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Dismantling the ego

June 2012 newsletter

As time marches on, many of us are experiencing a feeling of uncertainty about our future. This is not necessarily because what will be in our future will be unpleasant but more that it is a feeling of something “unknown” that is coming towards us.

At this time of ascension and for those actively walking this path, as we continue to raise our vibration it has become very clear to us that the “unknown” that is coming towards us is a vibration of which we are yet to experience in this lifetime. We may not remember this vibration in any form of conscious memory at all, however a part of us (that we may or may not have awareness of) knows this vibration and already exists at that higher state of being. It is this part, or “aspect of Self”, that we must embody and integrate in order to step up into our next level of consciousness and at this point it is helping to awaken us to the possibility that very soon we may be experiencing this embodiment in our physical form. So along with a feeling of uncertainty this can also bring a feeling of excitement, joy or positive anticipation and many of us are feeling this now.

We, as starseeds, are sensing the enormity of the potential changes that are about to unfold, while at the same time it is interesting to note that some of those around us seem to have not noticed anything at all (they are still identifying with the 3D drama of an illusory world or in separation from Oneness) and this is a perfect example of how we can be vibrating at a completely different level of awareness than the person we are standing next to or even sleeping next to!

This experience will become more and more common for us and it hints towards the shift and how it might begin to be experienced in our physical surroundings – like a gradual moving away of people, places or things that are no longer energetically aligned to you. As our energetic awareness increases it becomes very easy to “see” who is on the same timeline as yourself and who is not. As you begin to notice this shift, this change around you, you may also notice a new feeling inside of you… a wanting, almost pulling you to be part of this change… you may feel excitement but at the same time apprehension and this relates to the knowing that “in order to be part of this change, I will have to change”… Change can be very difficult for some people and they will do everything they can to resist but these changes represent “a spiritual awakening” or a process of “ascension” and it is part of what you came here to do and in a sense it is “happening to you” whether you like it or not just because of the fact that you are here on the earth as this particular time. It is how you go through this process of change that dictates how comfortable a passage you will have.

As you begin to change and turn your attention inward you begin to get to know yourself in a way that you have never known yourself before. You begin to make changes in your outer world that better reflect the person that you are on the inside and you begin to observe all of your daily interactions from a place of witnessing – as a neutral observer. It is from this place of “neutral observer” that true healing can be achieved as you have withdrawn from the ego personality self that would otherwise get caught up in the external drama.

Every Being on the planet will come to a point where they are invited to go inward and look at themselves honestly. For some people this occurs at the time of death of their physical body and for others, particularly those actively working on themselves, it can occur at other important times throughout their life – during a “dark night of the soul” or just as a part of their ascension process.

Given that 99% of the ascension process is about our own emotional clearing work, we know that it won’t be very long before our next assignment is knocking at the door and in this particular timeframe right now, the universe is knocking very loudly indeed. (We have a combination of astrological events exacerbating and supporting this as well as it just happening on a “universal timeframe”).

And so it begins again… because… didn’t we think we had done the trip down memory lane and finished with it already?!! But no – here we go for another round of the unraveling and identifying of all the hook ins that still have us stuck in the past. All the minor emotional tie ups that hold us back from opening our hearts and loving ourselves and others in a true and authentic way and all the major emotional ones that have us completely tied up in knots – some so big that seemingly there is no way out of there other than to have the courage to slice right through the centre of the knot with the proverbial “sword of truth” and let it all go.

Memories will be coming up… relationships, unresolved issues or impossible situations will all be surfacing now – it’s your invitation to release them fully from your field and clear them from your cellular body so that you can quite quickly drop density and shift into a higher vibrational state of being. The trick is not to give your dying ego the opportunity to take flight (which could lead you off on to a different path completely!) or to get caught up once again in old emotional bondage through a sense of duty, obligation or idiot compassion*.

