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What’s real anymore? (or Did I really just see that?)

March 2012 Newsletter

With so many things in our day to day lives that are specifically designed to distract us away from seeing the truth or knowing our true self, it is getting more and more challenging and at the same time more and more important to “keep your eye on the ball”. It is crucial to read the energy signature of the information coming your way. You can rest assured then, that the pieces of information you take into your field are the pieces that are really meant to be there. It may not make sense to you initially but in time, it will form part of the larger picture for you personally.

It is clear that there is a major “dis-information operation” in play by “the other team” which takes several forms. On the one hand we see their agenda to unleash large amounts of information bearing sufficient half-truths that it will either pull in people’s attention and gain their trust just enough that they can then be “seeded” with thought-forms designed to be triggered at a specific time in the future or alternatively to confuse people so much that they really cannot make a clear decision on their own anymore. At that time they will ultimately give their power away and become even more enslaved than what they already are – with all hope of a self-generated thought gone right out of the window for ever! An example of this might be their campaign to get us comfortable with the RFID chip* – toted as being helpful in emergency situations for identification and to access your health history but what they don’t tell you is that it can also be triggered or detonated (!) to produce frequencies that the body cannot tolerate, causing sickness, disease or even death.

The key point of this part of the campaign is focused on making you feel safe so that you do not question authority – effectively giving your power away to a government that is “looking after you”. These are follow on events that stemmed from the 911 timeline event which is an Armageddon timeline. This operation is designed to be self-policing and has actually proven to be quite successful already. There are certain key words that you only have to mention and you will be scuffed at and find certain triggered individuals turning against you, even if they haven’t directly heard the conversation themselves (as there is an energetic recognition and they know you don’t think the same way that they do). It looks something like a scene from The Matrix where everyone inside the Matrix becomes the Agent Smith and proceeds to attack Neo (the Lightworker/Warrior of Truth).

This type of situation can feel challenging to us but really there is nothing to fear here. Information and awareness are powerful tools in your toolbox. Through information you can make informed personal choices and through awareness nobody can pull the wool over your eyes. YOU are the power!

Coming from a different angle we have the “New Age dis-information operation” This one is very interesting and introduces “The Twilight Master”.

A Twilight Master is a person or organisation who, when faced with their next level of spiritual initiation, has forgotten that they are supposed to be in service to God and has stepped over a boundary and into the area of personal pride and ego and maybe even into the lure of fame or personal financial gain. When a spiritual teacher is unable to purify their ego and begins to be desiring of a leadership role (as opposed to finding themselves in a divinely orchestrated leadership role!) then that person becomes open to manipulation by dark forces that flatter their ego even more. Twilight Masters have commonly been inserted with programming from the False Ascension Matrix and use reverse coded techniques with their clients and students. They might be either aware or unaware of what they are actually doing.

These Twilight Masters have all the “right” spiritual language and throw in key words and phrases like “we are all one”, “love and light”, or they quote or channel Archangels or Galactics who are “coming to help us”. This campaign is also designed to “make us feel safe” and ultimately to give our power away and it’s a tricky one because when we hear the words they use, we think it must be OK… because they’re saying all the right things! Again, you must get into the habit of testing the energetic signature of all of the information that comes your way – spiritual information included. The “Twilight Master” is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” – if you tune in and feel through your heart and listen to the voice inside of you (when you test whether their information is in alignment for you or not), you will be guided as to where you should be.  (This is surrending to Divine Guidance – you may want to go there but you will know that it is not really for you, even if all your friends love that person’s work).

The stakes are very high right now. As more and more people awaken and become aware and begin to see these types of things, the guys on the other team really have to pull out all the stops because they can see that they are losing control over the people – we can see them!

It’s been quite amazing to see that there seems to be something “built-in” to many humans though, that stops them from talking about this new awareness and the spiritual experiences that they are having. This effectively shuts the whole thing down and keeps us separate from each other at a time when we really should be coming together. (Unity Consciousness). Many beautiful people I know still won’t even admit to their families and friends that they meditate! The main complaint I hear from people I come into contact with (through my work) is that they feel so alone here without a community that they can talk safely and openly with. There is still a fear in the collective that we will be judged or condemned in some way if we talk about spiritual things and this has really held back our work of coming together as a spiritual family to share and exchange the codes that we hold in our energy field. As Starseeds, part of our contract is that we hold the codes that can activate others and help them to remember their soul mission and yet if we are unwilling to acknowledge and embody the truth of our experience by living it (and therefore activating it within ourselves), how then can we be of service?

Even within the so-called New Age spiritual community when in conversation with others, should a Starseed begin to talk about his/her experiences or awareness of extra-terrestrial forms of life, negative agendas on the planet etc, you can often see your listeners performing a “mind-slide” – basically where they slide right out of the conversation. If you are lucky you might get an “ooh” or an “aah” response but often they just walk away as if the whole conversation never happened. Sometimes when this has happened to me I have stood there wondering if I’m actually there at all, or did I just dream the whole thing!! Clearly, we are not going to drop a “deceased loved ones” or an “extra-terrestrial” conversation on a person you just happen to be standing beside in a queue at the post office! – but when a person who seems to be spiritually aware and switched on suddenly “mind-slides” or even (as has happened to me on several occasions) begins to verbally attack you – you have to wonder what is really going on there and I would suggest that the person, no matter how spiritual they appear, may not be quite what you thought. That type of behaviour bears the hallmarks of a human that is either on a completely different timeline to you, mind-controlled or severely in denial*.

Mind controlled humans, or those aligned to the False Ascension Matrix, appear completely normal until the “switch” occurs. It has even been the case where a spiritual teacher who is also a Twilight Master psychically or energetically attacks their student when it becomes clear that the student is advancing beyond the teacher or when the student is clearly aligned and the teacher is at risk of “being seen”. The intention always is to disempower the student or to shut them down energetically and actually, this happens outside of the spiritual community also, when a mal-aligned person is “being seen”. It is always the result of a negative ego and a most basic reptilian mind control mechanism, the “fear of survival” response. But should this be enough to shut down our Starseed mission – NO WAY!

It would be nice to think that these things don’t exist – but they do, it’s a fact and that is why it is so important that we recognise ourselves as Sovereign Beings and know that NOBODY can shut us down EVER unless we allow it.

When you have asked to see “the truth” and this type of behaviour plays out right in front of you it can be quite surprising at first, but after a while it becomes the new “normal”. You may feel some energetic wobbles in your field as you acclimate to this new level of awareness or you may also feel sadness as “it wasn’t meant to be this way”. When we came here as Starseeds to assist in the ascension of humanity I’m sure we didn’t know that we would be meeting an Agent Smith at every corner! They could at least have given us a level playing field, don’t you think?

But regardless of the interference we have to deal with here, there are still sure signs of the positive progress that is being made. New techniques are coming on line in our “Defence against the Dark Arts” training and as we remove fear devices from our bodies and from our lives and really KNOW that we are invincible and impenetrable, then more and more can be revealed to us. Fear holds you paralysed – freedom cannot be felt until you move beyond all fear. At that time your soul mission will be revealed and then you will know really know the reason you are here…

So as we continue to move forward fearlessly, until next time, stay in the Truth and stay in the Light.



** “Denial (also called abnegation) is a defense mechanism postulated by Sigmund Freud, in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence.”

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