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The Truth will set you Free!!

The Truth will set you Free!!

For much of June we were being extremely pushed to find our truth. So many things that we thought we had already dealt with just seemed to be coming up again and again. It felt so frustrating and sooo heavy – to the point that we wondered how we were going to get through – IF we were going to get through…

In the last week of June it was feeling like a toxic pea soup – of cosmic proportions!

So what we’ve just been through, appeared to me to be like another level of removing the old scaffolding of belief structures, situations and people.These things were our safety net – we knew where we were, we knew were we were going and we felt safe that what we believed in was real, stable and strong. Even our thought processes were beyond doubt because we knew we were completely on track. However towards the end of May and into June all that began to change. We should have known it really with that triad of energies that I spoke of last month coming through. Well we did know it, we just didn’t see the reality of it or the enormity to which it would “rock our boat”! Waves and waves of emotions coming up to be seen, processed and released, leaving some of us bobbing out there on the ocean of emotion all on our own.

We were really being required to look at our truth, to see what is in alignment for us, but so many of us got taken over by fear and we forgot to let go – it’s the holding on that’s so uncomfortable.

As more and more of what made us feel secure was seemingly taken away from us, we were required to reach deep within just to make it through some days. Going deep into our core to find out what we are really made of. For some, it was just too much, too overwhelming and we broke down over and over, until there was nothing left and we reached a point of surrender. Letting go of everything we were trying to hold on to and sometimes the letting go was not so gentle.

And even as those of us on a spiritual path know that we are meant to let go and surrender (to Divine Will), the letting go is not always easy as we know that by letting go we are stepping in to the unknown – the proverbial leap of faith… if I let go of my job (even though I know I’m not in the right place) will I find another? If I let go of my belief system (even though I’m having doubts) will I be outcast from my group or family? If I let go of my partner (even though things don’t feel right) will I be on my own forever? The fear of being alone if we make these changes can be frightening – even though we are told “we are never really alone”. But we need something tangible to make us believe – we need a sign – we need something… it’s like when we learnt to ride our first two wheeler bike – we were fine with our parent holding on and running along beside us – but the minute we thought they had let go we wobbled and fell off!

Well this is it – it’s showtime! Our parent is letting go of the bike and we have the choice to keep on riding strong and straight or to wobble and fall off. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we just got over the fear and got on with the job – got on with what we came here to do – riding our own bikes strong and free without the need to have someone hold on to us forever?

So through June we had lots of fear coming up, lots of things to look at about ourselves and lots of decisions to make. It got to the point of overwhelm for some but for those of us who were more able to hold our centre we began to see it all swirling around us. We were able to observe from a place of non-attached receptivity and we said to ourselves “I don’t really know what’s happening at the moment, I’m just observing it, I’m just feeling it and allowing it all to play out exactly as it needs to… trusting that all IS in Divine Order even if I don’t understand it yet”.

On another level, through this time I have been observing much of the mind control programmes that we are held under here on planet earth, beginning to break down and collapse. As more and more of us step into our truth, timeline structures are shifting and changing – no longer held in place so strongly by the masses, certain timelines (expected outcomes or event horizons) and being displaced. These collapsing timelines also contribute to that feeling of uncertainty about the future – we’re ok when we think we can see the future but when a timeline collapses we can’t quite see it anymore – the future becomes fluid once again, waiting to be created. Free will and choice reign once again when we are released from a mind control programme. It’s ironic - we think we have free will and choice but we are actually being controlled and swept along by a programme that we don’t even see we are in! (watch The Matrix again!)

As always with collapsing timelines, there is much debris being thrown up to the surface to be cleared – hence the toxic pea soup effect. Those beings who had you signed in to a mind control programme will be none too happy that you’ve extracted yourself from the web and can throw up all sorts of stuff at you to make you self-doubt and go back. This type of behaviour links back to the reptilian/nephilim control grids of the planet and is playing out strongly at the moment through the male population and particularly those with “the need to control”.

For those males choosing to step in to their spirituality at this time, there is much support as the path has already been walked before them, but the challenge is to be able to see that they too have been controlled and programmed to think and act in a certain way as a male on this planet. That is what they are trying to break free from, as they have been programmed to believe that a male who is in touch with his spiritual self and who is open in his heart centre, is somewhat less than them in the male department.

In those males who are making other choices at this time we will begin to see more issues around the heart and lung area as their hearts are being pushed to open, yet they are resisting, or alternatively they will still try to run their emotions through their sacral chakra (instead of feeling emotion in the heart), and they will begin to express more control issues around sex, money and gambling even to the point of addictions in some.

