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Transition times

May 2011 Newsletter

The world continues to change on a daily basis and without doubt the Light that is entering our planet is the reason for those changes, either directly or indirectly. Some of the most amazing things we see around us are created directly from the light, whether that is the regrowth of forests destroyed by fire, the first buds of springtime, abundant fresh food growing in our gardens or the birth of beautiful new souls upon this planet. Some of the most beautiful things created by man also come from the Light, through a heart that is aligned to Love – visual arts, music or the written or spoken word.

Unfortunately, these most beautiful things are not always seen and appreciated in their fullness, as much of the world’s attention is focused on the catastrophes, wars and media propaganda that is fed to us mostly via the square box in the corner that we call a TV (alternatively via newspapers, radio and the internet). How sad it is that most of the “civilised world” would rather focus on the negatives than the positives of this great time on earth.

Certainly there are many things appearing very dark on our planet (HAARP, chemtrails, GMOs, TSA, fluoride, vaccinations to name just a few…) but it is only due to the amount of Light coming in that we have even been able to see what’s been going on right under our noses for so long – and that is a blessing. It is only because we are becoming so Light that we can see so far into the dark. Awareness of these issues is suggested in order that one can make healthy choices around them as putting ones head in the sand is a pretty dark place too! It might seem bad, but if something detrimental were coming silently towards you, wouldn’t you rather know about it so that you can reposition yourself out of harms way? Whilst some of the information appears to be overwhelming and scary I’d still choose the Light of Truth and Awareness any day and the trick is not to dwell on it but to be aware of it as something that may or may not come into your reality for a short while before it passes through. (In other words don’t get stuck in it!)

So as these apparent catastrophes are bound to continue for some time yet, we should realise that these are necessary events in order to clear all that has been hidden. The types of events that are thrown at us through the media including floods, hurricanes and earthquake etc, and whilst none of us want to see another soul suffering, the situation just is what it is and we can do little to change some of it. If you find yourself in the middle of one of these events, then of course you have to deal with it but for those of us not directly involved our best choice would be to find a way to maintain our centre, remove ourselves from other people’s dramas (particularly in respect of the people around you) and focus on what we need to be doing to keep ourselves aligned and in the vibration of love. If you feel called to hold a prayer vigil for those beings suffering then do so – that may be your part of the piece – but otherwise and for those not so called, know that everything is exactly as it should be.

At the same time, media is also feeding us diversion propaganda – weddings or funerals at sea… This type of information or dis-information depending upon your viewpoint is very specifically designed to take us away from where our heart wants to take us. Again, something we need to be vigilant about. Anything that takes us out of our centre and into herd mentality should be run through our Truth Vibration filters to check whether it is information that we should be taking in or not. (Actually everything should be run through our Truth Vibration filters really…). These types of events are often not quite what they appear to be on the surface and it is as we open up to the multidimensional levels of ourselves that we can see through to what is being hidden. It’s interesting to observe also, that the very types of information that we should be told about are woefully missing from mainstream media but as more and more of us awaken to this awareness we are finding alternative ways of finding and sharing the information that we need.

Truly, what you focus on, you draw towards yourself – every thought has energy… Have you noticed that when you are looking for a new car and you have a particular make/model in mind, that you see them everywhere… or ladies – when you are pregnant or wanting to become so, that everywhere you look there are women with full ripe baby bellies or newborns… what you focus on, you draw into your awareness, positively or negatively. If you focus on all the bills you have to pay, more seem to keep coming or if you can’t stop thinking about all the things you have to do, very soon you begin to feel completely overwhelmed and yet if you just take the time to stop for a moment centre yourself and breathe quietly and gently… then proceed taking one step at a time, everything becomes much more manageable. Practice the art of letting go and letting God. The art of Surrender.

