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Unraveling the Mental Mind

October 2012 Newsletter

Current theme

Continuing the theme from last month of letting go and being in the moment we are seeing this play out more and more in the people around us and in our own lives. For the most part, life is moving at a very fast rate, sometimes we almost have to run to keep up with it and yet there must come a time when we ask ourselves – “how much longer can I sustain this pace?” Is it time to stop and take a look at your life and see what is pushing you…?

We’ve come to a point where we must learn to evaluate the situations that come into our lives and assess very quickly what is ours to deal with and what is not. We must learn to “know” when to expend our energy and when to conserve it and we must especially learn to recognise when someone or something is draining our energy. (For more experienced lightworkers we can even trace that back to it’s point of origin to discover “what’s behind it”, whether it is a parasitic being or a machine/technology used to siphon energy – and we can now clear it’s influence from our field through self empowered etheric surgery).

To be in conflict is not our natural state of Being. Everyone really desires to have peace and harmony in their relationships and in their lives. Nobody wants to go to work and be “at battle” with their co-workers and nobody wants to come home at the end of the day to a battleground either! Often our desire to move away from pain is greater than our desire to move towards something better, therefore many people allow unhappy or painful situations in their lives to reach an intolerable level before they will move away from them or take steps to change them but in a conscious relationship or a conscious society it doesn’t have to be that way. If we can accept that relationships are a tool for soul growth and we are able to practice non-attachment in our approach of them then quite naturally love, appreciation and a deeper spiritual connection will be experienced. This also brings a greater understanding of the people we are in relationship with and the ability to be neutral should we feel that our journey with this person has come to an end.

In our move towards this: firstly we must become self responsible. We must be prepared to look at the issues that come up in our lives, particularly if similar issues seem to be coming up repeatedly. We must be willing to look at the part that we are playing in those situations from a neutral and witnessing standpoint and not from an emotionally triggered one. We must recognise that each person involved is seeing the same situation from a completely different angle and that each person has a different history, trigger points and weak spots. Be open to understand what the real issue is so that it can be resolved without conflict and with acceptance of another soul’s journey, another soul’s learning. Through this process of witnessing, remember to maintain strong energetic boundaries so that you are able to respond from a place of strength and sovereignty rather than from a compromised (or infiltrated) position.

Constant drama or emotional tantrums are very energetically draining and when we become “sucked in” to someone else’s drama through pity or obligation we are in a sense giving our power away willingly. It’s particularly challenging to see family and friends behaving this way. There is often a certain amount of expectation on their part that you will “be there for them” and indeed you can be but not in a way that allows the siphoning of your energy or the enslavement of your soul, so this requires that you are able to quickly assess the situation, see it for what it is, put specific boundaries in place and if necessary lovingly remove yourself from that situation. Goodness knows, there is enough enslavement on this planet without our loved ones doing it to us too and so it does require that we are firm about boundaries but at the same time in loving neutrality.

Recognise that this type of manipulation and control is rife here. It is a learned behaviour and it is so ingrained in people’s unconscious that they often don’t even realise just how badly they are behaving. It is absolutely necessary to figure out what is our “part of the piece” and what is not and then definitely not to take on something that belongs to someone else. There is much growth and learning in these types of situations if we can hold our centre long enough to not give in to the pressure from them. This takes a lot of discipline and personal discernment because your “standing in your truth” may not fit in with the role they had planned for you and they may misunderstand your behaviour as a lack of compassion for their situation. It may appear as two opposing forces but in fact there is only really pressure from one side. If we are behaving in a way that is truthful to our own heart (which is only possible if we know the contents of our heart!) then we do not need to justify ourselves to anybody else or even care what they think really as your first priority is to yourself and you cannot afford to allow your energy to be drained to such a point that you begin to break down. Withdrawing from conflict situations and emotional drama conserves your energy and allows you to act in a more productive and effective way.

We also need to develop personal discernment. There should be no ego involved in this and no judgement – just testing what is personally resonant and what is not. There will be people or events that you will engage with at some times and not at others and this will be directly related to what is supportive to your soul path or not supportive at that time. Things are changing very rapidly right now, and something that has been in alignment for you for a long time may suddenly no longer resonate or vice versa. These changes should not be over-mentalised. You don’t necessarily need to know the reasons why… and in fact the more that you get used to following your personal discernment and inner guidance in this way, without “needing to know” the more likely it is that you will “know” the reasons anyway, which is something of a spiritual paradox and yet a huge part of the “letting go” process. This personal discernment and “direct knowing” develops naturally as you learn to surrender and let go of the outcome. By refusing to hold any expectations of others or attachments to “how things ought to be” or “what things should look like” you are opening the door to allow the Divine to work its magic in your life.

