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Choice Point

July 2010 Newsletter

We are once again at a time of Choice Point in our evolution. We’ve been here before in this constructed time loop that we just don’t see.

In this constructed false reality that we live in certain trigger events have been put in place. Depending on how we respond to the trigger event, a particular pathway is then followed leading us to a specific event horizon. 9/11 was one of these trigger events – it certainly changed people’s lives… Many people went into fear over the perceived “terrorist threat” – everything changed in terms of air travel and the extra security precautions put in place etc, etc – but was the “terrorist threat” even real or was it designed to put people into fear, create suspicion and distrust of others, cause separation and a “kill or be killed” mentality. Was it designed actually to lower the frequency of the masses and keep them in density, thereby securing the intended 9/11 event horizon.

Thankfully we have been able to avert a WWIII event horizon but the controlling forces have been able to complete their dark agenda to some degree as we did experience the war with Iraq and tighter controls on travel – including microchipping our passports (we’re next on their list if we are not vigilant against it), introducing full body scanners into airports (not as harmless as they at first appear) and mass vaccinations to name just a few. We are told that these things will keep us safe, therefore the subliminal message is that “we are not safe”. Through keeping us in fear they are trying to prevent us from accessing higher states of consciousness that would enable us to see right through their games. There is much information available on the internet about how this whole 9/11 event was created at home and was not an invasion at all. Thankfully we were able to find enough love and compassion in our hearts for our fellow humans and we brought enough light into the situation that the darkness was lifted. Observe this, see it for what it is and then choose love over fear.

Over the last few months we have begun to see that we are once again looking at the potential of a cataclysmic event on our planet – that being the situation in the Gulf of Mexico. Once again, much information is out there on the internet about how this event has occurred, the cover ups, the “mistakes” etc, and I have shared some of the information that I felt to be important on my Facebook page called Becoming Conscious and on my personal page too. As with everything, it is really for your personal discernment – what do you believe? what feels right for you? At times, what has been reported has felt shocking and sickening – I have been aware that my body has wanted to go into fear over what is happening to our beautiful planet, but yet at the same time holding myself in higher consciousness I can see that perhaps this is just what is needed to create a mass awakening. As more and more of us demand truth, we begin to carry the Truth Vibration which aligns with our hearts and the vibration of Love can then be carried out into the collective. All is in Divine Order.

This situation in the Gulf represents a trigger event for us – how we choose to respond and whether we allow it to impact us positively or negatively will create the pathway to the next event horizon. Will you go into fear? Or will you choose love? What vibration do you want to feel in your body…?

With that said – is it useful to bury your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is happening to prevent feeling the fear? – probably not – I for one would rather see the truth of the situation, though it may be hard to face. What I am promoting is informed awareness, seeing the truth of the situation but from a vantage point of higher consciousness. If we can stay in our heart and feel love we can access higher consciousness, experience multi dimensional reality and ultimately Unity Consciousness. If we go into our head (through fear) we can only access the mind controlled matrix of this 3D planet. You create your reality – energy follows thought – What do you want to create as your reality?

We’ve been talking about earth changes for a long time – we knew things were going to get tough in our ascension process and the birthing of a new earth… all we have to do is be conscious and hold the vibration of truth and love. Stand up for what you believe in – do you want freedom or tighter controls? Focus on the giving and sharing of love and light and you will create more of that in your reality – though sometimes it can take a while for us to see the results and that is often when we give up and slip back into the old habits of closing our hearts to protect ourselves from hurt. In fact when we do this we are causing ourselves more suffering. It’s a time to keep vigilant now though and keep choosing love.

At any time when enormous numbers of people on the planet are being affected by an event – whether that be a man made event or a natural disaster – huge amounts of fear and grief are released into the collective unconscious mind grids of the planet. We are all affected by these grids to some degree – that is why we cried when Princess Diana or Michael Jackson passed away (even though we didn’t know them personally – but they were holding a huge energetic template on this planet ), or why we cry and feel pain when we see the distress of the people experiencing an earthquake or tidal wave. We ARE all one. We are connected – these are our brothers and sisters and we feel compassion in our hearts for what we/they experience. We feel the emotion being released into the grid and we respond. By the same token if many people are experiencing fear of survival (as is the case in the Gulf right now) we can feel that too. Fear of survival is generally seen as one of our core fears. Fear is a low vibration and prevents us from connecting to higher consciousness. To be free and to be all that we truly are we must connect to higher consciousness – to God Consciousness. And we must do everything in our power to find and maintain that connection within us. We are all connected, all the time – its just hard to remember that, when you are continually worried about your survival. This continual worry activates the reptilian brain and we forget to love one another – this holds us and the whole planet in a lower vibrational reality. It’s what the controlling forces want.

To add another layer of understanding to these challenging times, this time on the subject of cellular memory and what is stored in our DNA. As we face the potential cataclysmic events of the Gulf and the fear of survival via the collective unconscious we are also triggering a remembering from within our cells and DNA. (Don’t forget – we’re on a time loop until we clear and upgrade the DNA and activate the Lightbody). To prevent a “shut down” when we feel this much fear, our bodies search for a coping mechanism (we go back into our patterning) – has this feeling been experienced before? what was the outcome? Remember too, that we are doing this ascension process in human bodies for the first time – this hasn’t been experienced before – we are creating a new template for this. It is our job to take in light, release density and fear and shift ourselves into a higher vibrational reality and yet when our bodies automatically search our databanks for past experience of this feeling, what do we come up with? The memory of Atlantis!!! That in itself, can promote fear within us. The outcome of Atlantis was major destruction for the people, planet and the planetary grids. It’s almost like a double whammy of fear is being realised at this time for some people – not that they are necessarily consciously “in fear”, but that their body on some level is experiencing a “fight or flight” reaction with all the hormonal, stress related affects of that in order to clear it from the DNA of the physical body and the planet.

When we are clearing cellular memory and DNA it’s a really physical experience for some of us and can cause us to feel: very tired and heavy, lethargic and nauseous, aching body and back ache, particularly lower back, pelvis and hips (which represents our security, foundations and grounding), headaches (toxins are clearing from the body). All of these symptoms are very prevalent right now and some people are also experiencing flu like symptoms – the proverbial “ascension flu” or “kundalini flu” if you choose to see that your body and your chakras are a clearing house not only for your DNA and energy field but that of the planet also.

So, once again, its important to not go into fear. If you are one of the people whose body is clearing planetary memory of trauma – Thank You for your service to the planet and humanity!! Breathe – Hold your Light. Observe the process from Higher Conscious and keep your heart open. It will pass.

And for the rest of us… Breathe – Hold your Light. Observe the process from Higher Conscious and keep your heart open… we are serving the planet and humanity too – holding the Light for those who are in pain.

We came here at this time to hold light and love – to clear lower vibrations from our bodies and ascend them into Light and we WILL see this job done so that we can all move into a higher expression of love.

Until next time…

Love and Blessings…


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