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Breaking through and finding Freedom!

August 2009 Newsletter

Straight off, into the first week of July – on the 7th to be exact – we experienced the first lunar eclipse of this triad. These energies came through extremely powerfully as they contained masses of ascension coding. For the Way Showers and those stepping more into Leadership roles this coding brought up for us a deep urgency to remember the reason that we came here – we already knew that we are always connected but the need to remember very clearly what we should be doing next was all consuming. The codes were also affecting those just beginning to awaken – just sharing the experience of the codes with some was enough to reduce them to tears.

For those of us ready and willing, this provided another opportunity to step up a level – leaving more behind, once again– but we are now recognising that this part is inevitable if we are to keep on growing and ascending. The test once again is the letting go and it can be so difficult when we feel safe and secure where we are. And even if we are not feeling safe and secure, the stepping into an uncertain future is still just too much for some of us and we are holding back and holding back, delaying that final leap, that spring off the diving board!

This lunar eclipse brought up things that we still need to look at… if we were lucky we will also have been given a quick vision of what is to come next if we are able to leap – the proverbial dangling carrot!!

This energy seemed also to be supporting those with issues from their childhood to finally clear some of the memory and trauma and to claim empowerment from the release of that. Once again we were shown that if we could find a way to let go of the past that the future will be beautiful.

In the third week of July we experienced a powerful solar eclipse – numbers of people were experiencing nausea and vomiting, stomach cramps and digestive issues at around this time too – the solar energy impacting the solar plexus bringing up the need to control for some and for others the need to break free, be in truth and be who they truly are at a soul level. Feeling like we were at our wits end with people, places, and jobs was common. Many people feeling absolutely like they had been put through the wringer.

In the first week of August we had a full moon lunar eclipse, completing this triad of energies and I sense a completion from that energy, perhaps a little time to reflect now before we get all fired up by Mars who will be travelling close to the Earth this month.

We have moved into August now and a massive shift has begun to be evident with many of us stepping more and more into our truth and self mastery. It is like a flower that blooms in spring and announces that “I’ve arrived”. For those beings that are at this point, there is an absolute knowingness that everything has changed within them and life can really never be the same again. Through all of the work that we’ve had to do to get to this point, suddenly over the course of just a couple of days, we are changed and transformed – from a caterpillar to a butterfly and we unfold our wings and breathe and we feel so free…

However, we have been shackled for so long we have forgotten how it feels to be able to move and express ourselves freely so this is a new feeling for many of us and is sometimes mixed with both feelings of exhilaration and trepidation, a bit like finding yourself behind the wheel of a high powered racing car when you only passed your driving test two days ago! Feeling a bit shaky perhaps?

At this level we are seeing that we are absolutely able to co-create our future reality. Through surrender to Divine Will, that which was possible is now becoming probable and we can absolutely see our part in that as we are creating our future with our thoughts and where we place our thoughts we immediately begin to draw that experience in towards us – from creator to manifestor of our own reality. The more you develop and become aware the quicker you will begin to manifest and that is why you must remain vigilant and fully present, you must be conscious of what you are drawing in. If you allow yourself to act unconsciously even for a moment it will come right back at you and you’ll have to deal with it. More and more levels of truth and integrity are being brought up to be seen in surprising ways as we all move towards a time when we become transparent to each other.

There is a group of us who are more than willing to move forward, though, we seem to be in a holding pattern… we’re doing our work, we’re holding our light and we’re just waiting for take off but nothing seems to be coming through. This is an interesting place to be in… it’s a place that begs us to just Be … don’t fall asleep though, as the signs will be delivered oh so clearly, but only when the time is right. Timing is so important right now…for many things.

For others of us, we are still in a place of uncertainty and trying to make things work and get things in order. In this current timeline, when we are being so pushed, the more we resist something the more pain it seems to cause us – life feels like a struggle and we feel absolutely tormented on a mental level as we try to find a way out of the situation that we find ourselves in. How do we create a happy life from a place that feels so dark?

As time is speeding up so much now we’re in a time of learning to take responsibility for our choices and some of the really bad ones are smacking us in the face right now, begging to be dealt with, but still we seem to resist making the necessary changes as all of our fear comes up. Fear is something that we don’t always recognise as it comes up so subtly at first. We have become masters at ignoring the subtle signs and we only seem to become aware when we have allowed things to get so huge that we are then almost paralysed and we become trapped in the fear.This has happened to so many of us that we don’t even see it anymore it’s become so normal, but we have actually created a population of beings who all live in the fear vibration and will not move out of it. For some, the only way out now is to have something so massive happen that things absolutely cannot stay the same – hence our economic crisis and next, a health crisis.

Have you noticed how many people around you are getting sick? They are being pushed to shift their consciousness to the next level, they still have choices but their future outcome depends on what choice they make now. Accept the challenge and embrace the opportunity to change, even though it will mean a lot of work, or reject it and watch the gradual decline.

I commented a week or so ago to a friend, that this is the start… I could feel the intensity and pressure that people are under and they are beginning to feel the strain of this. Quite simply, if you haven’t started much of anything yet, you have to get your work done now, you can’t put it off any longer – its time to buckle down and stop playing around and get things in order.

For those of us who have been doing our work quite intensively over a long period of time (and please be honest with yourself here about how much you’ve actually been doing – delusion is a sneaky beast!), Guidance has been telling me that we need to have some fun… we need the physical stuff, hanging out with great friends, good conversation a bit of good food perhaps and grounding all of our spiritual energy into the physical body with movement and exercise. This group of beings is spending so much time in the spirit realms that we really need that physicality right now to prevent burnout – grounding the higher energies all the way down into our lower three chakras which is an area we often try to avoid as it feels so much nicer to stay “up there”. Being in our base and sacral chakras, when they are appropriately cleared and upgraded, does not need to bring us down to base level in the way that we used to know these two chakras and provided that we can remain conscious in our dealings through this level we can actually achieve divine creative/sexual expression and physicalisation of higher energies on to the planet. This also brings through into the third chakra our ability to manifest in a very conscious and truthful way of living. In fact the only way the higher energies CAN ground is if we take it in and ground it – our staying with our head up in the clouds doesn’t really do the job, does it? That said, this is not an invitation for everyone to run around having loads of fun everywhere – this invitation is for those who have higher energies to ground and need a little relief and physical upgrade. Our spiritual work and meditation practices will still continue even as we play as they have become a way of life for us.

I have begun to see on the etheric levels – the Divine or Sacred Union. The coming together of two partners each of them balanced in their masculine/feminine energies and creating together an energy so intense and electrifying that it completely lights up the body and through the exchange of their energy together they are creating the template for the Christ principle as an energetic reality thereby templating the ascension process on the earth. I have absolutely seen the level of light code activation within each body that is required for this Divine Union to take place and as we step in to higher and higher levels of self mastery we begin to create this as a probable future timeline for ourselves – it’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of when and with whom as this goes far beyond physical/sexual attraction – this is pure alchemy – pure magic! It is sacred and blissful although, as with anything worth achieving, it also takes work.

And so, we keep moving forwards, clearing, surrendering and upgrading our energetic bodies and taking in more and more light. We are finding our truth and speaking our truth. Breaking through the illusions and lifting the veil and the work continues as we find our way home to wholeness and union within the Zero Point God Matrix.

Until next time… Stay in the Truth of your own Heart…



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