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January 2010 Newsletter

Well there’s excitement in the air – can you feel it??? People all around are saying that this is going to be a really good year! Do people always say that at the start of a new year? Or are we saying it more this year?

December 31st kicked us into 2010 with a Full (Blue) Moon in the emotional planet of Cancer, plus a Lunar Eclipse – that’s some pretty powerful energy going on up there – which of course affects us down here… so the start of 2010 may have been an emotional one for some of us. Perhaps you were assessing 2009; its pluses and minuses, its challenges and its achievements or perhaps you were feeling that you were just in the wrong place or with the wrong people – that something just wasn’t quite right. For those of us sensitive to planetary energies it’s possible too that you were just feeling emotional even though everything is actually happy in your world… just allow the energies to pass through you and observe them without attachment.

Mercury was in retrograde until 15th January – so again this may have brought technological breakdown – phones, computers etc and not really a great time to be starting new projects or trying to move things forward either. Instead this start to 2010 has been better used by clearing clutter and tidying up. As you are clearing clutter, be conscious also that you are releasing emotional ties to those objects too, so you are doing an emotional clearing at the same time. When you are emptying cupboards and boxes of items that you no longer need, acknowledge that those items belonged to another timeline that may or may not be relevant to you now. I have been doing a major de-cluttering of my home and discovered a book that I loved as a child, that I have carried around the world with me each time I moved countries because I wanted to share it with my children… it’s a book that each time I tried to read it with them/to them they just were not interested in hearing it – finally, it’s taken me all this time to release it – I have no intention of reading it again, they don’t want to read it – why am on holding on to it so tightly??? The book was all about a little girl called Heidi and what I remember of the book was that she had freedom to explore and be who she truly was. Of course, that may be the story or not, but it is what it represented to me. I don’t need to hold on to that book anymore…

So the energy has been quite intense so far this year – much needed of course as once again we are being pushed to reach our maximum potential and clear up old stuff so that we can move ahead again. Thank you Mercury!

With Mercury direct once again, the energies are starting to move forward now with some of us excited at the new projects we see on the horizon, and others of us looking out across the horizon with dismay – we are not seeing anything coming, perhaps all we see are problems and more of the same stuck feeling that we have been experiencing for what feels like such a long time…

If you are a person who is feeling stuck, in a sense, this is a make or break year for you… you really are at a choice point now. With the energies set to intensify as we move through the year any uncomfortable feelings you have right now are likely to intensify also. Deep down, you know if there are things that you are not dealing with or things you have tried to cover up – I would encourage you to begin to allow yourself to look at these things you are denying within yourself. When we have this type of so called “baggage” that we are holding on to, it really slows down the flow of energy within your body (leading to stress or possible illness) and also your life in general as you are unable to allow your own personal creativity to come through and be expressed in the beautiful life that you have the potential to create. We all have the potential to create a beautiful life and part of the reason we are here, perhaps, is to allow the true expression of all that we are to come through and be seen. We ARE infinite potential and it is only that we think ourselves so small and insignificant that we allow ourselves to be stuck and limited in our creativity. To “be creative” is not necessarily to be a “painter” or a “musician” in the archetypal sense of the word but to “paint the picture of what you want your life to look like” – “to sing the song of your heart”. You are the creator of what your life looks like – do you like how it looks? You create your own reality – if you don’t like what you see begin to change it – change the landscape, change the person you have become and become the person you came here to be…

This year is a very supportive year for change… on all levels. Take personal time through journaling and meditation and begin to make a list of all the things that you feel are no longer in alignment for you. Be sure to add a list of things that you wish to draw towards you, for example, better health and fitness, mutually honest and supportive relationships, positive thinking, time for meditation or reflection. By writing the things down on paper that you want to attract in to your life you are solidifying your intent so much more than by just having wafting thoughts that go in and out of your mind. You are setting your intent in a much more positive way. Place your list somewhere where you can look at it often to activate it energetically with your intent.

So for those of you already seeing the creative potential in this year… move forward positively step by step – there’s no need to rush… as you align yourself more and more to your truth and true expression so the divine clicks in place and things get down in a divinely orchestrated way. Things that could almost seem impossible suddenly slip into place if they are in alignment. That’s the magic that could be our lives if we give up our need to control the outcome of every single thing.

Surrendering our need to control doesn’t mean giving up and being swept along out of control, it means surrendering our need to make things happen the way we think they should. It means being open to what might come through as a potential way to get things done. It means being open to something that you might not have thought of as being the absolutely best and most perfect outcome for this project or situation. It might be that several different options are presented to you all at the same time. Some of the options might be the ones you strived for, some might be opportunities that have dropped in “out of the blue” – the process of consciously co-creating your life and having “free will and choice” is then right there staring you in the face… will you choose the option that your mind tells you is the best choice for logical reasons of x, y and z, or will you choose the option that makes your heart sing like never before and you have an absolute knowing around (even if your logical mind can’t understand why!) This is conscious co-creation… from this choice you create the next steps in your life and how your life looks. It’s best that you do it consciously through your heart, not through your head.

Conscious co-creation then is accepting responsibility for the choices that you made and possibly admitting to yourself that some were not heart choices. It may be uncomfortable looking back at some of your “mistakes”, but really there are none – they are just opportunities for learning. There are some things you would never do again – you have that as a knowingness now – that’s the lesson learnt and that’s how we do it down here on earth! If you take the time you can also find some of your best choices – those will be the ones that make your heart leap or bring a smile to your face – you also have an absolute knowingness about those too and those are the ones I would encourage you to remember more – say to yourself “what a good choice that was!” and feel how it feels as a type of template of a feeling that you need to be feeling for every choice that you make from now onwards. If it doesn’t have that feeling, will you still choose it?

So, leaving you with your warm and fuzzy feelings to consciously co-create a beautiful life, until next time…



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