Wednesday, 09 April 2014 11:09

Spiritual Housekeeping

Just a quick reminder today, to do your spiritual housekeeping work…

It always amazes me that we are taught to shower or bathe every day and clean our teeth (and put on clean underwear!) in order to keep our physical body clean and healthy and yet nobody every told us about keeping our spiritual body clean and healthy…

It IS necessary to clear away emotional baggage, debris and astral sludge and slime from our energetic body if we want a healthy physical body because they are connected. ALL of our bodies are interwoven – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (as well as all of our multidimensional bodies) – so we cannot expect a healthy physical body if we ignore all the other parts of our Self.

An occasional look at our emotional body or a quick feel good meditation now and again is not sufficient to bring awareness and full clearing and healing to energetic blockages that cause pain and dis-ease within our physical body – we MUST make this a daily practice as, quite literally, our life depends on it.

So I’m cheering you on with your meditation practice and self-healing techniques. Keep up the good work those of you with a regular practice! – and those of you who don’t have that… now is a great time to start!

With love


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