Recent energetic terrain

Many people have been experiencing a lot of headaches, sinus pressure, throat and jaw issues, sore or itchy eyes and runny nose etc in recent weeks and this has been due to the changing magnetic and electrical principles on our planet which naturally affect our physical bodies too. Particularly within the last five days or so, there have been a series of very strong geomagnetic storms and this left many people feeling really wiped out and exhausted. These geomagnetic storms and the related solar winds affect the magnetosphere, which in turn affects the Global Brain of our planet. This affects our brain… or to be more precise the “collective human mind”.

Scientists have talked about these geomagnetic storms and solar winds for a long while now. Predicted in the lead up to 21 December 2012 and often spiked with a significant fear factor such as “breakdowns in the power grid and communication systems” “searing hot sun that burns you” “a complete breakdown of the ozone layer” etc etc. In actual fact the planet is being infused with stellar and cosmic frequencies that enter and active the pineal gland which in due course works as a trinity with the pituitary and hypothalamus glands (when they are also activated) and this is an intrinsic part of our ascension process. It is the alchemy that occurs within the body that creates the transfiguration. (As these frequencies enter our body, they also run through the “spin points” within the axiatonal lines and meridians of the body and into each cell raising its frequency and causing an increase in the spin speed of the atoms and molecular structure of the body as our Lightbody becomes activated bit by bit. This in turn affects the Central Nervous System and can lead to a “wired” or “over-stimulated” type of feeling.) Hardly surprising then that the controllers are doing their best to instill fear into us (to shut us down) and pump us with fluoride (to calcify the pineal gland) because the more and more our pineal gland is activated the further we progress in our natural organic ascension process – our inner knowing comes online, we move out of the 3D ego mind and align to the higher mind and we see through the illusion of this reality.

For everyone there will be integration of new frequencies to deal with but for anyone who is more governed by their lower 3D ego mind it will become more and more intense until they are able to reach a point of surrender – perhaps through a dark night of the soul. There has to be a death of the ego – a total surrender and the more this is resisted the more excruciating the experience will be. Every person who has or is actively engaged with their spiritual ascension process is familiar with “the dark night of the soul”. This is experienced many times over in the breakdown of the ego. As dark as these experiences can be, the light at the end of the tunnel is always magnificent and brings us to a whole new level of understanding. Some people experience a partial or incomplete dark night of the soul whereby they get a certain way through the process and pull themselves out of it. The ego jumps on board and tells them that they are through the experience. In these cases the light at the end is not so bright, the revelations minimal (they may even have confusion about what just happened) and the personal joy that “they are a really good spiritual student” gives a clue to the part that the ego just played in the experience.

For those in the extreme, who are finding it almost impossible to give up the ego mind, they will experience a type of de-fragmenting – the removal of parts of information or memories – the frequency of which is not compatible with the “new earth” frequencies or timeline. Whole chunks of information will appear to be “not there” anymore as the (old) information pathways have become outdated and taken “offline”. For some people it will look rather like some form of a breakdown – some may not be able to manage their day to day home or work duties as they undergo this process. It may manifest as something similar to alzheimers disease, perhaps even a neurological breakdown, although in this case various information pathways will come back online just as soon as the decompression process and ego release is complete. Actually we will all experience various levels of this – it’s a necessary part of removing “old information” from the filing cabinets in our brain. We are making way for new sensory abilities and removing old low frequency programs, belief systems and programmed behaviours from our field. All of this is good news – we just have to surrender and hold ourselves stable as this process unfolds in us and around us. We are absolutely IN this time of great change that we have known about. There is absolutely nothing to fear in this though, to be sure, it can feel pretty weird and surreal at times.

It will be beneficial to remind ourselves:

  • To be in the moment;
  • To be a neutral observer;
  • To practice being a witness to the process not emotionally charged by it;
  • To get out of the mental (ego) mind;
  • To be in the higher mind;
  • That “this too shall pass” – cliché, but true none the less.

And so, until next time, Be in Truth, Be in the Light.




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