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Call your power back!

September 2010 Newsletter

From mid August, if we were able to bring to completion a few remaining issues, we were able to step in to a new timeline that was presented to us. I did not foresee that this timeline shift was coming but I was aware that it had suddenly dropped in as I felt it, and I then began to hear the experiences of people around me and I realised that it was indeed so, which is very exciting. (If we were unable or unwilling to complete what was required and let go of trying to control, these few weeks may have been pretty bumpy for you …).

As we know though, the Ascension waves are coming thick and fast and no sooner were we feeling the excitement and anticipation of what the new timeline would bring, we were getting smashed by the next wave bringing up more stuff to be cleared. This time it has been all around clearing gender issues on all levels. Not only male abuse of the females but also female abuse of the males, not so much talked about but equally devastating. Domination, suppression and disempowerment – all trademarks of a nephilim reversal programme… (if you want further details of this please email me). When a person is dominated, suppressed and disempowered they are unable to see or feel their Divinity, the God Presence that they are is unrecognised within them. Oftentimes these beings seem to be locked into a programme or pattern that repeats itself over and over. Well the Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, so if we hold the frequency of one who is dominated, suppressed and disempowered we will attract into our reality that very thing for us to experience once again, until such time as we are able to recognise that programme or pattern within us, raise our frequency, shift the pattern and call our power back. Even if a person who is dominated, suppressed and disempowered is able to know on a mental level that they are God, it is only when they embody that knowing at a heart level that they are fully able to clear that programme – then they become empowered as they begin to “know themselves as God”. They may then also be able to keep their heart open with compassion and gratitude for those who played a role in their empowerment process. Difficult and painful learning, but the most difficult challenges often bring the greatest rewards.

In news headlines recently many terrible stories of children (boys and girls) and young women being held captive as sex slaves, hypnotised and raped, are being uncovered. This is a necessary part of the clearing process and whilst these are indeed terrible and traumatic events that we may feel very deeply as pain in our hearts, it would be wise for us to not absorb the fear vibration that is necessarily carried along with this type of news article. Instead, we may perhaps open our hearts and send love and compassion to all those involved. The perpetrators themselves do not know themselves as God, they are not able to resource themselves from within and they think they need to acquire their energy by taking it from another person in that way. These beings, on another level, are just as enslaved as the person they are holding captive, as they are unable to feel love, so far removed they are from the intention of the Divine Human (Blueprint) and the model upon which it was created, which is the energy of Christ Consciousness or the Cosmic Christ.

Conscious or unconscious, this wave of gender clearing is affecting everybody – some of us are experiencing bloating and swelling around the abdomen area, women possibly having painful periods or cramping and still others of us finding ourselves turning to food for comfort (an addiction pattern held in the sacral chakra – recognise it, witness it and don’t give your power away to it!).

Lots of issues around sexuality or promiscuity may come up as part of this gender clearing too. Males and females have the ability to manipulate and dominate through their use of sex – become conscious of whether the person trying to seduce you is working from their sacral chakra or their heart, and be honest about your own intentions too… accept nothing less than heart based union!

So stepping into September, and the first days of Spring here in Australia, bringing fresh new energy and new growth potential. We have a full moon coming on the 5th and as always that’s a great time to let go of anything that’s no longer aligned with where you’re at or where you’re going. That’s difficult sometimes… but we have a bit of a completion number coming up also – 9/9/09 – so we’re being pushed to do this… Certainly we’ve had a whole series of trinities this year, with important festivals, eclipses and planets all lining up in a trinitized form over and over, so to ignore this trinity of completion numbers could be a mistake. Perhaps take some time to look at this, there may be nothing left to let go of, or you may be holding on to something that REALLY needs to be completed this time. If you are able to complete this something then perhaps a great opportunity of stepping forward will present itself to you in a much unexpected way – a new event horizon may be revealed… Worth remembering too, that letting go is not always about letting go of people, places or things – it can also be about letting go of old patterns of behaviour, restrictions or limitations that no longer serve you. Let go of anything that holds you back from the giving and receiving of pure heart love…

For those of us who have been on the Ascension path for a while now, we are getting quite good at recognising limiting patterns of behaviour in ourselves and others – if we miss one in ourselves and we’re fortunate, we have great friends who point out these patterns to us in an unconditional way… and when we are conscious of them, we can then make the necessary changes to remove these patterns in ourselves. However, sometimes, our loved ones, family and friends are not so happy with our newfound awareness of these patterns, particularly if our patterns of behaviour have been surrogating them in any way. When we break these patterns and call back our power, many times there is some sort of a reaction or negative projection sent flying in our direction. Try to have compassion for this other being – you have just changed the rules for them – they will now have to begin to take responsibility for themselves and they are really uncomfortable with that. Squirming in their seat with discomfort probably – but there you go, that’s how it is on the ascension ladder. We didn’t come here to carry anyone else’s stuff for them. If your personal truth and choices have triggered them to such a degree that they react with anger or rage then they have some stuff that they should be looking at – but it’s not yours, don’t get attached to it – you can observe it but let it pass through. Practice holding your light and staying centred in your own Truth. Other people don’t like it when you change the plans they had for you…

Perhaps more than ever before it is a time for us to be aligning to our Truth, speaking our Truth and holding and living by our Truth. If we are creating our own reality why would we want anything less than the Truth, there can be no other way really.

If your particular experience of life is difficult or stressful at the moment, try to come back to basics and find the joy in the small things. Appreciate the beauty in nature perhaps or take more time to share space with loved ones. Remove yourself from the past, don’t delve into the future, just be present and in the moment as much as you are able. It’s about what you think, feel and do right now in this moment that counts. Living in truth, integrity and pure heart centred love builds the energetic architecture upon which the platform of your experience in this reality is built. Wouldn’t you rather do this through quiet conscious thought than through random reactions based on old programmes that you’re still running…?

Until next time – stay in your Truth,



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