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The Push and Pull

October 2009 Newsletter

Well September has delivered us a power packed month, that’s for sure! The heat is on and it’s getting intense out there …!

Mercury has been retrograde of course and that has been bringing up lots of issues from our past that were not fully dealt with and released. On an emotional level we are being pushed to look at layers and layers of our feelings, right down as deep as you can go really. If this has been coming up for you, and if you were willing to go through this more fully, you may have gone into a dark night of the soul process – which is never comfortable… but always there is light at the end of the tunnel, if you just continue moving through it – and in that light you can find the gem that is waiting to be revealed.

Sometimes though, we just can’t surrender enough to go into the “dark night” – I feel that when that occurs for us, we just “sort of” deal with the stuff – we tell ourselves we have dealt with it and on an ego level, we really believe that we have – but it surfaces again later… you see it coming and think to yourself… “Oh no, not this again – where is this coming from?” Yes, that’s the one you didn’t deal with quite fully last time – or another layer of it anyway and hopefully at this stage in our ascension process we are beginning to deal with more of those final layers than was possible before – trying to complete old 3d karma.

For sure there is a lot of ground work that has to be laid before this can be completed – it’s a huge area to cover, this healing of the emotional body. For each relationship that we are involved in, there are more triggers there. Some of them we can just observe mildly passing through us as something that we used to react to but are now detached from and others just fly up from the depths and we can get carried away with all of the emotions surrounding them – it’s like a tsunami that strikes and washes everything away with it sometimes. Each new level of clearing brings with it emotional pain and sometimes that emotional pain is so overwhelming that you just want to run away from it – but really I ask you – does that help…? In conflict situations is it not always best to open the channels of communication with the other person? – realising that what has been triggered in you is not necessarily something that the other person has done wrong, but that they have held up a mirror for you to see yourself clearly, or more precisely, to see what is within you that is yet to be healed. Rather than blasting the other person and shutting them out, try to stay centred and open to them – try to keep your heart open. When two beings can come together from a place of unconditional love for each other, then this is a place where true healing can occur. If, after holding that space for each other, you can truly say that this person should no longer be in your life, then ok, let it go with grace, but care should be taken at the outset of this process that decisions are not made by the pain body or lower ego self. Perhaps these were just old patterns or behaviours that were coming up to be healed and released…

It seems too that there is a lot of anger and resentment coming up to be cleared at the moment – some beings perceive this as unfairness and injustice – things that were done to them that they had no control over… It feels very disempowering when this type of wounding comes up and instinctually, when we are in the grip of an ego moment, our “fight or flight” response is triggered, sometimes bringing heart palpitations with it, adrenal stress and anxiety – that feeling of being trapped or powerless… but be still for a moment… are you really trapped in this situation or is your pain body remembering a time when you trapped or disempowered? Is this a real and valid response to what is occurring in your life at this time? Is this real or illusion? Be still… go into your heart and feel it…. and don’t make any rash decisions until you allow the knowingness of your heart to come through.

During the last few days, we have seen several earthquakes in Indonesia and the tsunami in Samoa. Whenever the earth moves in such a big way, there is an outpouring of grief that comes up through the earth grids. Without doubt, this can affect you if you are a sensitive soul, as it brings up masses of grief and trauma from the collective consciousness – particularly if you are an earth grid channeller, and forgot to have awareness of that for a moment, you might think this is your grief and react accordingly. Again, don’t act hastily, find your centre and let it pass through you. For those beings who are sensitive to earthbound energies or souls passing over, of course when there is a mass exodus from the planet, this energy can be felt also – I always feel it very strongly in my heart, like I can’t breathe so well, it’s difficult to take deep breaths, but that’s all you can do really, just breathe… again, just allow it to pass through you, without attachment.

At the same time as all this emotional stuff we are dealing with, I am also aware that many of us are really beginning to step into “the truth of who we are” – or certainly more of our truth that we have ever been able to access before. We are changing our behaviour; we are responding differently, we are dressing differently!! If we are able to remain conscious for long enough, we can see that through the various challenges and experiences we have drawn into our reality we are learning and growing on a daily basis. Being conscious of our thoughts in every moment, the repeating tape recording that used to play us “self-doubt” tapes is gradually be replaced by a “step in to your own empowerment” tape! Opportunities are coming from all directions, we just have to be awake enough to see them rather than remaining complacent and half asleep, which may have been our pattern in the past.

Lots of things in our lives seem to be on and off also. You get an offer on your house, and then it’s retracted. You get an invitation to an event, and then the event is cancelled. Stop, start, and stop start. Just as you think you are getting some type of foundations built, the plans get changed and a massive change of direction comes through. This is all about finding ourselves and finding our rightful place. As we are growing, we are re-aligning and sometimes the fit feels perfect for a moment, then we go into self-doubt and call a halt to the proceedings, just to find ourselves having to go back again and pull it all together because the fit was perfect after all… These situations are coming up to teach us more about being present in the now moment and recognising it … if you are happy where you work right now, that’s good, stay there – when you are no longer happy then move. If you are happy with your partner right now, that’s perfect – you’ll either grow together or you’ll grow apart and you’ll deal with that if and when it happens. We don’t really know what the future has in store for us – we may have a vision and sometimes we get it right and sometimes we get it wrong. If we knew everything in our future for sure there’d be no need to be here, there’d be no growth, no learning. Live in the moment, be happy in the moment.

And so with things as intense as they are right now, I think, we just have to try to remain standing in this storm, keeping our heads above water and trying not to take things personally… November has been indicated as being full steam ahead with a series of different frequencies beginning to flow in, in heavy succession. We have a month to get stabilised and balanced – letting go of resistance to what is in the now, will assist you in preparing for times to come.

So until next time, try to keep your heart open and stay in your truth.



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