Saturday, 29 March 2014 03:26

Control and Commitment

Just how in control of your life are you really? If God or your Guides came to you tomorrow and said that they have a really important job for you to do that would take 100% focus and commitment… could you do that job? How focused and committed are you capable to be? Have you ever trained to become focused and committed to anything in your life? – or do you drift from one thing to another without completing many of them? Have you ever had to give up things in your life in order to change and focus on something else – and done that really successfully? (How could you be relied upon to get your job/soul mission done if you can’t exercise control over your mind and commitment to Self/God?)

Sometimes it can be hard to change things – life has a habit of taking over sometimes and we can get swept away in other people’s needs and demands for how we spend our time. But one thing we must learn to take control over is our own mind. Literally our life depends on it, so the challenge for today is:

to sit, still and calm your mind and count your breaths. Be purely focused on the breath. Commit to ONLY focussing on the breath and the counting of the breath. If your mind drifts away and you find that you are counting breath but thinking about other things, then go back and start at number one again. It doesn’t count if you are sitting there counting breaths and at the same time telling yourself how well you’re doing! No – go back to number one again – only the number of the breath and the breath itself is allowed! Notice how sometimes you will be counting breaths and having a whole conversation in your mind at the same time without even noticing that you’ve lost focus on just the breath… we are so used to having a million thoughts in our head all day long, constant internal chatter, that we literally have to train ourselves to take control of our mind in order that we can focus it in a particular direction exclusively.

So set a timer for a minimum of 10 minutes, then just commit to focus purely on your breath and count how many good clear focussed breaths you are able to achieve in that time.

Keep a note of this in your journal.

Happy Meditation!

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