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Information Express!!

April 2011 Newsletter

Things are changing very quickly on this planet now. Layer upon layer of what has been hidden is now revealed and there is so much more yet to come.

From the first week of March when we moved into the “Universal Cycle” of the Mayan Calendar – the co-creation cycle – time seemed to speed up. In fact according to the Mayan Calendar each day and each night of this consciousness cycle takes only 20 days, whereas prior to March 9th 2011, each day and each night lasted 360 days – so yes time IS speeding up in that respect.

On a more personal and individual level what this means is that if there are things that you are procrastinating dealing with – whether that is tidying up and housework, projects, repairs, changing jobs or addressing issues with other people – these things will start to compound and build up now – the result will be a feeling of being overwhelmed, inundated and swamped. This will take its toll on you physically, if you are not in peak condition, and the stress will show in your body at your weakest point and possibly in a few more places besides. The lesson then is to deal with your stuff as it comes up, quickly and effectively to avoid having things back-up and break down.

In this last month particularly, large numbers of people have “woken-up” very suddenly and there is a feeling of urgency about them… they are searching for information at a high level and asking questions that one would normally expect only from an advanced student. They are getting up to speed really quickly – some are doing this very smoothly and others are finding it more challenging. There is a massive amount of information to take in, and again, depending on the individual point of weakness some of our “newly awakened” brothers and sisters are feeling the stress on physical, emotional or mental levels and sometimes all three. For those of us who have been on our spiritual path for a while now, we have accumulated information gently, step by step. Sometimes we would push ahead and other times we might have taken it easy for a while and had a bit of a break. Sometimes our initiations were intense but we still had time to integrate them before the next level would come through and I’ve often referred to this as being like waves on the ocean that we’re surfing on or rowing a boat on. These used to be nice gentle waves, then they got more intense and then would ease a bit but now there really is no let up – they are intense and constant. These days the waves are like huge barreling waves from which you may make a clean exit or get dumped and smashed (energetically speaking!). We are now also experiencing tsunami waves that change everything in our reality. Our “newly awakened” have not had the benefit of the gentle waves where many of us first learned to paddle – they have joined us at this most intense of times and we must be considerate of that and put out a helping hand to them if need be. As you do so keep a check on your ego – you are not to become their guru, (the age of the guru is passed) you are just holding their hand while their eyes adjust to this new level of light intensity. It is important to remember that nobody is better than anyone else – we truly are all doing this together.

Major levels of propaganda are hitting TV, radio and You Tube at the moment. (The other team is at their best/worst right now). Everywhere you look it seems that new information is being revealed. Things are being uncovered, the truth is coming out and yet… there is so much contradictory information how can one possibly work out what is real and what is not – it’s very confusing and designed to be just that… it is designed to confuse you so that you won’t really know what’s going on anywhere at anytime and it is designed to put you into certain mental looping patterns that hold you in a state of fear and confusion. (It is far easier to control a confused person that to control one who is standing up and demanding truth). Are you feeling less and less able to make decisions? Or feeling like there are so many levels to your awareness that you are unable to decide which level you should actually be focusing on? (ie in a 3D world you would make one choice and in a 5D world you would make another – but you can’t quite work out which world you’re living in these days!!) When you have begun to see the levels of control and manipulation that exist at 3D and now also at 5D, it can feel something akin to being in a sort of twilight zone – nothing quite fits anymore and you can’t un-know what you already know… so you have to try to find a way to make some sense of it all. But how do you do that? The answer is: by getting out of your head and into your heart; by overriding the patterns of mental looping that are so attractive to the ego; and again, by getting out of the mental plane! We are in a co-creative cycle – the only way forward and out of the confusion IS by following your heart. You can’t analyse your way out of this one, it all has to come from the heart and you have to feel your way through it. (95% of the ascension process is about clearing the emotional body – that’s why we FEEL so much these days).

