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What’s my role?

July 2012 newsletter

As many of us are aware, these current planetary energies can have a major impact upon us. Depending on our particular contract or mission, genetic and ancestral lineage and stage of ascension advancement these energies can affect us in a number of ways. Some of us are impacted very strongly on a physical level, developing a range of strange or difficult to diagnose symptoms or pain (and sometimes quite extreme pain) in the physical body while for others it can be felt more on an emotional level with mood swings and various states of emotional oversensitivity on a range of issues that seem unrelated or elusive to the person experiencing them.Some people feel mental and spiritual impacts and the remainder of us are impacted very deeply on all levels at the same time. We (collectively) are ascending humans and some of us are even the prototypes for new energetic templates or new consciousness architecture that is in its various stages of integration into the earth grids. Literally we are bringing the newest of energies through the physical human form for the first time ever on this planet and it can be challenging…

For many people it may seem as if they are the only ones within their particular family or group of friends that is being affected in this way – with some family members or friends being completely oblivious that anything is going on at all. That may lead us to question what is really going on here? Or we may wonder if we are losing our minds or making it all up. (But of course we are not!!) If we are lucky we may have a circle of lightworker friends who are all experiencing this type of thing and we may even have similar symptoms at the same time. It can be strangely comforting to know that we are not doing this alone although, even if we do know that, we can sometimes still feel quite isolated in this experience.

The ascension process is a deeply personal and individual thing and even within a large group of awakened people who are all aware of the energetic effects of the ascension process there will be a large variation in who is affected by what and when. To see the rise and fall of this process psychically on an energetic level shows that there is a living breathing consciousness technology to this process. There is nothing happening by chance here, as we are talking about the consciousness mechanics of our own individual evolution process. There is comfort in being able to observe this as a model or template of a human’s physical ascension process, though sometimes it is difficult to remember how interesting this looks psychically when the physical body is experiencing the pain of the process.

So in some respects the pains of the ascension process, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, may be likened to the pains of giving birth. It’s an analogy that I know has been used many times but it’s so very apt that I won’t hesitate to use it here. If we were in labour and we felt a contraction coming we would be encouraged to breathe through it until it passed when there would be a time to pause, rest and recuperate until the next contraction came. Of course the contractions eventually come closer and closer together as time progresses and in fact that is what is happening to us now as part of our ascension process – our “birthing into a new state of awareness” process. For some time now, the guidance has been to face situations as they arise and deal with them rather than sweeping things under the carpet… the guidance has been that time will appear to speed up and we need to get into the habit of being responsive in the moment so that we don’t become overwhelmed with a build up of things to face. We are at that time now, we could call it “the quickening” – the contractions are coming closer and closer together and there is not much time for rest and respite.

These contractions to which I refer bring up to the surface our emotional triggers that are related to issues that need to be healed and cleared and they can be exacerbated by astrological alignments, stellar activations and the like. It often seems for us lightworkers and those actively participating with their ascension process, that we are continually looking at our old stuff – even the parts of it that we thought we had previously worked on and cleared and it can be useful to understand that these issues, or energetic triggers, exist on more than one level, or dimension, depending on where they originated from. So it can be correct that we have actually worked upon an issue and cleared it… but only from the level upon which we were working at that time. At some later point, when our consciousness and vibration has risen to another level, we might find that we are faced with the same thing once again. Rather than throwing our arms up in horror and declaring that “we are getting nowhere” or are “sick of looking at the same things over and over again”, if we just take a moment and look at it clearly, we will see that we are not in fact dealing with exactly the same issue but rather another aspect of it. The issue or event originated at some point in our soul’s (perceived) history and if the original event affected us very deeply or was very traumatic the repercussions of that can exist on many other timelines or dimensions– like an echo. Some call this past lives or karma but it could also be from future lives or timelines too and this is particularly relevant for some people right now that are experiencing fear and worry about cataclysmic events occurring on earth which may be related to past events or future distorted timelines that planetary gridworkers are currently working to override.

