Friday, 08 August 2014 19:30

Discernment replaces Judgement

In new age circles, it has become fashionable to point out that we should not judge other people. This is ok up to a certain point but doesn’t allow us any space to make a “true or accurate assessment” of a person based upon their past or present behaviours.

It is suggested that we use personal discernment to assess whether a person is trustworthy or unsafe and we may choose to move away from a person who we find cannot be trusted.

Being “politically correct” in every type of situation is not a wise choice.

Should a parent leave their child in the care of a person who has proven to be a pedophile just because “we shouldn’t be judgemental towards other people”?

Should we enter a relationship with someone who has shown themselves to be lazy or abusive? Are we judging them if we choose not to? or are we using honest and truthful discernment of a person and situation that presents itself to us.

This phrase… “don’t be judgemental” has confused and damaged many people and has actually become quite instrumental in suppressing and, really “switching off”, healthy personal discernment and good strong boundaries. Without this personal discernment we become sitting ducks to a predator force.

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