So with so much information available to us and so many people trying to tell us what to believe, what should we really be doing? Well, we really are pushing for time now, like our newly awakened, we too need to cram in new information if we are to make conscious and right choices. Time is speeding up and there is a sense of us running out of time… *

Free will continues to be available to us… however, due to the enormous amounts of dark energy and enemy patterning that is playing out at this time, there is a bit of urgency in regards to the need to inform ourselves. When we are informed, we can make conscious choices and move away from the types of experiences that are undesirable to us. Unfortunately mind control is rampant in our society at present and it is exactly this “no need to think – just go along with it quietly, don’t question a thing…” type of mentality that the controllers are banking on. When we are not thinking for ourselves we become mindless and vacant and that is not how things are meant to be. We are powerful creative beings – we can create the life we desire (providing it comes from the heart). Things can be so very different here if we just choose it to be so – YES we are THAT powerful!

So, as indicated, we need to make conscious choices in regard to everything that comes into our personal experience, pretty much, so this includes anything that we put into or on our physical body, our mental and emotional diet as well as how we nourish our souls – at this time, it seems that the battle for control of our soul is actually what is being played out here, so anything that takes you away from gaining the knowledge and understanding of the full power of who you really are as a soul is contraindicated – that includes anything that makes you mindless… drugs, alcohol, smoking, addictive behaviours, TV, etc and might also include religion or new age groups and healing modalities.

A few other areas for you to investigate in order to inform yourself as to what is right for you might also include:

Food – the foods that you put into your body will be either supportive or detrimental to health. Research the truth about GMO and Monsanto. Every food has a frequency… fresh fruits and vegetable, preferably organically grown but definitely free of pesticides and fertilizers will obviously be more supportive to the body than chemical laden varieties. As Mother Nature intended… because we are of the Earth.

Aspartame – (Nutrasweet, Equal, diet sodas) – research this ingredient thoroughly… where it originates from, how it managed to get through the FDA (despite certain objections) and its side effects on your physical body.

Fluoride – Water – inform yourself on the issues of fluoridation in your drinking water. Learn what fluoride is and decide if you would like to ingest that on a daily basis. If you choose not to then research water filters – you will require a water filter that specifically removes fluoride as not all do.

Bottled water – research bottled water and find out for yourself if it is all its cracked up to be – don’t just presume it’s ok for you – research it for yourself.

Vaccinations – information continues to come to me around this. Once again, it is all about our free will and choice. We are encouraged to investigate and research this subject for ourselves, so that we can be comfortable with the choices that we make personally. What is most important to point out here is that a level of a mind control grid exists around the vaccination program. As a population, we are so indoctrinated into the belief that vaccinations are beneficial, that we do not question it – we are mindless on the subject and therein lies the danger. Realise that doctors, nurses and the medical profession in general are programmed to promote vaccinations – (they are mindless in that) Now, would you really allow a programmed mindless person to make decisions that will affect your health, your life and that of your loved ones? Investigate this issue for yourself – do your own research – and make that research wide reaching… don’t just read doctors reports and publicised vaccination trial results – dig deeper and read the opinions of independent scientists, homeopaths, anti-vaccination associations and health advocates. Research this thoroughly, the pros and cons and then make an informed choice that works for you. Make an informed choice free of fear – from your heart with your soul’s knowingness of what is right for you.

HAARP – GWEN systems – a targeted weather modification technology using ultra low and ultra high frequencies, around the earth in the ionosphere and deep into the earth also. It has been suggested that this type of equipment has created droughts, floods, hurricanes, earthquake and tsunamis. As well as causing the death of masses of birds, fish, whales etc. These HAARP and Gwen stations are all over the world – it doesn’t just happen in America. Inform yourself about what is on your own doorstep. The propaganda of global warming, carbon emissions, and the earth repaying humanity for what we’ve done may appear different to you afterwards…

