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Challenges and Rewards

June 2009 Newsletter

Times are challenging as we are being pushed to clear up anything that is not in alignment with our path and where we are going – and it feels like we’ve been doing this for such a long time already…

Our True Lives seem so close, we may even have had a glimpse into the future of what could be possible for us, and yet the pull back to the old way is so real and strong.

The doubt in our minds just keeps coming up – trying to pull us back into the old programmes.

We find ourselves in a tug of war situation between the comfort of the lives we already know and the uncertainty of the future. Even if our lives are less than perfect sometimes the uncertainty of the future can seem just too much for us to risk stepping into.

As we move along our pathway, pushing ever forward and upward, the path appears harder… as we leave behind homes, jobs and people we have loved – so much hoping that those people will join us on the path but knowing and accepting that they have free will and choice also – they may not be choosing this path at this time.

It is a fact that many of us are the Way-showers – many will follow us and still others will choose not to. We have to be ok with that, remembering that we chose this path for ourselves and we must have the courtesy to allow others to choose for themselves also.

Is every path a spiritual path? In a sense I feel that it is, because every path we take at this new level must be spirit driven – driven by your Spirit, driven by your passion, driven by your heart. We are not all destined to become spiritual teachers, but your Spirit may drive you to create beautiful artwork that inspires and uplifts others, you may be driven to share with others your skill or talent, you may be inspired to work on a much needed support programme for a certain group within the community. Whatever is within your heart, whatever Spirit drives you towards, may form part or a whole of your personal destiny path, trust it, feel it, go and create it!

Allow your own divine spiritual force to work through you in this way.

The most important things coming up for us at the moment are truth and integrity – without this in your life you have nothing. As so much of our old structures are being broken down and left behind, we are looking for integrity and we are looking for truth as a sort of marker or point of stability as we move forwards into a new and as yet uncreated future landscape. If it is not in truth, if there is any control or manipulation involved, it will not hold in the new landscape – it will leave your life – relationships, jobs, belief systems, ways of being…

We have been learning to feel that resonance of truth in our hearts and in an uncertain future we know that if we can return to that feeling we will always be “on track”. If it is not feeling resonant in your heart, it needs to be attended to. If there is a discordant or disharmonious note on your piano you would attend to it, knowing that any music ever played while that disharmonious note remained would be less than what you were hoping to create, less than perfect harmony. When we have a discordant or disharmonious sound or feeling with our hearts, the same will apply, you will be creating something less than what you hoped for – a disharmony, imbalance, dis-ease. It may be harder to deal with, than an out of tune note on the piano, but vital nonetheless, if you are to live a harmonious and melodic life in the New World.

If we address the out of tune notes, we can create harmony in every area of our lives. If we try to ignore them, they will always be there, we will begin to create pieces of music that avoid that note so that we don’t have to listen to the disharmony that it creates, there will be a range of music that we can never ever play because full participation of all the notes of the keyboard would be required, but for us that is just not possible as we failed to address the issue of the out of note key. Other notes on the keyboard may begin to break down also and your range of music will become more and more limited over time. You will be creating music at a rate of much less than your true potential, because you failed to attend to the issue when it first came up.

When discordant notes come into our lives, we feel them and we hear them. Many of us have also become Masters at ignoring them! As we prepare to step into the New and True, there will be no room for this anymore – anything that is not in harmony with who we truly are, where we are going and what we are creating must be addressed and dealt with.

During the recent Mercury retrograde, much has been brought up for us to see. Old relationships have reared their heads, old patterning has come up to be seen, we are seeing the truth behind many people that had played a completely different role for many years, as if they had been acting as another character completely and now they are coming out to be seen in their truth. There have been many shocks, upsets and disappointments through this period of time and some of these will take enormous strength to overcome and pull ourselves back into balance from – and therein lies a Test from Spirit. How committed to the New and True are you? How much are you willing to let go of, that is no longer in alignment for you? How much do you want to walk in the New World? All of this driven to push you to remember your contract – what you came here to do – who you truly are? Did you come here to be tied to a job you hate, working for a bully? Did you come here to be married to a spouse who mistreats, abuses or ignores you? Is this a test of endurance as to how long you can stay in your painful life for? Is it meant to be that way?

