Thursday, 05 November 2015 05:53


So… many of us are currently in “the void”. I am no stranger to the void – I have weathered through many a dark night of the soul and spent a lot of time in the void on my own and looking at my shadow self, however this one feels slightly different and I don’t personally feel in the void as such, but what I am feeling/sensing is a type of planetary in the void. This makes a lot of sense actually when we consider that at that planetary level we are moving from one dimension into another and so that lull in between, and before we get to the other side of this shift, that is the void.

We are in transition and so I have a sense of waiting for everybody to get there with me and I am feeling a little bit alone in that – not sad alone but a kind of excited alone – as if I have beaten a track through the jungle for others to follow me and I am there waiting with anticipation for people to arrive! I’m not sure that it would be accurate to say I am feeling excited per se, as I know there is a lot more beating down through the jungle just up ahead, but it will be nice to have people come in to this little opening that I have created and share experiences…

So here I am waiting for things to happen… the structures have been created etherically and some will now need to be physicalised but other structures are more internalised, like a “re-commitment” to my path – not that my ascension path was ever in doubt but re-committing at a higher level and focusing upon consistency upon that path and part of that is more consistency and commitment to this website and to this forum and to sharing tools to assist others – to build this forum so I am stating that now so that it may solidify here in this protected space.

And so here I am – I’ve build this forum – and I’m here waiting for you and waiting for others to show up and be here with me so that we can share experiences. I’ve cut a path in the jungle and I’m leading the way – and also learning as I go – but I’m also waiting for others to join me so that we can cut paths together.

Are you able at this time to re-commit to your spiritual path? or will you be re-committing to something else?


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