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Choosing Consciously

January 2012 Newsletter

With all the intensities of 2011 left behind many of us arrived in this most exciting year of 2012 full of hope, optimism and New Year’s resolutions… Hopefully you found time to rest and gather your strength over the holiday period because, as you are probably already well aware, January 2012 has kicked off at a great speed! This has been fuelled by several very intense solar flares, which have been causing geomagnetic storms strong enough to cause disruptions with electronic devices and our nervous system. According to Jason Major of Universe Today “The M8.7-class flare that erupted from the Sun early on Jan. 23 sent a huge wave of high-energy protons Earthward, creating the largest solar storm seen since 2005”. These energy protons can affect our physical bodies and when my physical body is feeling “smashed”, the very mental part of me finds it useful to have a reason for it so I felt somewhat appeased this week to discover this “reason” for feeling the intense pressure in my head, the “whizzing” feeling, the struggling to ground, dry mouth, hot flashes, exhaustion and heart palpitations that passed through my body periodically. Phew!! It felt like “the big squeeze” and then it released, then it would squeeze again – hmmm… rather like contractions … and here we go again, because there is just no escaping this spiritual birthing process that is 2012 and beyond!

2012 will bring a great many changes for a great many people. These changes will be experienced in a good way or a challenging way depending upon one’s state of mind. Solar flares bring higher frequencies on to the planet that affect the human energy field and our central nervous system. It activates our DNA and helps us to “wake up” to a new level. In a sense these solar flares, along with cosmic and stellar rays act as triggering devices causing a “shift”. It is this “shift” that can be experienced with ease and grace, providing one is willing to make the required changes and engage with one’s soul, or it can be experienced as a series of traumatic events in one’s life – at the very least some slightly difficult life situations to deal with.

When a person struggles to surrender to the heart/soul and persists in allowing the mental mind/ego to direct their life, challenging times are presented as a type of learning opportunity – like a choice point. These challenges are brought in to the person’s life, designed really to help them “wake up”, though some people may choose to see it as a sort of punishment or big test. This type of thinking seems to attract more and more of these challenging events and we hear people say that “its just one thing after another”. But everything in this Universe is a vibrational match and we actually draw experiences to ourselves based on our state of mind/consciousness. So at this point the ideal would be for the person to step back and say to the Universe or God “OK, I surrender. Show me what I need to do next”… But more often than not, the person fights to control things even more and turns away from God completely (having “no faith” in a benevolent God or no faith that things will ever change). A total disconnect can occur which may go on to a complete breakdown of the body, mind or soul and this can be seen in the person suffering an acute life threatening illness, emotional/mental breakdown with thoughts of suicide, severe chronic depression and we can even see those who appear as lost souls. It is probable that we will see more of this type of thing playing out on the planet during the next few years as people strive to integrate and acclimate to these new energies.

As we have “free will and choice” here it could be said to some degree that these people really are choosing that experience for themselves. (In saying that I recognize that that statement will bring a cry of protest from many who read this… As with many things there are levels and levels of context to this and you can argue karma, inner child wounding, genetics and on and on… The truth is that we really don’t know 100% why a person chooses to suffer or experience what they do but there is always a clearing process involved and when these things have cleared they feel better. The clearing could involve clearing addictive or disempowering behaviour patterns; abuse, self-hatred, self abuse patterns; genetic lineage disease patterns; mind control grid clearing, frequency restriction breakthrough, disconnection/connection to God and so much more…).

By and large, this type of pain and hardship can be avoided if one chooses to engage the heart and allow the soul to guide them – everything can be healed, miracles can occur. There is a process of “letting go” and “surrender” that is required and it can cause some emotional pain but by being true to your heart, over-riding mental programmes of restriction and control, being self-sovereign and maintaining a role of observer-witness in the now moment you can avoid getting caught up in a drama of a situation that cannot be changed by you at this time. This is also particularly relevant if you are in the situation where a friend or family member is experiencing some tough times and the “drama” is not yours.

