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Wheels of Time

April 2012 newsletter

Shifting the load

There is lots of movement in the time fields right now as the breaking down of timelines and release of old systems and belief structures are being dislodged from the artificial constructs that were holding them together. These energies are in a type of desperate free fall and sometimes attempt to “cling” to something, rather than surrender back into God’s light or the void. This can be felt by the sensitive ones amongst us as something like pressure, stress, panic or fear. It is not necessarily ours to own, though it can feel quite personal at times.

This is a time of divine retribution when all souls who have been siphoning energy from others, manipulating or controlling them or even enslaving others are now being called up into the light to be seen. This is not a judgement (by God or another) in any way but is a natural Universal Law. As we approach these “end (of karma) days” all Beings are being called to look at what has gone before in order to heal and clear any imbalances. It could be likened to the “life review” that is said to occur upon passing over. However, we are not necessarily going to be dropping the physical body in this time cycle, merely healing enough of the frozen light or dark particles within our field to move into a higher vibrational experience and release ourselves from the enslavement of the reincarnational wheel that was put in place here on this planet thousands of years ago. Reincarnation back into another life experience on planet earth is not the only energetic experience open to us upon death of the physical body – though nobody told us that!

This healing/clearing process is happening at multidimensional levels and it may be felt on a personal/emotional level. It could be perceived by the experiencer as some type of emotional breakdown or sense of feeling completely shut down as stolen packages of energy are reclaimed and parasitic energy supply is cut off.

On a different note and what is also occurring at this time for some people is a feeling of being lost. This can occur as one strips away more and more of “who they thought they were” and holds a clear mind and heart for their true expression to come through…

We begin to be programmed from the moment we arrive on this earth (by parents, teachers, culture etc) and as we grow up we take on certain belief structures and societal expectations. We become “someone” who plays the role of a mother, a brother, an artist etc. However in this ascension cycle as we embody more and more of the Christ frequencies in order to come into absolute integrity with our Soul Self these programmed layers that we have taken on must be stripped away. This stripping away of programming can feel very much like a complete loss of identity – “who am I now?” – and it can look like there is nothing solid around you anymore – everything is fluid, transient. As we look around us, see the truth that is hidden and let go of the attachments we had that made us who we thought we were, we come into that space of being “nothing and everything” and it can feel like death. Finding the strength within our core to stay out of the mind when experiencing this, then allows for the surrender to Divine Will. This process occurs many times over as more and more of one’s soul aspects merge and are expressed and this can feel like a continual cycle of death and rebirth. For someone on a fast ascension journey the ups and downs can feel quite chaotic and could cause you to ask whether in fact you are actually losing your mind…? Well, yes in a sense you are and that may be a good thing… when one has surrendered to Divine Will, been removed from the mental mind matrix and been stripped of identity and attachments the true and authentic Self is free to reveal itself and step into a totally new reality!

It has become clear that we cannot move forward if we are unwilling to clean up any mess that we have left behind or move away from the things that cause a huge energetic burden to us. We only stay stuck if we choose to stay stuck. At any moment you may choose to let go of what holds you back – and that includes your childhood, your parents, your marriage, your karma, etc… all of this can be let go of as you call your power back and claim your sovereignty through the surrender to the Divine Will. (That is not to say that you have to let go of these things as they may be loving and supportive to you but we are talking here of letting go of the things that are detrimental and unsupportive). It can be useful to have an in-depth understanding of what went before (karma, other lifetimes, contracts etc), but sometimes that is just not possible (or even believable) and so in that case we can either choose to stay stuck or move on. Continual processing and regurgitating of the same piece of your history can be extremely draining and unproductive and at a certain point will need to be superseded with new experience. All of the pieces will be revealed to you at the right time – digging in and really doing the work is important but at a certain point, so is letting go. You can’t see the beauty of the mountain when you are standing on it – sometimes you have to see it from afar to appreciate what is really there and this is so often the case with the things we experience in life. Only with a bit of distance can we look back and see that everything really was in divine perfection even if it was extremely painful at the time.

New Technology

New energetic technology is being brought onto the planet now. We finally have the tools to release the atomic harnesses that humans have unknowingly had to endure and through this we are seeing the release of enslavement technology from the physical bodies. Of course this will have an effect at the larger levels and the controllers are not at all happy with this release.

This technology is being safely held until it is fully anchored into the earth grids, at which time it will become freely available to those humans who have transcended the linear mental mind. This availability is not intended to exclude anybody who sincerely wishes to experience energetic self mastery but is merely one of requiring an energetic resonance with the work. One aspect of the work is to free the embodied human from the enslavement of alien agendas that have become insidious on the planet through the manipulation of both the human and the earth’s energy fields. Through the use of numerous types of alien implantations, tracking devices, booby traps and the like the human energy field, (and particularly that of the starseed and indigo race beings), has suffered huge amounts of manipulation affecting particularly the mental and emotional bodies and causing the breakdown of the DNA and silicate matrix. Many humans suffer such extreme emotional trauma that a complete soul fragmentation can occur and may ultimately lead to a total disconnect from God and Source Light. As all mind control, war, religion (religious rituals and ceremonies, including those still using human sacrifice to this day), slavery, sexual depravation, sexual abuse etc, serves a reptilian agenda, it is clear that the ramifications of the release of these implanted distortions (and/or the traumatic memory of being a victim of such horror) from the field will ultimately allow humanity to become a physical manifestation of God’s infinite Light, Love and Power – in a Sovereign and Divine Christ/Human Body.

Needless to say, the controllers are not at all happy and are throwing all they’ve got at this, so there’s major disturbance in the field. Look out for the latest batch of “distraction candy” for human consumption that is sure to be rolled out any day now… that could be an economic crash, Olympic preparations, a celebrity breakdown or scandal, a new “must have” technology etc. basically anything that distracts your awareness from your spiritual connection and the larger energetic playing field. Recognising also that in all of the major sporting and celebrity events there is evidence of mind programming and therefore shielding and psychic defence techniques are highly suggested should you happen to be watching them and this suggestion is stressed more and more as we approach certain armageddon timeline activation dates (eg 9/11) and the end of the year.

Just as the starseeded and indigo beings here are receiving new tools from our star families so, it seems, the controllers are not stunted in their ability to keep coming up with new ways in their attempt to maintain control of the fields and so we need to be vigilant. Information and awareness through personal discernment are your strongest defense in this current energetic terrain and also it is extremely important to remember to stay out of fear through becoming the neutral observer and to release all judgement of what is good and what is bad. It’s just that things are what they are and the acceptance of that is part of our personal self mastery so as to remain stable in our core and not be drained by what we see playing out around us.

Without doubt, these are exciting and interesting times and for those of us wishing to step up to the next level we are really be asked to show what we are made of. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to fully embody the love, compassion and wisdom that IS the God Source Light.

And so, until next time, stay in Truth and stay in the Light.




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