Thursday, 19 June 2014 06:51


Witnessing what is occurring on this planet and holding neutrality is an art. You may say “too much!”, “I don’t want to know any more” but does that really make it better? Does it make it go away? No….

Can you witness the truth as it exists and then hold that truth within your own body and neutralise it and find a place of balance from which to exist?

Does the negativity of the world throw you off centre or make you feel depressed? or are you able to see that through the neutral witnessing (and the call to action when required) of atrocities that have occurred here.

EVERYTHING changes just because you were there to witness it and YOU were able to hold a space of Divine Love for all that exists.

As a human, WE are perfectly designed to be able to hold the Light of God within our body and energy field and that is where the alchemy of change occurs.

It is not helpful to anybody if we run away and shield our eyes from seeing the truth. It is only helpful when we realise that we are the ground crew that can make the changes through our physical body.

We ARE the eyes of God here on the ground.

We are the physical vessel.

We are the alchemical container through which carbon based density is transformed into pure Liquid Plasma Light.

It is easy to hold love in our heart when we only allow ourselves to look at the lovely things… but we're stronger than that aren't we?

Are you up for the challenge of holding love in your heart even while looking at the darkest most disturbing things?

With love

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