It really is the ego that we are working on at this level, as it is the ego that will always attempt to draw you back into the old dramas. There is a massive amount of energy that comes up when the ego is in full swing and even more when there is deep and unresolved emotional pain. It is imperative that we take hold of the mental mind and prevent it from creating a story around the issue that we are working on. We’ve all had the experience where the drama plays out in your mind of “she said this and I said that and then he said that, so I said this…” –I’m sure you know what I mean… and this is a classic sign that the ego has just run rampant all over your mental body! Equally when you feel the need to regurgitate the same story repeating it to different people over and over again about ‘what was done to you”… and putting yourself in the role of “the victim”.

For a long time now, we have been saying to you: to get out of the mental body and into your heart, for it is only there that you will find the truth of your own freedom!

Add to that the fact that it is the ego/mental body that is being targeted for mind control through various means (as discussed in previous newsletters) and you will see even more so why it is important to “be in your heart”. When you are living from your heart you can no longer be mind controlled!

And so in a sense as we look again at this “old stuff” that is coming up, it really is giving us an opportunity to collapse the old timelines that could otherwise pull us back into acting in the exact same way over and over again.

With repeating behaviour patterns we see a type of “automated response” – repeating cycles, repeating timelines – and these indicate that there is a mind control programme running which needs to be broken or dismantled if one is to become a Sovereign and Free Being.

In that way then, we can look at these returning scenarios as a type of “universal gift” – we don’t necessarily have to go looking for things to clear – the universe is graciously bringing it all up for us. With that said, conscious awareness and participation is still required to “see” what is presented before you and to uncover the “gems of wisdom” that it holds.

“You cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.” Albert Einstein.

It may have been tempting in the past to “sweep something under the carpet” to avoid having to deal with it – but we just cannot do this anymore. All is being called up into the Light to be seen and healed. If we are in denial about something we are also not in integrity or being true and authentic in our lives.

And so, another turn of the wheel and another opportunity to dismantle what is old and to create the new. As more and more of us journey on this same pathway we are learning how to heal, we are getting stronger (through facing our demons), we are collapsing timelines, shifting frequencies and together… building a new model of creation for this age of Unity Consciousness. Certain guidelines have been put in place for this and it will form a new template on earth for how to live as a conscious ascending divine human. Over the coming months towards the end of 2012 much work will be done to solidify this template into the earth grids making it much more available and easily accessible to all those who wish to make this consciousness shift. In order to embody this consciousness model one must work with sincerity to override the mental constructs and harness the ego as this consciousness work can only be accessed through the consciousness of the heart. More detailed instruction will be available in due course but in the meantime practice living consciously… make conscious choices and do not act out of habit or retaliation; let go of judgement or criticism of self and others; give up the ego’s storytelling; be quiet and go inward to discover your true self; be loving to yourself and others and have an open mind.

So until next time… Stay in Truth, Stay in the Light.


Karen AnTara


* “Idiot compassion is a great expression, which was actually coined by Trungpa Rinpoche. It refers to something we all do a lot of and call it compassion. In some ways, it’s what is called enabling. It’s the general tendency to give people what they want because you can’t bear to see them suffering. Basically, you’re not giving them what they need. You’re trying to get away from your feeling of I can’t bear to see them suffering. In other words, you’re doing it for yourself. You’re not really doing it for them.

When you get clear on this kind of thing, setting good boundaries and so forth, you know that if someone is violent, for instance, and is being violent towards you —to use that as the example— it’s not the compassionate thing to keep allowing that to happen, allowing someone to keep being able to feed their violence and their aggression. So of course, they’re going to freak out and be extremely upset. And it will be quite difficult for you to go through the process of actually leaving the situation. But that’s the compassionate thing to do.

It’s the compassionate thing to do for yourself, because you’re part of that dynamic, and before you always stayed. So now you’re going to do something frightening, groundless, and quite different. But it’s the compassionate thing to do for yourself, rather than stay in a demeaning, destructive, abusive relationship.

And it’s the most compassionate thing you can do for them too. They will certainly not thank you for it, and they will certainly not be glad. They’ll go through a lot. But if there’s any chance for them to wake up or start to work on their side of the problem, their abusive behavior or whatever it might be, that’s the only chance, is for you to actually draw the line and get out of there.

We all know a lot of stories of people who had to hit that kind of bottom, where the people that they loved stopped giving them the wrong kind of compassion and just walked out. Then sometimes that wakes a person up and they start to do what they need to do.”


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