelings or allow others to have power over us. External pressures and life in general may trigger us, but we can only be triggered if we have something to trigger in the first place. From this big picture overview we can see near catastrophic conditions on earth with political fighting, wars, power games and human suffering and we must make sure that we do not set up the same micro environment within our own body as this leads to imbalance and disease.

This is the process that the earth is going through as it shifts and moves into its next level of evolution. Clearing out the old to make way for the new. It is in a state of transition from one place or dimension into the next. We’re not quite there yet in terms of integration or physicalisation of this ensuing shift of consciousness and so we are neither here nor there, we are In Between Spaces, having left one time space and not yet grounded into the next evolutionary space. This is precisely why the planet is in such turmoil as some wish to evolve and change and others, usually the controlling forces, wish to stay the same – this is the macro of our micro when we can’t decide whether to step into our future destiny or stay where we are. Nothing that is very healthy is stagnant in nature and so it is inevitable that things are churned up in order to be cleaned out and evolved so that we can step forward collectively rather than repeat 3rd dimensional experiences on a 5th dimensional planet. Sadly, there is lots of evidence that shows that the powers that be are formulating a technology based movement foreward.  In fact they have acknowledged that they cannot stop this global movement forward into 5D so they are putting plans in place to ensure that they still hold the strings of control over it and will limit it through AI and technology.  This is akin to allowing someone to move forward but still controlling their next step and when you know this and understand what is really happening here it can feel quite suffocating.

We must learn and grow and ideally we want to reach far beyond 5D as that is just another collective limitation (or programme) that has been placed upon us. We are so much more than that and there is so much more available to us when we expand beyond their next level of control at 5D.  We don’t have to wait for another planetary shift to be able to reach higher in our own consciousness and life experience.  It is here for us now. We are limitless, remember?

The more we deal with our internal feelings, clear and release them, the less we have to ride the emotional roller coaster and life begins to feel peaceful. By this point we have built our inner core strength and although life’s challenges may continue to come towards us they only cause a ripple on the ocean of our inner calm. Tidal waves occur when there is inner emotional churning and resistance but when the interior is still there is nothing to rebound off of and so only a small wobble is experienced. This is a much better space to reside in and one in which the physiology of the body proceeds smoothly towards increased health and balance which grows our potential for experiencing an amazing and fantastic life.

Be strong enough to process what comes up for you and get help if you need it but most of all love yourself enough to reach for your highest potential with no limitations.

With love
Karen AnTara

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All rights reserved

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