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Breathing into a new timeline

October 2010 Newsletter

It has been another intense time and through September it seemed that the energies just kept building and building. I hoped that into the beginning of October it would shift but in fact there was no reprieve from the intensity that had us feeling squished and squeezed or perhaps you felt like you had been dunked by the largest wave, were holding your breath and trying to get up to the top so that you could breathe again. For some of us it was very difficult to tell which way was up…

There have been endings for people over this last period of time with many souls choosing to leave the planet – sometimes very suddenly – jobs and relationships ended and for others of us it was the ending of our fairytale as the illusions that we had created, broke down around us.

At this time we are being called more and more to shift our perspective and break through the illusions that keep us trapped in the old reality. Indeed if we are to move forwards into the new we have to break away from anything that keeps us from being who we truly are. It is a time to become true and authentic but indeed making that a reality is somewhat more difficult than it sounds. For the longest time, on this planet, we have been moulded to behave in a particular way, become a particular type of person and be guided by a particular set of behaviour patterns and belief structures. These have all worked together to shape us and to program us so that we could easily fit in to this 3D construct we think of as reality but now as we are stripping all this back to become true and authentic, we are appearing to be absolutely “going against the grain” and that in itself can challenge us internally on a mental level.

Those of us on the ascension path have been aware that changes needed to be made in order to step forward and create the new. We’ve wanted to step in to the new timeline so that we can consciously co-create a beautiful new reality on this earth. Many of us have memories of living on other planetary systems where polarity and density does not exist like it does on this planet and some of us remember living on this Earth during times when other Golden Ages existed here and we long to experience that once again. In order to create that, we have to let go of the old and this is becoming a pretty consistent message now. As we watch the changes happening around us it is important to really try and stay in the moment and just observe it all from a place of non-judgement and non-attachment. We wanted these changes, we’ve asked for them. 2012 and the Shift of Ages is here now! Don’t be waiting for it – it’s here, it’s already happening and we have to act now and jump on board!!

It’s all a matter of alignment really. Getting to know yourself well enough to know what is in alignment for you and what is not and as we are all involved in this ascension process, part of our work right now is to become aware of that alignment. Sometime we just have to change direction if we are to get ourselves into the right position to reach our highest expression of self. Sometimes it is a person that you are in relationship with and sometimes you are the one being required to change direction. Imagine, if you will, that you are like a train that has been travelling along for some time in one particular direction. At some point in your travels you made the realisation that the track you were travelling on was just not feeling right and that it probably would not lead you to where you wanted to go (to the expression of your highest potential). You decided that you wanted to make a few changes so that you could reach that highest potential. For some of you, the desire to become the highest expression of Self has now become a burning passion – with you becoming absolutely soul driven and focused and feeling in fact that is the only reason that you came here. For others these potential changes offer a means to an end – perhaps you weren’t particularly happy with your life at that time and vaguely wanted things to change but didn’t know how to make the changes, or where – or perhaps even why on a deeper level… However, upon having the realisation that things needed to change and setting the intent that this should be so, you sparked off a chain reaction that is now all happening “behind the scenes”. You could call it “part of your contract to wake up”, “divine intervention”, “higher self orchestrated” but at the moment of realisation and commitment to yourself, the track up ahead shifted position – if you saw it move it might have put you into a bit of a spin because you then realised that things were indeed about to change and now there’s just no going back.

So for many, this is a very precarious time. You made the decision for all the right reasons but now perhaps, fear is gripping you and you are desperately trying to hold on to all that you once knew or “the fairytale” of how you thought things would be but you can’t and its all slipping away… the breaking down of your illusions – it’s a tough time but it’s also such a time of growth if you can somehow manage to stay centred and grounded and stay out of fear, judgement or anger.

We have to learn to ride these waves of change and go with the flow. Easy said… I know, but we’re all experiencing this. I know of not one person who is not experiencing something that they find challenging at present and it’s good to remember that we all feel our challenges in different ways. The less we try to hold on the more easily we can be moved into the correct position for our next move forward. It truly is like changing train tracks and it can be smooth, if we just allow it to happen.

Thankfully in the last few days though, the shift has come through – there is fresh air to breathe and the pressure has released. I was awakened during the night to experience the shift – the energy was thick and palpable one moment and then it had shifted… The in breath and the out breath, the flow of energy, moving in and moving out… and for those of us that jumped on to this new timeline we are once again able to feel that forward momentum, where previously there had been none.

There is great optimism in the air and even through the hard times I am able to see that we really are getting ahead now. I am absolutely overjoyed with the signs I see of this. So many more people are awakening and taking responsibility for their development and soul growth. They are willing to look at their issues and deal with them. Of course there are still many more others who are not at all willing to face themselves but while we still continue to see much darkness on this planet – more and more things “are coming to light” and that really is a good thing – again, if we can observe it from a place of non-judgement and non-attachment. Observe it, deal with it, make the changes and move on – don’t get caught up in things. Sometimes the only way to get around things is to move through them and we should not get stuck there, reminiscing, grieving and holding on…

(It’s worth mentioning also, that when massive amounts of Light come in to the planetary grids it often causes the equivalent amount of darkness to be lifted. If you get to observe this in your reality, guard against feeling despondent – we are doing a great job of bringing in the light… don’t doubt that we are being successful in our endeavours).

As we drop density from our bodies, we can often feel the pressure building from within, we feel tired and lethargic, sometimes our digestive systems play up and we can experience headaches or visual disturbance. Sometimes it can feel like we are living in a pressure cooker and then of course it lifts and we feel better again. Although this new breath of energy has only been here just a few days when I look at it, I feel its expansiveness. It is so very light and that’s a relief. If you are experiencing this now, then you have made this latest shift. Not everyone will have made the shift this time and that’s OK. We are all travelling along individual pathways and we all need different things at different times. Check against your ego telling you that you are “ahead of someone else” because they didn’t respond to this latest energetic gateway that opened. Remember – non-judgement and non-attachment. We’re all doing this together, we’re just doing it in different ways. It’s good also, to practise tolerance towards other people’s choices – remember the old proverb of The Tortoise and the Hare… everyone will cross the finishing line in their own time – but it may not be in YOUR time…

Observe, don’t react but respond in an appropriate manner when required to do so.

And as always, Stay in Truth, Stay in the Light,

Love and Blessings,



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