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Cycles of change

May 2010 Newsletter

A change in the weather here in Sydney reminds me of the continuous cycle of life and death. Summer comes to an end with the arrival of Autumn and the falling of the leaves and a drop in temperature heeds the arrival of Winter. There always appears to me, to be a stillness about the Winter as nature rests itself, gathers its strength and optimistically emerges again with the first blooms of Spring.

This cycle of life and death has also been extremely active in my life in recent weeks both with the ending of teaching of this current run of meditation classes and also in the making of several other more personal decisions – these two things are for me representing Autumn, letting go, the falling of the leaves…

Current planetary energies

Almost as each day goes by I am hearing of people and animals who have chosen to leave the planet and also of people who have begun to manifest physical disease within the body that has the potential to take them through a shift of consciousness into a new way of being on this planet (living through a major health crisis) or alternatively a transition into another state of consciousness in another dimension of space and time (death of the physical body).

Without doubt, these are challenging times that we live in… some people have been able to hold it all together through times of economic crises just to find that their health or that of a loved one is now being challenged. These challenging situations have always been here – in a way that is why we chose to come to this most densest of environments, for this very opportunity to grow and evolve the soul. What we probably didn’t realise though is just how tough it would be when we got here and particularly during this Ascension Cycle or the 2012 Ascension Timeline when time seems to be speeding up and timelines are collapsing one on top of the other at such speed that there is no reprieve from one set of challenging circumstances to the next. Balancing the emotional body, being involved in relationships, trying to keep our minds clear and free from programming, putting a roof over our head and food on our tables – all at the same time as trying to remember that we are not separate individual beings but part of the collective that came here at this time to ascend our bodies into light – and that we chose this because we knew we could do it! If we could remember our contact – what we came here to do – we might just be able to get through this “Shift of Ages”, but the problem is, try as we might many of us just can’t remember most, if not all, of the time. Here comes the need for self responsibility, focus and commitment to our own personal evolution, through meditation, self healing techniques, and connection with nature, forgiveness and compassion. There is guidance and support out there if we need it, but the basic groundwork is ours alone. I have seen that keeping a positive attitude by avoiding or removing ourselves from negative environments, situations or people helps and sometimes we have to be really strong to put those changes in place in our lives. Sometimes the people around us don’t like the changes we’ve made, but that might be just too bad for them! We have to put ourselves first – our Soul depends on it!!

As I’ve said before the level of intensity will increase more and more until everything is in place and in alignment with our choices. If you are consciously choosing ascension and actively working towards that Higher Self connection and surrendering to Divine Will then that is what you will experience. However, if you are unsure if you really want that, if it all seems too hard, if you are consciously making bad choices or overriding the messages of your heart for the logical control of your mind, then it’s completely possibly that you will experience more challenging situations in your life. Again these can be viewed negatively, perhaps putting you into a state of victim consciousness (why is this happening to me? why do they keep doing this to me?) or it can be viewed positively as another opportunity to revisit your choices – perhaps you need to change direction, let go of something or follow your heart and be in truth. Every situation holds a possibility for growth. You wanted to come here and do this – the Universe is actually trying to support you…

Sometimes situations, relationships or people can come into a time of Autumn – when the leaves fall. They will move forwards into a state of Winter with life feeling pretty cold and harsh and seemingly offering no potential for growth or indeed for life. Some people remain in that stagnant state for many years as they are not able to make the necessary changes within themselves and their lives to move into a more creative cycle of existence. (These people may be feeling the intensity very strongly right now). Indeed sometimes over the (symbolic) Winter relationships or people will die and others will bloom again come the Spring. This is the natural cycle of life and providing a shift of consciousness has been achieved the Winter can be very short indeed and one moves into Spring very quickly. (Spring being a time of new creation and Summer of full bloom).

Shortly after Spring comes Summer when once again we feel the warmth of the sunshine upon our face, the joy of a new relationship or the resurrection of an old one, the return to good health – symbolic here of being bathed in the light, feeling peace in our hearts, the connection with all that is and being in alignment with our true self and divine will. The symbolic awareness of these natural cycles will assist you in understanding what is going on for you personally – through awareness you can create the shift within yourself to move quickly into Spring and Summer, rather than to remain stuck in Winter…

As you look at the world around consciously and symbolically, you can see the cycles that many people are in. You can see their health, relationships or jobs beginning to enter the cycle of Autumn – it is their choice whether they move quickly into Spring. Be conscious to hold a space of neutrality as you observe – don’t go into judgement or gossip about the situations you observe as that will divert you from seeing the natural flow within all things. Most importantly, take quiet time and observe your own life. It’s better to become an expert at observing the natural cycles of flow within your own life than to be an expert on someone else’s. Perhaps there is something to be learned though – are they holding up a mirror for you to look into…? Evolve your awareness and take a look…

Blessings to you


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