Tuesday, 06 January 2015 22:44

All in good time…

Today I am witnessing many people in their post New Year “rush”, to get on with “getting things done and making some changes”.

As always people are setting New Years Resolutions – some of which will be broken within the first two weeks, some will never even be started.

People really WANT change – until it comes to the time to make the necessary changes.

It is easy to make a list in our head of what we want to accomplish, to set goals and targets and to SEE ourselves slimmer, healthier, fitter, more successful – but it is another thing completely to take the action steps to make these things happen. Some people completely lack motivation, expecting everything to drop nicely into their lap with minimal effort on their part. Some people believe that if they focus enough on it and do daily affirmations it will just happen naturally through some skewed version of the Law of Attraction and others are so focused on creating a slim body, successful business, externally perfect persona that they will completely forget and maybe even lose a part of themselves that they believe they don’t have time for – their Spiritual Self.

Personally I have found that getting things done is easier when I am in flow with life. There are cycles that occur in nature, a natural push and pull and the energy either supports you or it just holds you back a little. This is not necessarily an obstacle or something that is trying to interfere or stop us from doing something, but rather we must realise that there is a timing to everything and that sometimes the energy is not there to create things at the moment that our mental mind or ego decides it should happen. It is true though, that some things that our mental mind or ego decides we should have are truly not in our highest best interest and the benevolent Universe DOES step in to stop us! In hindsight we can always see that this was a gift even if it didn’t feel like that at the time.

We can liken this to traffic lights at a major intersection… when we have a green light on our side we can proceed smoothly upon our journey but when we have a red light we should stop and wait a while before moving forwards again. Of course we can ignore the red light if we choose to, we can try to push our way through, past everyone else and proceed to the centre of the intersection in our bid to go forwards… but CLEARLY this would not a good choice for us, we may endanger ourselves and others should we try to superimpose our will over the timing of the continuation of our journey. Indeed there is much learning to be gained simply by paying attention and knowing when to move and when to stop and wait a while.

There are always people who constantly try to push and make things happen in the way they want them to, sheer determination pushing them forwards and locking them into a very linear/mental way of living and being. The salmon are experts at swimming upstream with clear determination to achieve their goals, but they do not run against nature, mentally driven in order to do so. The wise salmon will wait until the right time of the year, because the forces of nature are supporting them at that time. The length of daylight, temperature of the water and other environmental changes are their markers and they are internally guided when to begin their journey for the most successful outcome.

Sometimes we need to sit back a while and let things play out in front of us so that we can see clearly what we need to do next. Let this come from inner guidance, not from a mental mind that is trying to keep up with the crowd or society pressure to make New Years Resolutions and get on with things!

Set aside a little time each day for quiet contemplation or meditation. Asking genuinely inside “what do I need to heal?”, “what do I need to know about myself?”, “dear Body, how can I help you to get healthy?”… And then simply sit and listen inside for the answers to be revealed to you. Don’t go off on a long story of what you THINK you need to do, the real answers are far more subtle than that, they are gentle feelings, quiet knowings, things you have known but have been ignoring… and don’t ask a million questions and mind chatter your way through your meditation time, because if you do, how will you hear the answers?

Just breathe, sit quietly, listen into the stillness, tune in to your inner knowing… and surrender to Divine Will.

Then when you know what you need to do… when it has been revealed to you in those still moments THEN you begin to act… with conviction, with commitment, with purpose and with directed energetic support for you upon your path.

(Hint: Divine Will does not give big downloads of successful marketing campaigns, salary figures, business plans and cruisey lifestyles – this is a projection of your mental mind!)

With love

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