Sunday, 27 December 2015 00:53

A Grateful Heart

Start each day with a grateful heart. Count each of your blessings and value them.

Everybody has at least one thing to be grateful for each day and at the most basic level that is the breath. Everybody who reads these words today has been blessed with the breath of life. The breath of life at its most basic level is the creative force within us. We may not think we are very good at anything but without the breath we are nothing. No life moves within us. Everything stops.

While we still have life within us we are a force of change. That change may come simply through the words “I love you” or “I forgive you”. At the most basic level we can simply forgive ourselves and start each day with a grateful heart.

If yesterday we were not a nice person, our grateful heart may guide us to a second chance – a chance to be a better person today.

If yesterday we were sad, our grateful heart may find a way to uplift us, perhaps by recognising that beauty surrounds us should we choose to see it.

If yesterday we were sick, our grateful heart may lead us towards understanding, acceptance and healing.

If yesterday we were happy and fulfilled, our grateful heart smiles with joy and we experience peace.

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