So these energetic triggers may be personal issues that are still being worked on at higher and higher levels so that the original timeline of that event can be fully healed and collapsed or these can be situations, timelines or event horizons that exist at a planetary level. Not everybody is contracted to work at this level – it is a specialised job – and these are the planetary gridworkers whose soul contract and mission is to work in the fields and grid networks of the planet although they will also have their karmic load and personal emotional and relationship issues to work through just like the rest of us.

Of these planetary gridworkers, some are conscious of the role they play and others are still unconscious about how their physical body is being used – in a positive way – to bring these ascension energies into the earth grids. Planetary gridworkers have a number of different roles that they play, or ways of working, and again this is all based upon their particular contract and mission. It could be something as simple (and major) as being a type of acupuncture point for the planet whereby their physical bodies are used for galactic and stellar frequencies to enter through and into the earth grids or their particular role could be to actually travel inter-dimensionally to effect changes in the energetic architecture of future timelines and events using their multidimensional energy bodies and consciousness. (Some understanding of this may be perceived from the Leonardo di Caprio movie called Inception, where they work at different levels within what appears as a sleep state).

So when I talk about a lightworker’s body being used as an acupuncture point – to be clear – this is a role that they have consciously consented to as part of their soul contract and mission in this lifetime. In no way am I indicating that they are being used against their will by anything dark or negative, however, for some people, particularly at the beginning of their awakening when they do not have a context for understanding what is occurring and particularly if they are being affected greatly on a physical level and are in much pain, they may certainly feel that there would be no way they could possibly have put their hand up for this job!!

Over time, as they awaken more and more and they gain a context for their experience they will become conscious of their role in the ascension process and they will have much of the understanding that they need. We all have a role to play and many of us are still unconscious as to what that role might be even though we may already actually be playing our role beautifully.

At this time, when the stakes are so high, there is a great deal of planetary gridwork going on in order to override the distorted future timelines that the other team are trying to manifest. The trigger event that was used recently (in the cinema shootings in Colorado) and the upcoming Olympics and various other large events or “celebrations” that have occurred recently are used to install various levels of programming through symbolism, and the frequencies attached to the symbols, and are actually *false flag style events. When these are successful, they do affect the field greatly however through our own personal awareness and specifically focused techniques it is possible to clear the effects from our field. We are not to be disempowered through the awareness of these types of events in any way. To the contrary there is great empowerment in the knowledge that such things exist and through that awareness we are able to return to a state of balance and sovereignty. The knowledge also that many starseed and indigo beings, planetary gridworkers and many awakened humans are actively working to bring awareness, understanding, tools and techniques to help us to overcome all that is thrown at us, shows that we Lightworkers are a powerful force to be reckoned with! Nobody should feel in despair about the future – it is the opposite vibration that we need to be able to hold ourselves aligned to if we are to be of assistance. However if we should find ourselves feeling despair, hopelessness or similar emotional states we should remember that this is not our natural organic state of being and therefore something inorganic is influencing our emotional body and mental mind. We can then take steps to clear these intruding thoughts from our field and re-align ourselves once again with our natural state of Being.

However, information is power and we need to understand what we are up against. We need to remember that we came here specifically at this time because we can be of service. Our souls know that we are important to the outcome of this timeline, which will in turn affect future timelines. Even if we feel that we don’t know our role, or can’t hear the guidance from our heart or soul just yet… even if all we do is to state our declaration of intention daily, keep our hearts open and practise being the observer by avoiding other people’s dramas and conflicts… we will have assisted the lightworkers mission by holding the Light. Many of the details are given to us on a “need to know” basis and it does no good to allow our ego to run around looking for an important “job to do”. Trust that by living consciously and making conscious, heart guided choices you are playing your role perfectly right now. More will come in time, have no doubt… For those who are genuinely willing to be of service a suitable role already exists and you will be given the details when you are ready – in Universal timing.

So, until next time… Stay in the Truth of your own Light.

Blessings and Namaste,



* False flag –


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