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Beginning to see clearly…

February 2011 Newsletter

In the last few months of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 a great many souls scheduled their awakening process. This shift in consciousness is extremely encouraging and just exactly what we needed to counteract the seemingly endless amounts of dark agenda information that has been revealed even just in these first few weeks of 2011.

With so much that was previously hidden now coming up to be seen, it could appear that we are “fighting a losing battle” and we know how important it is now, more than ever, to hold the vibration of Love in our hearts. This is the roller coaster ride we’ve been waiting for and we’re strong enough to ride it!

As always, when large amounts of light are brought into the grids, the same amount of the opposite energy is released and this is a part of why so much is revealing right now – and that is great news! In that, we can observe a very interesting phenomena… any Beings or groups of people (including companies, multi-nationals, governments, law makers etc) that relied on the energy of deception, manipulation and control for their existence, are beginning to get really uncomfortable… they can see that “the people” are waking up and saying “no” to their controls and restrictions. The people want to be free and they are angry with their controllers and an example of this would be the protests and riots that we are seeing all over the world this year. As these controllers fight to hold on to their control they are implementing more and more restrictions on the people who are fighting back. Light vs. dark, control vs. freedom… Choose how you view these types of situations and consider for a moment… will you go into fear over this (perhaps agreeing with the Governments for even tighter controls or systems put in place to “keep you safe” or stop riots) or could you choose to see this as a way forward to positive change for the people of the world? Is it OK for so many of our people to be restricted and controlled? Are they right to stand up against this? Do you feel anything for these situations at all, or does it not affect you?

At this time as many more new teachers and leaders prepare to step on to centre stage we need to be extremely vigilant with the use of our “personal truth monitor”. Developing the skills of using our discernment and reading the energy signature of the person or information that is coming into our awareness has never been more important than now. When your radar is working you will spot an “untruth” instantly and be able to remove yourself from the situation and thereby avoid engaging your energy in something parasitic, negative, unsupportive or at the very least time wasting.

At this time, when so much is revealing, the consciousness grids are looking like a big mish mash of energies all swirling around together. Many people are also opening their awareness to that level and “picking up” some of that mish mash of information that is floating around, then sharing the information, without the benefit of a personal experience of it or discernment. It looks a bit like a free-for-all – grab what you can and run with it! Just because a person says they’re conscious doesn’t mean they actually are! (Use your personal discernment).

As the Light comes in and begins to swing the balance, those of the dark agenda are finding new ways to try to maintain their hold, and this is where personal vigilance is needed. Many times in the history of this planet, controller races have hijacked energy grids, portals, stargates and wormholes and it still continues to this day. In my experience I have seen the error in the new age thinking that everything 5D and above is love and light. I have personally come across some really dark beings and agendas in many dimensions beyond 5D. To be clear, I am not in judgement of the role that they are playing as a part of consciousness, merely recognizing that their energy and agenda is not one that I wish to align myself with. In reading their energy signature I am able to feel whether they are aligned to the Law of One and Unity Consciousness, or whether theirs is a personal (or group) agenda of manipulation and control. I have had many experiences of these anti-ascension energies – you could call it my “Defence against the Dark Arts” training, but real, it is!

So with this “off planet” training under my belt, what I am seeing now playing out in this physical reality is the manipulation of some of the new spiritual work that is all over the internet, in our bookshops and magazines. Spiritual teachers, channelers, healing modalities, the list goes on. Some of the work is excellent in quality and vibration – absolutely inspirational and positive “light” work, but others I have come across absolutely repel me. I can see that the energy is “hijacked” or “manipulated” and the messages are just a little off… The words sound right but there is intent or vibration that is not resonant with how those particular words should feel. Words are very important – they hold a vibration and energy signature that can be read through the consciousness of your heart and THAT is what you need to align yourself to. Don’t just hear the words… feel the words and read the energy signature of the message. (As an example of this… it would be like somebody nodding his head to you but saying no – the two do not resonate with each other, they are not a vibrational match).

Matters of concern

Genetically modified food, chemtrails, aspartame, fluoride, vaccinations all continue to be a big problem – to our people and to the planet and I feel particularly concerned about the vaccination programmes that are being put in place. I have been shown the extent to which the DNA is broken down by some of these vaccinations and it is of great concern to me – actually catastrophic – and I am hoping that we will find ways to bring about a repair to the damaged structure. At this time our work must be focused on the awakening of as many Beings as possible and to the raising of vibration and consciousness in order to get as many as possible through this ascension gateway. As ascension requires that our DNA be intact, conscious choices should be made at this time to protect and safeguard our DNA.

I am grateful that so many more people all around the world are becoming aware of these major dark agendas and that we can now see the faces of the people (scientists, government officials, businessmen and entrepreneurs) who are manipulated to create such major damage to our physical bodies and DNA. We are once again living through the time of Atlantis with all of the genetic manipulations and the fight for power. As a collective we are once again reconnecting through the cellular memory of the planet and we are beginning to remember what has been done to us.

Whilst we see the darkness of the pain and suffering that we as a collective people have experienced, if we deepen our connection with the Mother (Earth), we can open our sensitivity so much more – feel so much more, know so much more and it becomes much more possible to let go of attachments and restrictions as our energy begins to flow in the moment and we become the witness. Having this witness consciousness makes it somewhat easier to see the truth and to not be so affected by the pain of it. At a time on this planet when everything “seems” so uncertain, it is through this connection that we will be guided to be where we need to be. Our feeling of safety will come, not from having control over our environment, for indeed we do not have that, but from being in the moment and connected with higher consciousness.

As we spoke of last time, from March 9th this year, time will speed up and we have so much more that needs to be done. As always, the choice is ours at which level you wish to participate but if you are choosing ascension it is important that you make clear and conscious choices as to how you spend your time and energy. If you are choosing ascension but not actively engaged in your ascension process and focused on the present moment (being in the now) then you are missing out on some valuable soul growth opportunities. The energy is so supportive of our ascension process right now, with frequency coding pouring in every moment… really this is just such a great time to be doing this work and I would encourage you to be doing your personal emotional/mental clearing work and perhaps to add some daily affirmations to your New Year’s List of things to do. Perhaps something like these two detailed below or similar in words that are comfortable to you:

“I align to my Higher Self and in every moment I am becoming more and more aware of my soul contract and what I came here to do”.

“I am actively working on all levels of my Being, to release the fear so that I may move beyond all restrictions and limitations and see what I need to see”.

May your path be always in the Light…




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