A theme for this year also, I feel will be around relationships – letting go of the ones that are not supportive to your emotional and spiritual growth and the creation of new, or the upgrading of existing relationships to a new level of expression. When you are being asked to just observe and not get caught up in the drama of any given situation then I’m sure you will agree that personal relationships are the big burrito!

For me, I feel that this year’s primary focus should be firstly upon our connection to God and being fully committed to our Soul at whatever level of service we agreed to and secondly, health – of the physical body primarily, because approached in a correct and conscious way it will also affect the health of the emotional, mental bodies and spiritual bodies too.

Actually these two points are interchangeable really as in order to take on the full level of service to which you agreed you will need a healthy physical body to work with and equally when you are driven by a desire to create a healthy body, in a conscious way, you will become aware of the spirit or life force that is in everything and that connects us to everything. (I am not talking here of the “body beautiful” approach of reduced calorie intake, spray tanned or surgically enhanced physical body but of the living physical vessel in which your spirit resides while it walks on this earth plane).

Everything has an energy signature and everything you put in your mouth or even on your skin will either support your body or be detrimental to it. As everything holds a frequency… you can either feed your body uplifting high frequency foods or you can consume low frequency, toxic or dead and dull foods. You are what you eat… the frequency of the foods you consume affects the way you think… when you become aware of frequencies in this way you cannot help but also become aware of the living life force that is your physical body. It’s not a big step away in consciousness then, to become aware of whether you honour or abuse your physical body. Taking time with this awareness opens you up to the possibility of working on your emotional and mental health at the same time that you are working on your physical health. If you can, take a moment right now to reflect on the frequency of the food that you put into your body today or yesterday. Was it filled with life force and supportive to health or was it flat, heavy or dull energy? Do you feel good about your food choices? How did your body feel after consuming it?

Try to get into the habit of thinking in this way and with just a little practice you will soon be able to “tune in” to the foods before you purchase them so that everything you consume will absolutely be nourishing to the body. As you look at an item in the shop or on a menu just ask: “will this be supportive to my body or detrimental?”. Hear the answer from within, override any mental interference and then make your choice…

By the same token: as every thought holds a frequency you can feed your body high frequency thoughts: love, gratitude, compassion, etc or low frequency, toxic thoughts like hate, revenge, anger, distrust or self loathing. You become what you think…

The physical body is the vessel that houses your Soul or your Higher Self. It is very difficult to house the Higher Self in a low vibrating physical body. If your intention is to know and engage with your Higher Self then you would benefit from raising the frequency of your physical body. This requires the physical transformation of every cell, every atom of your body. Your body is really an alchemical vessel that is transforming from a dense 3D human body into a body of liquid light. If that forms even a small part of your understanding of what you are here to do then you can see how important it is to fill your body with life giving and light supporting foods and thoughts. No lightbody was every built on fast foods and toxic thoughts (or relationships)!

Some affirmations that you might find useful:

“I release all drama from my life and now feel peace in my heart”.

“I hand this situation over to God, to be dealt with in a way that allows for the highest expression of each individual’s life experience”.

“I take the time to receive my body’s messages for what it needs nutritionally and I feel healthy and energized”.

“I easily choose health giving foods and my body loves me for it”.

“Every day in every way I am becoming more and more aware of what my body needs for optimal health”.

“I surrender and allow my heart to guide me”.

“I commit to follow my soul’s purpose and every day I become more aware of what is required to change within me”.

“I am infinite consciousness. I am love. I am the living light”.

So as the structures and systems of control that make up this 3D illusion continue to crumble and fall all around us it can be challenging to “hold your centre”, and stay out of fear but really, is there anything at all that you can hold on to and know will always be there, other than your own true self, your consciousness and God? Certainly that is worth investing in – your connection with the Divine. When all is said and done it is your consciousness that returns to God, as you are: infinite consciousness. Through thick and thin, no matter what life throws at you when you can remember this YOU WILL BE OK…! And if everything in this Universe is a vibrational match… when you can hold the vibration of love within your heart, the things that life throws at you can be Oh… so beautiful!

So, make sure you keep your heart open to love…




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