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Collapsing Old Timelines

August 2010 Newsletter

It seems that everybody is talking about timelines at the moment. Certainly in my life I am seeing timelines and synchronicities all over the place. If your eyes are open you will see the synchronicities all around you too.

I was always told that when you see these synchronicities you are on track and that is your confirmation of where you are in your awakening process. I’ve observed though that there are synchronicities and there are synchronicities… some show up to tell you that you are being guided and are heading in the right direction and some show up to tell you that you are about to repeat a pattern or cycle all over again – a bit like a glitch in the matrix. So how does one tell the difference?

Well as with many things in this feeling/sensing world that we are moving towards, the “difference” is both subtle and enormous at the same time and as with everything now, we have to go into our hearts to discern the difference. If you are new to working in this way, it can be a bit tricky at first but at some point you will find yourself so competent that your inner knowing takes over and gives you “the answer” almost even before you have realised there is a question to be asked.

So how can you tell if you’re on track or repeating a pattern or cycle? Well firstly let us look at what a pattern actually is. For me in this context, I also refer to a pattern as a cycle, timeline or time loop. It’s like a behaviour pattern that we repeat again and again and a good example is in relationships (because they are such a great arena for growth and learning) where we would be saying to ourselves “why is this happening to me again? Why do I always end up with the same type of man/woman? “. Perhaps you are wondering why as soon as you are in a relationship you wish you were out of it, or starting a new job and realising it is just the same as the last one etc – you can get my meaning… that feeling of going round and round in circles and getting nowhere fast – like a hamster in a wheel and for some people their whole life appears to be like that, not just parts of it…

Often these patterns or cycles are not really comfortable for us. They generally only make us happy for a short time before that old familiar feeling of something being “not quite right” sets in. But when you find yourself in the wrong place in your life it’s usually because something inside of you is not feeling quite right. Your external is a reflection of your internal so to see what’s “not quite right” you will have to sit with yourself and be brutally honest about what the “what” is. That can be hard… perhaps admitting that you don’t love your partner anymore, that you’re pretending to be somebody that you’re not, that you begrudge going out to work because you think you are entitled to stay at home and be supported by your partner! Its things like these that we are not willing to face and admit even to ourselves, that can cause us to stay in our repeating time loops and cycles. But when we see them, we can change them if we choose to…

We have all had these patterns – (well maybe not the exact examples that I gave but similar) and to a degree, we feel quite safe with them. We have replayed them so many times (even in parallel/simultaneous lifetimes) that they feel completely familiar and that is why they are so difficult to spot at first… they have a particular magnetic pull to them and they sort of draw us in without us realising sometimes. For me personally, when I have noticed that I am about to step back into one of my old patterns I get a really odd feeling inside, its one of sick and fear all at the same time and it’s really not a good feeling because when I have seen the pattern, and know that I am not willing to step into that time loop again, then it means I am going to have to do something or say something that is going to change the course of my life – it’s going to change a timeline and that can be a really big deal sometimes. However, the more I’ve done it (even though there have been tears at times as I’ve had to leave behind things that I loved once…) the more exciting it becomes and the joy and happiness at having collapsed an old timeline quickly follows. (In the collapsing of an old timeline you release density from your body and can take in more light – if you are choosing to ride on the ascension timeline you want to take in more light – that’s the positive side of what may at first have appeared to be a “negative” experience).

By contrast, when I see synchronicities that show me that I am on track, the feeling I get is straight off, one of joy, openness and lightness – it’s like a little bubble of excitement lifts off from somewhere deep inside of me and there is a feeling of anticipation and forward motion. It’s a beautiful feeling and it’s one I love experiencing.

Thankfully, part of being awake is that we get to see these patterns and synchronicities and from there we can make conscious choices about what we want to experience next and in those choices we are creating our reality and choosing which timeline to ride on.

I’ve noticed though that in recognising a time cycle about to repeat itself, there is often a moment of hesitation just before the choice is made – I call that the choice point and I’ve written about that before. In that choice point moment the conditions are right for that subtle yet enormous shift to take place. That subtle feeling that says “I won’t go down that road again” opens up to the ENORMOUS potential and power that you have just taken into your own hands, to ABSOLUTELY create your own reality. That power within you, within all of us is so ENORMOUS that the very size of it often shuts us right back down into fear and instead we choose to repeat the cycle because “we feel safe”. We have given our power away to fear and we have dropped from what was a higher consciousness moment of awareness into a lower consciousness need to feel safe and secure. Ghandi’s famous speech, written by Marianne Williamson is one of my favourites for that very reason… “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us…” In our choosing to stay small, we are choosing to stay on the same timeline – the outcome will be the same as before – different characters and venue perhaps but the same as before…

We’ve talked many times before about the great shift and 2012 and it can’t be denied that the world is changing; the frequency of this planet is changing etc. We are at a time when our physical bodies are raising their frequency and in that we get to raise our consciousness and activate strands of DNA that have been unplugged by controlling forces and forgotten for eons of time.

Most importantly we are at a time when we get to choose which timeline we create for our beautiful planet. Albert Einstein said “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” and thankfully as we continue to move forward and raise our consciousness more and more, we are able to see what we need to see from those time cycles and we don’t have to repeat them again. As the veils are lifted and we break through more illusions, we can see that there are many things happening on our planet that are not OK. But seeing them is one thing – doing something about them is another and we now find ourselves at a time of a planetary choice point, an enormous shift is taking place and all the ascension frequencies are here for the shift into the New Earth. Should this shift into a new level of consciousness not take place we will step back into a repeating time cycle on a planetary level. We will have given our power away again and we will be controlled and manipulated again. Our DNA this time will be unplugged through chemicals, vaccinations and mind controlling frequencies and we will enter another 26,000 year planetary cycle before we have another major planetary choice point opportunity.

We are talking about a global shift of consciousness here but THANKFULLY as we’ve seen through with our personal choice point opportunities we are ENORMOUSLY powerful beings and we have the ability to create our reality.

Admittedly it takes more than just a few of us but together we can create the New Earth Timeline in fact we are creating it already but we need to all stand up and be counted now and say “No we are not going down that road again”. We need to make conscious choices and remove the things that are not quite right in our lives (thereby bringing in more light to our bodies and the planet at the same time) and it’s in the KNOWING that we are POWERFUL God Beings, truly capable of creating Heaven on Earth and KNOWING AND DECLARING that it is our divine birthright to be able to make conscious choices that we will bring this energetic possibility into physical reality.

To that end the veils must be lifted so that we can see through the illusions that have been presented to us – and in this most wonderful of times to be upon this planet all of our Universe is moving to bring us into alignment with the Galactic Core so that this can be achieved through the pulses of stellar frequencies and galactivations that help to shift density and raise our consciousness. What is revealed is not going to be pretty – things will seem pretty dark – they already do – but it is in the darkest of times that we are never closer to the light AND WE ARE SO CLOSE NOW!!! So much light is coming on to the planet now and that is exactly why we are seeing the things that have been covered up. Congratulate yourself that you are light enough now to begin to see into the dark!!

We have come from all over the Galaxy and the Cosmos to be here for this moment and to assist in the shifting of mass consciousness and we are encouraging you to join with us now in this Wave of Love. As we open our hearts together and bring through all the love that is within us we jump timelines and ride the timeline of the New Earth and we create Heaven on Earth. Will you join us…?

With hearts set on truth and love we invite you to leave behind your repetitive cycling and ride the upward spiral of light. Collapse the old timelines that no longer serve you and ride with us on the Ascension Wave…



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