If there are things in your life that are not in alignment for you and you feel it in your heart, what will it take for you to address it or walk away from it? Are you trying to hold it and control it? Can you surrender to your Spirit? If you feel fear that something may have to leave your life if you surrender to Spirit, then you are already aware that there is a disharmonious note playing somewhere in your life. Spirit will not take away anything that is in alignment for you – we are only required to drop the baggage, old negative patterns and items past their expiry dates. Anything that is current, fresh, vital, life giving and harmonious will be staying! And a big truthful shake up, may be all that is required to bring the harmony back into something! Ignoring the issues will never bring harmony on its own, you have to do something towards making it right. Action speaks louder than words in this case!

Through the shake up, the level of discord will be clearly seen and felt – the right words may be said but it will be the feeling that tells the truth, along with the actions that are taken next, to either re-tune that note or ignore it once again because it is just too hard to deal with and someone might have to change something…

So as we weather this storm and continue moving forward, addressing things as they come up, some of us are feeling a bit battered by this storm. In recent months its been big, with many things just appearing out of the blue and side swiping us. Each time we pick ourselves up and realign. But sometimes, it can make you wonder what on earth we are doing, are we on track? What’s it all for? We can look around us and see many people whose lives look ok, they don’t seem to be bothered by the storms that take us down – how is that possible? Maybe we should give up? Maybe we’re doing something wrong? So much self-doubt has been creeping in – again, allow yourself to hear the gentle voice of Spirit – how much do you want this? Do you have the stamina? – only the strong ones can make it across the finish line. I see many of the “old time healers” going under in the struggle – for some of them, they’ve been holding the light for us for such a long time that they are just too tired to continue on – but even in those last moments many of them can hold their integrity and truth and will be boosted forwards on that alone. Those who cannot hold that will drop by the wayside, as will we if we cannot hold, as integrity and truth are absolute requirements in our New Lives.

There seems to be though, a feeling of Expectation in the air. We are waiting for something… Waiting for a new dawn to arrive… Waiting for the birth process to finally be over and it is a very exciting time. For those of us who have cleared the issues we have a clear path ahead upon which to walk. We feel a sense of achievement for all that we have overcome and we are indeed stepping in as the Way-Showers. We are leading by example, in every moment of our lives, we are in truth, in integrity and fully congruent – we are not saying one thing and then doing another – if we make mistakes, we admit them honestly and openly, accepting it as part of our learning and we ARE open to learning because we know that we will need some new skills if we are to succeed in to the exciting but unseen future. And its close now – just there, over the horizon…

As so as we move forwards into June and the opening of the 8th Gate, the full moon and the Solstice – we know that we will be bombarded with lots of new frequencies once again. More energy to integrate and physicalise, but that’s the good part because we know that we will be receiving whatever the next appropriate level or coding of energy that is perfect for us to support our awakening and remembering process. With the influx of these energies, comes new interdimensional connection points and off planet support, as we all work towards ascension and Unity Consciousness. Without the correct planetary and stargate alignments and influxes of energy the planet could not ascend, we could not ascend en masse. This is indeed a truly exciting time in our planetary and human history.

Many new star beings are arriving on the planet now also and many of the adult starseeds and indigos that have been in a deep sleep are beginning to wake up. Some will have a steady awakening and others will need to awaken very quickly – some having resisted waking up for some time already – and we will be called up to support them in their awakening process. It is time also for many humans to wake up and I think its fair to say that the process of an awakening human and an awakening starseed or indigo are somewhat different. Not least because they are wired differently but more importantly they have a different purpose.

In our support of these newly awakening beings I would say be gentle – hold a space of openness for them to search for the information that they personally require, and understand that their needs may be different than yours. You may suggest to them books to read, classes to attend, websites to look up and you may have interesting discussions, but remember the role your ego plays in this – you are not there to astound and overwhelm them with your knowledge – you are there to hold a space and support them. You are also not there to surrogate them. You cannot do this work for them – it has to be driven by them, for them – not because you want them to wake up quickly! You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink and you have to accept that.

Becoming Conscious is not something that you study, get a straight A grade and then you’re done! It is a continual, daily evolvement… it requires you to be conscious for as many moments a day as possible, it requires a connection with your Spirit, it requires you to look at your ego and your shadow self, it requires you to look at all your ugly bits! It is infinitely more difficult to be conscious than to not. It is a choice and the tests will be great and they can be painful too.

But having come this far – can we ever truly go back? Once you are conscious of so much, can you turn it off and pretend that you don’t know what your heart is really telling you…?

Walking towards a new future…



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