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All is Revealed

February 2012 Newsletter

Since the beginning of this year large amounts of fear have been releasing from the collective unconscious and many people have been experiencing feelings of uncertainty about what the future holds for them.

As we move further into 2012 the veils continue to lift and we get to see more of the layers that have held this perceived reality in place. What we can see quite clearly now is an extremely fragile system based predominantly on manipulation and control, greed and inequality. These systems are now breaking down.

For those of us who are already more awakened we are able to observe this from a more neutral state (- that doesn’t mean that we like what we see but rather that we are not pulled by it into negative emotions that would lower our frequency). But for those just awakening, to see this, can be quite a shock. For the person really seeing things for the first time there is often a feeling of “I knew it!” that is quickly replaced by denial – “they wouldn’t do that… surely….?”

We are programmed from an early age that the systems put in place for us here, like the education, financial, religious and health care systems etc, have our best interests at heart – we believed that all our lives so of course it is a shock to see that behind all of these systems is a very precise network grid of manipulation and control set up to feed money/energy and life force back into the system to be used and recycled – rather like the reincarnational wheel “system”.

We are talking here, of “master manipulators” – so subtle are the individual manipulations that it is often only when a series of them are put in place that the grandness of the scheme can be seen. That’s where the deception lies because it is in the series of smaller moves that we innocently accept, often without questioning, that the foundation upon which these massive systems is built. So complex is this, that it’s difficult to pull apart the pieces to see where it all began. If you are not willing to begin researching all the way back to Sumerian or Egyptian times when this really began then a starting point might be pre WWI – which is an approximate 100 year timeline, or look at the space between WWI and WWII.

Understandably then, many people experience a state of denial for a while as the body/mind tries to make the necessary adjustments required to come to terms with this new information – which the heart knows to be true. A period of integration is often required because we are being asked to release some of our core beliefs and replace them with truths, some of which are so “in your face” we have trouble believing how we could have missed them for so long! “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it” is an expression that springs to mind!

Some people will still choose consciously to ignore these truths and attempt to carry on their lives in the same way as they did before but you can’t un-know what you already know and by choosing to ignore something you know to be true you are setting up an imbalance in the body that will need to be addressed at some point. Choosing to live in a state of denial is quite a fear-based choice and when one professes to choose Love, the imbalance within that Being becomes evident.

Thankfully, the Universal “battle” of Light vs. dark is being greatly assisted by the increase of photon energy and solar flares and as the earth’s geo-magnetic field changes, the magnetic pull of polarity is gradually releasing. It is our ego mind that is pulled towards polarity and back into the matrix but our hearts are pulled towards Unity Consciousness.

We often refer to our ego as “the mental mind”. “Our mind” is not really in our head but is an energy matrix situated in the area of our solar plexus chakra. As our solar plexus chakra is a 3D chakra it becomes the control centre for our 3D mental mind or mental body.

It is not by accident then that these “master manipulators” have plugged their feed line directly into the solar plexus of humanity – literally through the manipulation of the 3D energy field of the earth and through the use of frequency targeted psychotronics**. With even just a basic knowledge of the workings of the solar plexus chakra we know that it is involved with issues around self worth, self doubt, self confidence, power or lack thereof, control or lack and so on. When we don’t know who we truly are it is easy to become controlled by others and when a part of yourself is being parasitized by a system that tells you what to think and how to behave it is very difficult to see another way of being or behaving, and that is why it has been so difficult for humanity to wake up and “see the truth” – it has very deliberately been hidden from us and these systems have been set up to keep us all “plugged in”. It is also why it is so vitally important at this time that you take steps to raise your frequency beyond that of a 3D consciousness. When you are still “in your mental body” you are susceptible to mind programming that is designed to keep you from becoming “soul activated” or Higher Self connected.

It is only when a Being has activated the 4th/5th/6th dimensional chakras that they become “soul guided” or fully in their heart. The more you live from your heart the more you will be living in Unity Consciousness and there is a freedom that comes from living and experiencing Unity Consciousness. From there you can no longer be controlled – you are a free and sovereign Being. While you stay in the mental mind though you cannot be fully soul guided. Although without doubt you will get snippets of soul guided information but you will not get the full link up with your Higher Self.