For both male and female alike, one of the signs to recognise that you are in a mind control program is that you just don’t have to think for yourself! Something has been organised and arranged for you and you just have to go along with it – it all runs on auto-pilot – you don’t have to think for yourself because you’ve given your power away!

So as we’ve stepped into July now, the energy has already begun to change quite considerably. Just in this last week or so the energy has lightened and it is no longer looking so much like a pea soup out there – much more light is coming through and it feels like the first days of spring!

Many more light beings are beginning to show their presence to us and we are beginning to get more information about our purpose and role here at this time. To be able to receive this, you need to have done some clearing work though. Your energy field needs to be light enough to receive the downloads and this can only be achieved through you doing your own personal work. Not hiding from issues that you don’t want to deal with, but facing them full on and finding your own personal truth about the things that come up in your day to day life. When you have released from your heart and opened, then more light can come in and the effect is cumulative so it “just keeps getting better!”

I think “The Truth will set you Free!!” should become our mantra! It is so personally liberating to be able to speak your truth – finally – to come out and be seen for who you truly are, with no fear as you KNOW all is in Divine Order.

It’s interesting how, when we do come out and speak our truth, there are always repercussions… like dropping a huge boulder into a lake and watching the ripples go out across the surface. Sometimes the ripples hit the bank and come right back at you but that’s when you really have to hold your centre and hold strong to your truth. Those around you may be uncomfortable with your truth and project back at you or they may try to confuse you by twisting your words around to make it sound like you said something different but hold strong and don’t be diverted. Use your personal discernment to FEEL what is in truth and what is in alignment for you. Your words may not be well received but you need to decide if you are living your life or someone else’s. Who is writing the script of your life - you? Or have you given your power away to another? Who decides for you?

It’s been interesting to note also, that those of us who are on a tight timeline (meaning that we are meant to be stepping in to our next level of leadership right now or very soon), are being pushed to clear things up big time! If we are not quite able to face it yet or we are procrastinating we are being removed from the equation and Spirit seems to be dealing with things for us – but not always in the most comfortable way. For example, if you have an issue at work that you really need to speak up about but have been avoiding, you may find yourself taken out of the picture for a week or so being really ill at home, while matters are dealt with. If you have been wanting to leave work to change your career but going into fear over whether you can manage financially or not, you might find that your job leaves you very suddenly giving you little or no chance to prepare. But the fact that matters are being dealt with for you in this way, is not a reason to ignore things or procrastinate so that you won’t have to deal with it yourself! You are meant to be doing this for yourself remember! Spirit is giving you a push in the right direction maybe – but it was an opportunity (or an initiation) to step into your power and mastery that you missed! So much better to have empowered yourself by taking the necessary steps than to have it done for you. As we know with all lessons – it will come around again if you don’t deal with it now.

All these situations were set up for you to begin to master yourself and your life. Learning to override your ego and fear. All set up to make you strong so that as you step into your next levels of mastery and leadership you have all the skills to hand and you are strong. So that you have a strong spiritual backbone!

We took on this mission all on our own and it is only us that can complete it. We need to be strong to do that so these challenging times are all about making us strong.

So many people on a spiritual path ask their guides and teachers “bring me psychic vision”, or “let me see my life purpose”, or “give me the power to be a great healer and help lots of people” (etc) – and yet can these people even speak their truth? Have they put themselves out there as a healer? (or do they think they’re not good enough) Are they willing to come out and speak about their passion? (or do they feel embarrassed and shy) Are they even brave enough to admit to their families that they meditate and read books about spirituality? (or do they fear the judgement of those who love them the most). Can they come out of the “closet” and be seen for who they truly are? Can we fulfil our life purpose and mission if we’re too embarrassed to speak it?

So while some of us are being pushed at great speed, others of us are feeling quite calm and still. If you are feeling pretty stationary right now, know that your timeline is waiting for you… everything is being set in place for you – but please use the time constructively – you’re meant to be keeping productive – its definitely not time to take a little holiday or a detour, as if you do you might not be in the right place and the right time. When your timeline arrives you need to be ready to see the opportunities and step in without fear.

So, coming on 7th July we have a lunar eclipse and on 21st/22nd July a new moon solar eclipse – these alone will be joining to bring us another powerful month which will reveal much that has yet to be seen. Some turbulence may be expected with so much lunar/solar activity around, but as always, try to stay centred in your truth, don’t engage in others’ power plays and remain Sovereign.

Remember, The Truth Will Set You Free!!



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