The Medical System – If you should find yourself in a hospital bed or sitting beside a sick loved one, it is vitally important that you make informed choices about what is offered to you or them. Finding myself in that exact situation recently I became extremely aware of how easy it is to give your power away to a system that is programmed to behave in a specific way – a way that is not necessarily supportive of you as a person (especially as a soul) with free will. It’s very easy when you are feeling weak to let somebody else make the decisions for you as to what is “done” to your body by way of tests, injections and medications. I probably earned myself the label of “difficult patient” when I questioned everything they proposed to me, told them I would consider their suggestions and get back to them when I had made a decision on it, asked them to research medication side effects and ingredients and then show me – only to reject (some of) them. I am grateful for their care as I did get well, however, it is MY BODY and I get to choose what happens to it and I asserted that right within a system that is not used to working that way… I would suggest that you, again, inform yourself on the subject of medications and what they do to your body as even “over the counter” medications contain substances that you would not consciously choose to put into your body. We trust that these substances are safe but we’ve been lied to before… (To be clear – I am not suggesting that you reject allopathic medicine completely but perhaps just find a balance between allopathic and healthy alternatives where possible).

Remember these are all about your personal choices. What is right for you and what you believe, may not be right for someone else and that is completely ok and as it should be. This is all about empowering yourself – you should not feel guilty about your choices – you have a right to choose, just as you have a right to speak your truth. Unfortunately, the truth has not always been given to us, which is why we must now search for it ourselves and empower ourselves with that knowledge and information. We’re calling our power back from those who have controlled us and taken our power away!!!

Lightworker Grids

Exciting times are coming – for some they are already here… we are being shown that many levels of grids exist here – from the mind control and enslavement grids of our 3D earth to the higher consciousness “soul family” grids that we can connect to as and when our frequency comes into alignment with them and it is exactly at that point when we begin to feel supported in our work. Many Lightworkers have felt so alone here for a long, long time. For many of us there has been a sense that we know we are meant to be part of a community however, we have just not been able to find where that community is… This is changing now though. As we connect energetically (and sometimes physically) with Beings on a similar mission, or path of service, to our own, we truly begin to understand as an energetic reality that “we are not alone”. These are “contracts and agreements” made at much higher frequency levels than the old “karma contracts” that we know of. As we remove ourselves from the mind control grids of the 3D construct we are able to remove ourselves from the karma that held us there too. So with the freedom to move beyond and into other levels, it is a great joy to experience this feeling as something real, especially if you have only ever had that expression as a mental construct before. The true feeling, that so many of us are working together on this mission is so exquisitely exciting and feels akin to the feeling I had when I first took on the mission to come here to assist at this time. I have no doubt that this same experience is available to each and every one of us – this true remembering… it’s just a matter of timing and frequency that then brings into alignment the people with whom you will build the new “like-minded” communities of our New Earth and that’s exactly how we do it. (For a sense of that feeling of community – I would liken it to the community on Pandora – if you haven’t seen it yet check out the Avatar Movie!)

So, wishing you much revelation as you research and inform yourself!

Love and Peace.



* Timing has become crucial for us now. It has been shown to me in the way that the stargates, wormholes, templates and grids of the earth are moving around the galactic core that we have a very real “deadline” for this ascension process to take place. Many starseeds and gridworkers are here precisely at this time to work in the fields and to assist in holding the gates open for as long as possible in order to move as many Beings (as would wish to go) through into another level of experience. Energetically that means that these starseeds and gridworkers are holding higher than average levels of frequency and coding in their energy bodies on this plane of existence and at the same time working inter-dimensionally through the fields on many other levels. From these levels, they are able to bring through extraordinary information from the planetary and universal consciousness fields. However, the other team have also used this as an area to place confusing and conflicting information making it difficult to know who’s the real deal and who’s not. No judgement here – just realising that each being plays their part and the choice is yours as to which way you run with the information being presented. My personal feeling is that we should not be waiting for or inviting other beings in to “help us”. We are awesomely powerful creator gods ourselves if we just take responsibility for what has already been created (imbalance) and focus on creating Paradise on Earth (harmony). “We are the ones we have been waiting for…” a beautiful and true expression, that applies right now. We have a job to do – let’s get on and do it! Holding Light, Sharing Love and actively moving towards the creation of our New Earth.

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