So how can you raise your frequency? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Acquire energy techniques for clearing and awareness of your energy bodies.
  • Claim your divine human birthright as God intended.
  • Observe the ego but listen to your heart.
  • Stay out of the drama!
  • Become vigilant 24/7 against any Being, system or organization that makes a play for your participation. If you feel any pressure or reluctance to become involved it could be a warning signal so run it through your filtering system by asking into your heart “Is this beneficial or detrimental to my soul growth and evolution”.
  • Personal discernment is extremely important. Filtering everything that comes into your energy field and only allowing access to the higher frequency impulses. That might include not watching TV or listening to the radio (lots of negativity there with the news programmes, financial reviews, soap operas and dramas etc); maybe not reading newspapers (or you might choose to just scan headlines); removing yourself from negative environments (family feuds; negative or gossipy co-workers; “friends” who dump their problems in your lap etc); some types of music is very heavy or negative or its’ beat is uncomfortable to your energy field.
  • Pay attention to how you use your words and don’t engage in gossip or slander.
  • Choose to think good thoughts, give blessings and gratitude for the beauty you see around you. (this actively raises your frequency.)
  • Do not enter into judgement of others – remain neutral.
  • Use meditation as a tool to “know yourself” at a deeper level and to find compassion for yourself and others.

So the battle of Light vs. dark has also become the battle of the Heart vs. the ego albeit an ego that is being manipulated and is not free to think for itself!

In recognizing this ego manipulation it becomes even more urgent to follow your heart in order to step on to the Ascension timeline, which is infinite and guided by Soul Purpose and Divine Timing. We need to assist the ego to let go of the need to control and dominate it’s own limited timeline. If a person is so absolutely focused on the pursuit of wealth and power, or so clinging to what they have already acquired in terms of material possessions, that they are completely unwilling to let go or to acknowledge the truth of what they know in their heart and act on it, then some level of “divine intervention” may be required to bring them back into alignment with their soul purpose. Alternatively they may be pulled back to their home in the Light.

There is no time to waste, if you have not already made your decision you will be pushed most strongly now… In order to be on this ascension wave every aspect of ourselves must be devoted to the Light as a priority in our lives. It can no longer be something that we intend to think about in our spare time as the diversions in life are so great, that time will never come and it will be too late! It must be a priority in every thing that you do, in every behaviour, choice and word. Can this be spelled out any more clearly for you…? The time of sitting on the fence is well and truly over – it’s time to free yourself now!

As things shift and change around us so many people are appearing lost and confused as they search to find out who they are and what they are supposed to be doing and of course there are a million and one things on offer out there that claim to have the answers. So many teachers and people pushing for their words to be heard and accepted by others as “the truth”. It’s so tempting to try to find someone to tell us what to do next… but it’s not meant to be that way. Things have to break down and fall away to give way to the new and there is an art in recognizing when you are grasping for something quickly to try to re-create yourself. Often there needs to be a space of stillness before the next step reveals – learning to be comfortable in that space is very important. A glorious side effect of being truly committed to your soul journey and spiritual evolution is that the more you raise your frequency and integrate the higher dimensional bodies (4/5/6/7/8 chakras and onwards) the more your Life Purpose and Soul Mission is revealed to you. You really don’t need anybody to tell you this – you can find it all for yourself just through being willing to participate with your soul’s journey! In fact, it is true that “everything you need is within you”!

If you find yourself in the situation where you are feeling lost or if the structures fall down around you and it looks like your world is ending, do not fear – it’s your chance to break out of the system – it is the start of something new that you are creating for yourself. If you really can’t see what the next step is just hand the situation over to God… and ask to be shown what needs to occur next. When you know that you are a divine sovereign Being you cannot be controlled any more – you are free… to create a beautiful life.

Stay in the Light,

With love and Blessings


**What is a psychotronic weapon? It is a weapon that emits certain electromagnetic frequencies that can affect the central nervous system and the neural activity of the brain, disrupting its normal activities. This is part of a larger study under several names, electromagnetics, biomagnetics, and others. Apparently, if reports can be believed, the first uses of psychotronic warfare was by the Soviets during the cold war. Some synonyms for psychotronics are synthetic telepathy, subconscious brainwashing. 


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