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Stretched to the limit

May 2012 Newsletter

In this month of May our skies have been particularly busy as we have had a number of very powerful solar flares as well as an annular solar eclipse aligned with the Pleiades, which has brought through an influx of cosmic and galactic energies. Add to this the annual electrical peak cycle and we were assured that things would feel energetically intense.

Through this 2012 year the time fields are speeding up increasingly as we move towards the centre of the alchemical spiral (like an ice skater spinning faster and faster with the more momentum that she gathers) and at the same time a splitting apart of the fields can also be seen, with those of us on the ascension path being moved along extremely quickly and those choosing not to ascend in this cycle being gently pulled back and slowed down (like the ice skater as she releases and slows from her spin).

As a visual this appears like a pulling away… perhaps like trying to pull apart a sticky marshmallow with your fingers and you can see that part in the middle where everything is being painfully stretched until it finally gives up resistance and goes one way or the other. This is what is occurring for some of us right now – we are being pulled (way out of our comfort zones sometimes) from the inside out, perhaps having to give up our creature comforts, while others (seemingly) having to give up their identity as they move into a whole new way of being and they begin to live authentically in the life that their soul chose all that time ago… at the birthing of their contract and mission – and this is good news indeed!

A great many more people though are feeling stuck somewhere between the two places in that pulled apart or feeling stretched stage… still not able to fully surrender to the heart, still trying to maintain some level of control or composure in what appears to be a world spiraling out of control and feeling ever more stressed out in that space.

The physical symptoms of being fully stretched might include a feeling of anxiety, heart palpitations, exhaustion, overwhelm, buzzing dull headaches and mental confusion with non-constructive thoughts going around and around in your mind. If this speaks to you then the guidance would be to get out of the mental plane and into your heart. I know… that is easier said than done sometimes and especially for those who do not have a regular spiritual practice of sitting still and listening inside but it really is the best way, the only way, to remove yourself from the external pressures that throw you off centre and hold you away from expressing your highest potential. These symptoms often occur when we have reached a personal limitation and we are being asked to open our minds and hearts and push through into the next level.

For those on the ascension path, having already surrendered to the Divine Heart, it can still be a tricky path to walk. We have to live in a world that hasn’t changed to reflect our vision and vibration yet. We still have bills to pay, jobs to attend and many of us are surrounded on a daily basis by unconscious beings. It can feel quite frustrating and isolating and many of us long to be part of a community of beings who are on the same wavelength as ourselves. Many of us remember our lives on more highly evolved Krystos planets and we feel the pain and grief of being away from that type of existence in this life cycle. It may feel even more pronounced right now as these memories leak through with the more awareness that we have of ourselves.

But we came here to do a job and we are being called into that role now. Fellow indigos and starseeds – it’s time to activate your seed crystals! – the crystal keys that awaken your inner knowing and allow the integration of more and more aspects of your lightbody to come online! Putting out a clarion call… Indigos and Starseeds…. It’s time now to step in to the truth of who you really are!

Integration of higher frequencies can put a huge strain on the physical body and we should be aware of this and take steps to support our physical vessel. I am endeavouring to make a range of tools and techniques available to assist you as well as to give an understanding and context to much of what you may be experiencing. It has become clear to me that just to have an informed awareness and some knowledge of the soul’s evolution process can help dramatically to ease the mental strain and confusion we feel.

In the meantime, if you are feeling really tired and mentally fragmented, work with the tools that you do have, take some time out to nurture yourself, to meditate, recuperate and revive. Sit still and find that place within yourself where you can hear your truth… the remembering of your mission here will come in due course but care of your physical body must be a priority, particularly as for many of us (if not all of us) our mission work involves embodying and integrating these cosmic energies as we are a prototype for the Ascended (Divine) Human on Earth. Every one of us is valuable in this mission. How we respond to these energies, how we integrate and heal the past and how we work to override distorted future timelines is all vitally important and we all have our own individual parts to play. You are valuable, you are loved for who you are and even in those moments when you feel you are unseen and ineffective in your mission – WE SEE YOU – and We Thank You for all that you are doing here at this monumentally important time in both human and planetary history.

