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Being in the Now

September 2012 Newsletter

There is a certain type of fluidity that is being experienced by many of us right now. Time is changing and it literally appears to be almost unstable at times. Something that usually takes hours to complete is finished in moments alternatively it may feel like you’ve just got started with something only to discover that several hours or most of the day has passed. It’s common recently it seems, to lose track of whole days or even weeks as we adjust to being in a completely different time/space field. Arrangements made many weeks in advance suddenly falter and fall away and something different slots into it’s place, so that we find ourselves in a completely different experience of the moment to the one we were expecting to find ourselves in – teaching us perhaps to get comfortable with letting go of expectations or outcomes and to “go with the flow”. It’s really as if we are being forced to live in the now moment as everything else is slipping away. If it’s not in alignment for you it will slip away as there doesn’t appear to be anything solid or concrete holding these things in place any more.

We also have some pretty major astrological alignments and the equinox energies adding to the mix at the moment, so all in all, once again, we’re on a pretty exciting ride! Astrological transits and alignments such as these when grouped together create an amplification of the energies. This is a positive thing in terms of clearing and transmuting all that is no longer required however as powerful tools of transformation, these energetic amplifications are not necessarily comfortable and can really increase the squirm factor of anything you’ve been avoiding having to deal with.

Many people are expressing a sense of the “mundane” in their lives. Certainly, with time so topsy turvy it can feel as if the only thing there is time for each day is “surviving”. That’s not so bad if the majority of the things in your life are in alignment for you and bring you joy, but unfortunately, that is not the case for many people and so the feeling of being stuck and flat can be a persistent day to day experience that can really wear a person down. If this speaks to you and even when you know that “this too shall pass”, it’s very important to take proactive steps to bring into your life an appreciation of the things you do have that bring you joy, a connection to supportive or inspirational people and a range of new experiences to explore. It has been said that “service to others helps to reduce stress, increase happiness and bring more meaning to life” and I believe this to be so. It might be a good time to consider getting involved with something you care about and you’ll soon see the difference that you can make in the lives of others whether that other is a human, an animal or the planet.

So much is changing in our inner and outer reality that “life” itself is looking pretty surreal at times and in order to reflect our new inner state of being (the physicalisation of higher frequencies and instruction sets) many of us are being given “new job contracts”. For some of us that involves a complete overhaul of “what was” in order to create “what needs to be”. Again, a leap of faith is required to get this in place, as whilst we are shown the basics of “what needs to be”, detailed instruction is only handed out on a “need to know” basis. It genuinely is like trying to find your way somewhere in the dark. Even if you know that the next step will light up… of course it will only do so right when you get there! This makes it very difficult to plan ahead, we are trying to build new structures on energetic platforms that are not quite built yet. This is not something that has been “there” waiting to be built upon, it is all happening in the NOW moment! Everything is coming together at once in NO TIME, which is exactly where it needs to be built as this architecture is of the “New Earth timeline”, no precedent has been set, we are creating it as we go. In inner vision it looks like the most intricate tapestry being woven of the finest thread in a multitude of coloured frequencies which will ultimately create “the patterns of perfection”. We are bringing through the guidelines and creating a template for living as a multidimensional human.

This change is happening all around us, and even to some of the people we would NEVER have expected to make changes and yet they are. They may not have a context as to why they are making these changes – they may not be interested at all on a conscious level in spiritual ascension and yet as they are in a human physical body it is happening to them anyway. We can try to resist of course, but it does really cause us more emotional suffering and the more we get into the habit of listening to our inner voice the more easily we can transition these energetically bumpy times.

As we open up to “our spiritual selves” we are becoming more aware of the extra-dimensional forces that exist all around us whether that is the presence of entities, discarnate humans, deceased loved ones, spirit orbs etc. This extra sensory perception is opening up so much more for us now and due to the recent energetic changes in the time fields, the membranes between the dimensions have been released. Every being existing within those dimensions is now experiencing a type of re-location to varying degrees and as this is happening on such a global level, inevitably, there are really high levels of confusion or fear in the consciousness fields and even chaos in certain areas depending upon the dimensional shift being experienced there. As empaths, lightworkers, starseeds and indigos will usually feel this quite strongly so we need to remember, particularly at this time, to be using our Christ shield as well as other clearing techniques that we find useful. The use of these types of tools is really imperative at this time and for the foreseeable future and really should be a part of our daily spiritual practice.

So, at this time then, the ascension waters are choppy, and the waves big and powerful. It seems that small changes are a thing of the past. If the change is not huge, it’s just not happening and we certainly can’t get away with small changes if it’s big changes that are actually required. If you are in alignment with your inner spirit, then you will notice that there is an intelligence to these divinely orchestrated changes that can’t be rushed, so that even if you know big changes need to be made (and are coming) they can’t be effected until it’s time and they certainly can’t be created from the mental level because that would take you out of alignment, so you just have to sit tight for now and watch as the pieces are pulled together. There is much work that is going on behind the scenes, getting the appropriate architecture in place and when the time is right it will be “all stations go” and it will all happen really quickly. Should you try to hold on to the “old” beyond the appointed time however, then you would have about as much chance of holding on to the Titanic and expecting it to stay afloat. This is bigger than us and sometimes you just have to surrender. It’s called letting go and letting God.

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