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Just be You and Walk your Own Path

Inspirational Newsletter for September 2018

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Are you walking your own path or following someone else’s?

When we come into our spiritual awakening stage it can feel very confusing.  It is often presented to us as very mystical. Certainly, there are ancient traditions behind many of the teachings although there are some much newer versions available these days too, that actually don’t have much behind them at all.

When we try to attain knowledge or skills of certain spiritual practices or methodologies we may be told that we are not ready for it, that we don’t know enough yet, haven’t studied or practised for long enough – or perhaps that we are not advanced enough yet. This sounds quite logical on a mental level – of course we know we can’t understand or access the knowledge at the level of a professor when we are just a first-year student – subliminally though, we may pick up a slightly different message to the one that our ears heard.

The message that our emotional/pain body hears is the suggestion perhaps that “we are not good enough” to receive that information, that it is not available to us for some reason and we might begin to feel slightly inferior as a result but please don't take this personally as it says more about them than it does about you. 

These feelings represent the three most common core fears of humanity, that:

I am not enough;
What I want is not available to me; and
I am different, I don’t belong, I don’t fit in. (ie I am not accepted by the Tribe which in ancient times could be catastrophic in terms of our survival, so this really is a primal fear).

I have witnessed this so many times in spiritual circles – I’ve seen it done to others and I’ve also been on the receiving end of it many times, and I am convinced now that some teachers and leaders do, in fact, do this deliberately.  There is a massive energetic gain from deliberately disempowering another person and it can feel gut-wrenching to a genuinely innocent student. 

Whilst we are sometimes sent reeling after this type of encounter, once we pick ourselves back up again a different set of feelings begin to be experienced.  We might sense that something really valuable is being withheld from us and it makes us search for it even harder – we might do whatever it takes to try to fit in or conform.  This information or practice that we want almost becomes like the holy grail and we want it even more. Sometimes we want it so badly that we begin to focus solely on that perceived treasure, to the exclusion of all else and sometimes we then unconsciously set ourselves up to experience a process of disempowerment as by this stage that is the only thing left that will give us the real learning available through this experience.  

The harder we try to acquire this, the more elusive it becomes and the feeling of not being good enough/pure enough/valuable enough/worthy enough begins to set in as a subconscious energy block and it can bring up all of the other emotionally painfully experiences we’ve had in our life when we tried to be successful at something and we just couldn’t do it. 

We may begin to believe that “what we want is not available to us” because we have tried so many times to acquire something or to be accepted into the inner circle, but it just seems to not be happening for us.  We become demoralised.  Our thoughts now focus only on our inability to succeed – we feel like a loser – our vibration drops, and we sink into despair.

What do we need to see from this?

Often, we search outside of ourselves – in books, classes and workshops or by following people who appear to have all the knowledge because they have walked the path before us.  Very often these people are so inspiring that we want to be just like them.  Sometimes we begin to model ourselves on them and bit by bit we find that we are following more along their path than our own.  We rarely notice this of course unless we are very self-aware.

When we unconsciously focus on emulating another person we override our true and authentic self and we can get completely lost.   We know that something is missing but we don’t know what and we don’t know how to fix it.  We can appear to be doing all the right things, but nothing seems to work, and it can get to be really frustrating.  So frustrating in fact, that our own path becomes even more obscured, hazy, foggy and eventually may even disappear from sight as if the Universe is trying to say: “if you don’t use it, you lose it” – but of course it is not the Universe at all because we are creating this experience from within ourselves. At this point, it’s easy to become lost, directionless and eventually to become disconnected from Self.

It’s a very uncomfortable place to be in and about half of all of my clients are in this place when they come to me for help.

The process of finding our Self.

There are no explicit plans for our life.  It is ours to create in whatever way we see fit.  However often there is a deep feeling within us that we came here for a very specific purpose.  Many of us feel that we have a special mission and it can be deeply painful to have this feeling and yet not be able to access the details of it.

Many people also feel a sense of mission failure because they don’t really know what their mission is. Why can they not access that information?

Ironically it usually is because we are not ready for it yet or we don’t know enough yet but in contrast to the statement made in the second paragraph above when information is withheld from us by another person or system, this goes much deeper because it is all about ourselves.  It’s about what we withhold from ourselves, our fear and where we place the energy blocks that serve to limit us. It’s about not accepting the truth of who we really are and it’s about not creating the changes within ourselves to become the person we were meant to be in order to fulfil that mission. And again, it’s about our fear.

What I want you to know is: The only person that can EVER truly hold you back is YOU because all of the information, the codes, the keys, the knowledge, the power required to fulfil your mission is all within you. You don’t need anyone’s permission or approval to find it, to use it and to become it.  You were born for greatness.  We all were and to believe anything less is a mistake.