Flooding the field

As is evidenced by the massive amounts of information and disinformation that is flooding the field right now, it is clear that we really are at that pivotal time that has been spoken of. Where your consciousness and vibration is positioned IS the outcome that you will experience. We do create our own reality in that respect, although, as we now know, we have been deliberately manipulated through the use of frequency fences and mind control to such a point that we have been unaware of our own personal power and ability to do so.

As we work to release more and more of the restrictions that have been placed upon us, we see through a different lens of perception and this actually is happening to a very large number of people now. This in itself is creating a very positive change in the field and is the very reason why the controllers are so desperate and are fighting to hold on to their control.

Predictive programming is a big part of the controller’s agenda. It is designed to get us used to a concept that we would at first find abhorrent, but by being swamped with it’s “programme” we begin to accept it as a normal, almost expected outcome (eg movies like 2012,). In this way we are being subtly mind controlled (and frequency controlled) through our choice of entertainment, our choice of reading material, music etc. We get used to global and economic disasters, sexual promiscuity, violence and terrorism and we unequivocally accept the governments solutions to everything they put forward because we have been programmed to see the world as a dismal scary place – we think we need protection from it and we think our government is looking after us … but really it is all a scam. The world around us may look a certain way because it is something that has been projected to us to look that way but it is not necessarily the truth and it is not necessarily what needs to occur.

Holographic inserts are being used more and more now to “make us believe something is real”. For example I recently saw a video clip of Celine Dion singing “live” with Elvis Presley… !!!! Clearly we know this had to be a holographic insert as we know that Elvis is no longer with us in physical form, however if you didn’t know that, you might actually believe what you saw – thinking it real and true. I have also seen a video clip of the Prince of Wales “appearing live” at an event that was occurring the other side of the world from where he actually was! These two were publically admitted as being holograms, however I believe that I have also seen Bill Gates, George Bush and a number of other high profile people holographically projected too. Again, as with everything, if you read the energy signature of what your eyes are “seeing before you” you can work it out – it’s very subtle and you need to train yourself to this but when we know these types of tools and techniques there is nothing to fear – we can see through the veil of illusion and we can override their mental programming and choose to create a different reality. Empower yourself to be able to see through to the truth!

So in this electrical peak cycle the controllers have been using these powerful energies coming in to amplify their agenda (of fear) and that may explain why some of us have been feeling swamped by a wave of gooey, sticky astral energy of late. It is a vibration that feels very alien to us as we are residing more and more in a higher vibration and yet these lower vibrating energies also pass through our energy fields, for we (as activated starseeds) have the ability to override and clear distorted energy grids and timelines via our personal energy field. The key is to know yourself enough that you can discern whether the energy you are feeling is yours or not. Observe it neutrally as it passes through – in other words don’t engage with the drama (or fear) of it and come back into your centre alignment. As always – read the energy signature of people and information coming your way. BE strong.

Counteracting the negative impulses

Just as the controllers use universal energies to amplify their agenda, so too can we use universal energies to amplify and boost our planetary ascension and healing process and it is for this reason that we have a busy time coming up in the months ahead. For starters, two astrological alignments are set for this next week – a partial lunar eclipse on 4 June and a Venus transit 5/6 June. If you are interested in working in this way I recommend that you research what these astrological alignments mean symbolically or archetypally and pick out the parts that resonate with you as being your personal part of the piece. All the work that you do on yourself in terms of healing and understanding echoes throughout the time fields and the benefits are felt by all.

Working on personal levels is a theme that will be ongoing and in August, the magnetic peak cycle will amplify energies through the grid once again so consequently a number of major projects are planned by Indigo and Starseed gridworkers at that time. The work never ceases and we are approaching our final push. There is much work to be done on a micro and macro level, particularly now but even into the next five years or so and this is why it is so important that we all work together to bring to fruition our earth mission and ascension process. We are working now to create a template for our future. We are overriding distorted and destructive future timelines by recognizing the energy patterning as that of a fear based or Armageddon timeline and as we witness them we clear and neutralize them through the Light of God that we are and those timelines are collapsed and released.

So, until next time – keep an open heart and stay in the truth of your own Light.

Blessings and Namaste



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