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Riding the Waves of Ascension

December 2009 Newsletter

Well I seem to have completely skipped past the November newsletter – apologies for that. Time has been moving incredibly fast and I had been feeling the pressure of the work I had taken on but still was able to get through a huge amount of it.

Then came the shift on 8th November in to the sixth night on the Mayan Calender and for me it felt like everything came to a standstill. The flow came to an end and I was into integration time – which is of course what the nights of the Mayan Calender represent – it was a bit like watching the movie play with no sound – everything was happening but there was no emotional attachment, living in the now, completely in the flow. It was a breathing space when outside events stopped but the inside work began – having to go deeper and deeper into myself to find out what I was really seeing, feeling and experiencing.

The 8th November sixth night energy for me has brought through realisation of all that I have achieved between November 08 to November 09 (Mayan sixth day) which I must now hold through (the Mayan sixth night) November 09 to November 10 – as a knowingness of my power and my ability to achieve what I set my heart to.

Then along came 11th November 2009 – 11:11:11 – a trinity of 11s which is already a master number in itself and a combination 33, a Christ Consciousness number – all numerical coding to activate and trigger levels of the lightbody and DNA recoding. For me this was extremely intense energy that left me physically drained and exhausted and at the same time energetically charged so that I couldn’t sleep – intense currents of energy running through my central nervous system and spine, tingling hands, fingers, feet and toes, back pain, hip pain – generally an all over body pain.

The 11:11:11 energy for me brought a series of very rapid completions. Awareness of things I have to let go of now in order to bring in new energies and new experiences that want to come in on this new energy wave. Some things that have been very dear to my heart have just dropped away – so rapid did it come through that it was just like someone had flicked a switch and the light went out on that area. Time to let go of it, its finished and I have an absolute knowingness that it is complete and I feel no anxiety or sadness around that. Even though I had spent time working towards creating those things – no, they just need to go now – to drop away from my life. It’s such a turn around – but when you know in your heart its done you must follow that…

So that was my experience of the earliest part of this November energy – it may hold similarities to your experience…

True expression.

On a wider scale I’ve been seeing so much relationship stress, people feeling completely overburdened with all that is going on in their lives, all the things they are having to face up to and deal with. It seems that all that has been hidden is coming up to be revealed – it is becoming harder to cover things up and it will continue to be so.

As we move our bodies more and more towards holding a 5th dimensional frequency, it becomes clear that our throat chakra, which is the 5th chakra, or 5th dimensional energy centre of our body, must become activated and aligned with the energy that typically runs through the throat chakra. That energy is one of True Expression and Diving Will. Many of us feel that we have no problem saying what we need to say, however, how many of us are actually speaking our truth on a moment by moment basis? Are we saying exactly what we mean and are we being impeccable with our word?

As the intensity of energy moving to pull us in to alignment with all that is Truth and Integrity builds around us, we are being pushed to open up and become clear and concise with what we are trying to say. For the longest time we have suppressed our truth – whether this stems back to the days of being burnt at the stake for speaking our truth (witch hunts and Joan of Arc), or if we learnt to suppress our truth for fear of the outcome on another level. The same too for many of us in personal relationships where we fear expressing our truth to the person we say we love. We could ask is that really love then? but we can see that it is a pattern within us that is coming up to be seen and released.

As we work to become conscious of these old patterns, of course situations will come up where we are given the opportunity to break through. The situations presented will bring up all of the old feelings that we would have felt in situations gone past – perhaps a sick feeling, headachy, nervous, fear, the feeling of wanting to avoid or run away, or the feeling of just wanting to let it go and say that it meant nothing.

What I’ve noticed for myself in situations like this, is that the more conscious I become the louder the signals and the quicker the signals – to the point that I absolutely know as a truth that I really MUST address this situation, I MUST speak to that person about it so that I can clear it, quickly and comfortably. To hold it in and not speak it is infinitely more uncomfortably that to be in Truth with myself and deal with it.

Current energies.

As we bring in more frequencies to the planet, so there will be an equal amount of energy brought up in polarity – light vs. dark – though in truth it is just a Universal Law not a battle. There is no value difference given to the role a Being chooses to play in his/her expression of themselves. We may observe Beings who appear to be playing on the opposite side of the fence to ourselves but our growth comes in the observation and acceptance of that not in the judgement of it.

I’ve noticed lately, that many Beings are getting pulled back into the mental plane once again – thinking, analysing – even though previously they were a “feeling Being” and because this is not a normal way of being for them they may be feeling just a little bit off center, lacking direction or unclear and because they are generally in their heart, they may not recognise this as a mental game – a mental loop that has triggered.

There seems to have been “a pull” on the earth grid at present, causing our mental mind, which we run through our third chakra to activate and pull us into a repetitive cycle of turning things around in our minds over and over. I’ve noticed a bit of ego behaviour creeping in where before there was none and that is a product of the energy being run through the third chakra, lower ego mind centre. (On a physical level – digestive disturbance, kidney and liver problems).

As I mentioned earlier, when we bring in more frequency there is always a balancing out and this tendency towards ego behaviour is again, just coming up to be cleared – no judgement in that, just observation. We are multidimensional beings – when we bring light in at a higher level it must filter down through all layers before it is completely grounded, therefore, as it filters down more and more of the dense energies are filtered out. I think it’s fair to say that when we experience a time of intense energy downloads at high frequency, much is released at the lower levels – to the point that it may seem overwhelming in the amount of things that have to be dealt with at a physical level in response to that. (It’s like the physical manifestation of the unseen energy work going on within). It is prudent to remember that it is a by-product of the influx of higher energies and not a return to our more unconscious days when we may have looked at our lives with dismay or seen it as a sign that we are just not doing very well. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you are “off track” because a big part of Becoming Conscious and our awakening and ascension process is the way we respond to situations that are placed before us – are you responding in conscious ways or are you being pulled back to old patterns?

So even with the “pull” on the mental mind, 3rd density levels, that we are experiencing at this time, our job is to be conscious of that pull and not succumb to it. Remain grounded through the changes, centered and meditative – applying observer consciousness and awareness of personal ego. Very soon the higher frequencies will be integrated and this time will pass – though I feel it is representing a wave pattern of how these higher frequencies will be integrated into our bodies over the coming time. It is important to be as vigilant as possible in these wave patterns as each one we ride on top of without going under takes us up the levels to greater awareness. The earlier we recognise the wave patterns as they come in, the sooner we can reposition ourselves for a more comfortable ride – calling ourselves back into alignment, living our truth and being in integrity. Without doubt, these wave patterns will increase in intensity towards 2012 and making the necessary adjustments to our awareness now will benefit us as we go forwards. We also have the opportunity to show others how to ride the wave smoothly and efficiently – Shining our Light and leading the way for others to follow.

With love and blessings on the ride of your life…


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