What I want to hear you say is: my path, my purpose is mine and mine alone and nobody can hold me back from accessing it and I know and understand that my mission is unlike anybody else’s and can only be fulfilled by me!

But wait!  We’re not quite there yet because saying those words alone doesn’t really change anything does it? And somehow or other you might still be holding a level of frustration that this special purpose hasn’t actually happened yet, and you still don’t really know what it is!

So, let’s go back to these plans for your life that you think you can’t access and let me tell you that you can.  You can access them at any time that you want to but what you need to remember is that the plans unfold step by step, so patience and tenacity is required.  Rarely will we get the whole picture in one go and if we did we probably wouldn’t be ready for it and we’d reject it, so getting it step by step is perfect.  After all, Mount Everest was conquered step by step and if that was good enough for them, it should be good enough for us too.

Nobody goes from zero to hero overnight. 

I don’t believe that there is such a thing as an overnight success.  Usually success is preceded by years of training, trying and getting it wrong first.  What toddler never fell when learning to walk?  Even monkeys fall out of trees sometimes…!  And we all make mistakes. 

We sometimes follow someone else’s well intentioned advice that doesn’t work for us but works perfectly for them.  Equally, we should all follow our own path even with its ups and downs and obstacles along the way, because it’s perfect for us.  Sometimes we forget and try to follow someone else’s already well-trodden path, we try to be them and achieve the same success as them, but it doesn’t work – it will never be the perfect fit for us as there is only one Cinderella for that particular shoe.

When we are walking our own path it feels good, it feels aligned.  When we are being true and authentic we can feel it and there is a sense of knowing that we are on the right track even if our results are not yet visible.  When we can feel our success as a real experience even before it has already happened in the physical then we know that we are working with the quantum field.  When we can sustain that feeling on an internal level over a period of time then we begin to create changes on an external level which means that in time it can’t help but become manifest on the physical.

In order to create this, we need to change ourselves from the person we are to the person we want to become, and we need to be clear here, that we should become a different version of ourselves from the one we were before.  We need to become a unique authentic different version of ourselves – and not a “trying to be like somebody else” version.

The key to success

When we feel lost and directionless we might search for someone to inspire or motivate us, and this will offer us some great steps to follow for a time.  We must remember that once we’ve followed their steps and reach what seems to be a never-ending plateau of stuckness, that we are there because it’s our turn to create our own genuine and authentic path in life. 

When we hit a plateau it’s time to do something different – every yo-yo dieter knows this!  When what we’ve been doing previously with success no longer works, it’s time to change it up and if we are still doing what we’ve always done and not getting the results we want, then the change needs to take place within ourselves first and we need to go back to the root cause of our stuckness and fix it from there.

When we search outside of ourselves for something to make us happy in life sadly, we will never find it.  We are looking in the wrong place. 

Once we reach a plateau it is a safe place to pause a moment and to go within and ask the right questions:  what needs to change within me so that I can become the person I was destined to be?  What do I need to let go of in order to become a better version of myself? What is holding me back from being who I truly am?

Often people bypass this part and rush to find the next thing to follow because they don’t realise they are on this plateau but if you are feeling a bit lost and don’t quite know what to do next to make something work for you then please wait a moment before you rush off… please sit and ask yourself these questions. 

You are most likely on this plateau because something that you are doing, thinking, saying or believing needs to change before you can begin to climb towards your greatness once again.  You are most likely on this plateau because of unconscious beliefs or energy blocks that hold you back or limit you.

I guess nobody really knows how many plateaus we will perch upon before success is ours. Many probably and I’m sure it is individually related to the amount of energy blocks and limiting beliefs we each have taken on through our life. I know that sometimes we have even brought them through from previous lives so that we can work on them and clear them in this life and I know that we can – we can clear them, because I’ve seen it happen so many times with my clients and I love that because it’s an inspiration to all of us. 

I absolutely know and believe that everything is available to us.  There is no one of us that is greater than another.  No one of us for whom success is unavailable but we have to want it and choose it and then we have to walk towards it one step at a time.  It takes tenacity, focus and strength of purpose and it takes the willingness to do the inner work that is required to ensure our success. 

Success looks different to every person… but what if we each had a unique gift hidden inside of us and our only mission in life was to find that gift or talent, develop it and share it with the world…?  Would that be considered a successful life and if so would you do it?  Would you share your gift with the world or would you keep it hidden?

Until next time,
Stay in the light and walk your own path,


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Karen Turpin is a multi-dimensional energetic healer, etheric surgeon, hypnotherapist and lightbody technology specialist. She employs the use of multidimensional hypnotherapy to witness and dismantle your own subconsciously held programs, belief systems, karmic residue, and implants that are blocking you from living your life at its highest expression.

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