Monday, 01 September 2014 05:03

Media Games and Manipulation of Energy

We’ve discussed in class many times, how the media like to divert and distract us from the truth and build energy to feed a hidden agenda. In order to work our way through what the media are feeding us, we must learn to be neutral as we witness what is going on around us. I have spoken about not feeding emotional energy into the Iraq/Iran situation or Israel/Gaza or even Ukraine as it is not what it appears to be on the surface.

It appears now that the footage of James Foley being beheaded is fake and as well that his sister, is also the same crisis actor that appeared in some of the Sandy Hook interviews. Now that’s a coincidence isn’t it? Just another example of the type of games that are being played to confuse us and have us all wondering what’s true and what’s not. While we are all going into fear terror and grief over these news reports, our energy is being siphoned and manipulated by the NAA.

It’s important that we learn to be neutral and emotionally stable NOW, as we will be seeing an increase in these types of emotional drama reports. If we are able to be neutral and stable we will not be put through a roller coaster of emotion every time something comes on to the news or FB. Their agenda is to put people into fear and terror so that we “feed” the Armageddon Timeline that they are attempting to activate. We can override that timeline – we’ve done it before – but we must be neutral and emotionally stable and we must stay awake and aware and pay attention to what’s going on, not be lulled into playtime and lose awareness.

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