We are living through some challenging time on this planet but really… it’s OK. It’s the vibration of fear that makes us think that all is not good but when we can remove ourselves from it we quickly realise that actually all is love. When we hold a positive vibration of love in our hearts, we really can change the world. Collectively that is what we are here to do together and that is Unity Consciousness. Many of us all focusing together on the creation of our beautiful new earth – not because the one we have is broken but because we are choosing to create a higher vibrating experience than the one we are currently having.

Many of us are already having beautiful experiences of heaven here on earth and in fact I have been shown that many of us have already moved into the fifth dimension in our emotional experience and are just waiting now to see that come fully into physical manifestation. So I see this as a transition time now meaning that in our consciousness we have made the shift to remove ourselves from the “mind control matrix” (there is no going back there once you are truly free from it!) and it seems that we are almost left adrift in a reality where the “old” is well and truly gone but the “new” has not yet materialised itself. When I look at the levels of this I see that we are still building our new energetic platform and it is through our thoughts, vibration and alignment to the Christ/Unity Consciousness that it will manifest as a physical reality.

What I see before me is truly very beautiful indeed and I know that whilst it is not the same experience that everyone is having at this moment, I know it to be a potential for everyone, as we are all awesomely powerful creative beings and it is our divine birthright to be able to create this for ourselves. Previously we have created for ourselves very unconsciously and then been very quick to blame another person for our perceived “bad” experience (rather than take full responsibility for what we created) but hopefully we are way past that type of thinking now as we begin to step into the true awareness of our experience here.

For those of us who are looking ahead to a future that looks quite dark, bleak and stagnant – this is another wake up call for you… I cannot not say this… you are creating that reality for yourself!! We are at such a pivotal point in our ascension process now that we really should not be missing this opportunity to correct our thinking and behaviour if we need to. All of the energies are so amazingly abundant (particularly through this next six weeks or so of astrological alignments) that it would almost be a crime to not use this supportive energy that is so freely given to us. As always, check that your alignment is with the Divine – it is probably not beneficial to be focusing on manifesting a Porsche, however, if that needs to be part of your learning experience, then so be it… We are gifted here with “free will and choice” which has been our blessing or our curse depending on how we have used it. But never before have the choices that we make revealed themselves to us so quickly and completely. In the moment that you make your behaviour choice the Universe moves to begin to bring that experience to you. With our choices alone we can create a perceived heaven or hell. Sometimes we cannot be quite sure what the experience will be exactly but if the decision was divinely guided and heart centred the experience will be more love filled and supported than any selfish or manipulated decision could ever be. Truly these are exciting times and we are being given the keys to the kingdom… Everything is open for us to create with – whereas previously we had just seven colours to paint with – now we have a full colour spectrum. Where once we had only one octave of notes with which to play our tune – now we have a full twelve octaves with harmonics and sub harmonics, tones and frequencies. How exciting is that?!

If you recognise that you are in a Transition time then, recognise also that it is a time to be extremely vigilant with your behaviour on all levels. Whilst some of us have been completely released from the mind control grids, others of us are not fully there yet. When we are going through Transition we can sometimes “think” that we’re through to the other side and we’ve made it or that we can rest there a while when in fact it is actually a time to be more active and vigilant than ever. In this space of Transition our thoughts are even more powerful and can propel us forwards or backwards in a blink of an eye, which is why we need to be continually centring ourselves, checking that we are aligned and in our heart and more conscious of where our thoughts are taking us. As we strive towards Unity Consciousness, there can be no room for judgement, separation or elitism. No one person is better than any other – no single drop in the ocean more important than the next. For each judgement you pass on a person or a situation there is a potential to create a divide and take yourself out of Unity. To observe that same person or situation from a standpoint of compassion and neutrality is a level of mastery that can be learned only through your own ego purification and inner contemplation. Be aware of your thoughts, be aware of your intent for we are being tested as to the purity of our heart and that is why it is just so important to get out of our heads and into our hearts – for it’s only there that you will find Love, Compassion and Unity Consciousness.

Stay in Unity, stay in your heart.



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