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Choosing Ascension

November 2012 Newsletter

Gathering momentum

As momentum builds towards that notorious date in December (21/12/2012) we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of people choosing to wake up and take responsibility for their lives and become actively involved in their ascension process. It’s the biggest increase that we’ve seen for some time actually and it is really very exciting and encouraging to see this.

Currently the planetary energies are very supportive of this process and whilst, from my perspective, this December date really is not the “be all and end all” as I see supportive energies continuing up until at least 2016/2017, it has to be said though that for some people this energy “push” will begin to drop off a bit as time passes if they are still not engaging consciously with their process of evolution. It will become more difficult because the gap between those on an ascending spiral and those on a descending spiral will become larger.

“Bridging that gap” will begin to appear as if one is attempting to cross “no-mans land” all alone. Of course, we know that we are “never alone” but on this ascension path, it can sure feel that way at times…! Many people are already feeling as if they are “way behind” or that they have left it “too late”. Neither of these things is strictly correct yet it may be the wake up call that they personally need to get them moving forwards…

Any seasoned lightworker or starseed on the ascension path knows that there is much inner work and personal healing to be done on this journey and it takes time to “peel back the layers of the onion”. It stands to reason that one would want to be doing that inner work when the energies are supportive to that process rather than when the energies are pulling away and in fact one would actually want to be getting as far along that path as possible by the end of 2012 and as a priority every day thereafter. Should you choose to make your connection with Source Light a priority in your life through stated intention, then certainly you will receive the most positive and divine support as these energies are completely here for that now and increasingly as we move forward into 2013 and beyond.

It could be said that when more of us are on that ascending spiral a type of magnetic attraction comes into play as a Universal Law and it might become easier to make that shift – almost like tipping the scale in favour of ascension, and to some degree that is correct, however, one’s personal work must still be done for there is no magical entry into the “Kingdom of Ascension”, so to speak. We are talking here of shifting from 3D awareness to multi dimensional awareness with more and more levels of that opening up to us on an almost daily basis. For a newbie that is a huge leap to be taking at this late stage and it can be very hard to accept on a mental level. In real terms – belief systems, programs, structures and much of what you thought your life was about begins to falls away and daily reality completely transforms into a totally different life experience. As you further progress along this path you may come to a point that you ask out loud “whose life is this anyway…?” and you begin to realise that the control you thought you had in your life was just that… a thought – that was actually created by the lower ego mind. As an advanced starseed, you will see that the more that you are aligned to your Higher Self/Oversoul Consciousness and to God, the more you KNOW that you are here to be “of service” and the need to control anything in your life completely falls away and that really is a beautiful place to be.

So you might be asking yourself “why would supportive energies not continue to be there…?”. Realise firstly that we are coming to the end of a 26,000-year cycle known as the Ascension Cycle and we are about to begin another whole new cycle of evolution. It appears to inner vision almost like a coming together in a completion of a cycle then a pulling away as we begin another. Life as we know it is literally ending and we are stepping in to a new way of being which is very exciting. But there is still “free will and choice” here and even though so much of the true earth history has been hidden from us so that we are mostly unaware that the choices we make are not fully free or our own anyway, but still one must “choose” what they wish to experience or in this case one must “choose” to participate in this Ascension Cycle. By default if the choice to engage with one’s spirit and consciousness evolution is not made, then that Being will align (through a type of magnetic / Law of Attraction model) to the experience that is a vibrational match to their current level of consciousness. A Being might then find themselves on a descending spiral. They would need to make a very rapid 180-degree turnaround to connect with the ascending spiral as it moves away and that will be more difficult to achieve the longer that they leave it.

To be on an ascending spiral one needs only to be actively and consciously participating with one’s own personal ascension process. Stating your intention, genuinely from your heart (as well as putting in the required personal homework and self healing) and you most certainly will receive the assistance and support that you need. Many of us are here on this planet as hosts and to offer support at this time of ascension. Many of us have taken a vow that “no soul who genuinely wishes for ascension will be left behind here” and we are consciously and actively working with energetic grids to hold open the window of opportunity on this planet for ascension so that as many souls as possible can achieve this in the current time cycle. A time will come though that the consciousness fields will shift as we head off into another level of experience and those Beings who have not “chosen” to ascend at this time will then have to complete their ascension process here in the next 26,000 year cycle. I share this information with you, not to invoke fear in any way but to highlight what an absolutely amazing window of opportunity for the evolution of consciousness we currently have right here before us!

Due to successful hijacking and control of 5D and 7D architecture by the negative alien agenda we are actually going beyond the original plan for human ascension on this planet and are opening ourselves to multi-dimensional awareness RIGHT NOW – almost in one hit! Not from 3D to 5D but from 3D to multidimensional which is our true state of Being. It’s no wonder then, that things are so intense in the consciousness fields because we literally are making our run for Sovereignty and Liberation and clearly the controllers are not happy about this. The fact that this information is out there and we are encouraging people to engage with their spiritual evolution and choose freedom over continuing enslavement and hidden agenda is hugely empowering to a great many people and one by one as we remember the truth of who we really are and encourage others to be that also we become the embodiment of Christ Consciousness and we hold that every Being on this planet should have the right to be fully aligned to the God Source without interference.

Solar flares

Once again we are experiencing a period of increased CME’s and Solar Flare activity. These can be extremely impactful on the physical, emotional and mental levels of the body. We can see the benefits of these stellar activations in terms of increasing the frequency of the energetic layers within the auric field and this is a natural part of our evolution process. This is often called light or frequency accretion. Our auric field is also known as our electromagnetic battery body and these frequencies (from solar flares etc) are carried as “movements of light” on electromagnetic waves, which are absorbed directly into our electromagnetic field/battery body. As our physical body evolves through this process, the increase of frequencies affects us at cellular and atomic levels and is part of our transmutation process from a carbon-based form to a silicate-based form.

When we take in huge amounts of frequency over a relatively short period of time we can sometimes struggle to cope with the influx of energy and we need time to absorb these frequencies, integrate them and for our “lightbody” to recalibrate itself. Having awareness that this is what is happening to us and stating a “command” to “recalibrate and integrate frequencies gently and smoothly” can be helpful.

Some symptoms of electromagnetic field overexposure includes:

Feeling dizzy, experiencing vertigo, a buzzing feeling inside rather like having drunk too much coffee, feeling as if your insides have been plugged into an electrical socket, buzzing or humming in the ears, a feeling of spaciness, disorientation or feeling like you’re not quite here, a spinning feeling, dehydration, lightheaded as if you are a bit drunk, blurry vision, flashing lights etc similar to a migraine, difficulty in concentrating and staying focused, wanting to lie down and sleep, excessive exhaustion, stuffy in the head and not clear. Sometimes we can experience digestive discomfort and symptoms connected to the solar plexus area like bloating, burping, nausea, burning feeling like indigestion, feeling starving hungry or experiencing an inability to eat or even to face food, strange food choices and strange eating patterns. You might also be feeling a bit wobbly, clumsy or you might fall over as your body attempts to recalibrate the incoming new frequencies.

It’s very important to drink more water at these times. As waster is a conductor of electricity, when we are well hydrated the frequencies coming from the solar flares seem to pass more gently through and around the body as opposed to when we are dehydrated there is a lot more static and interference with the flow which causes our body pain and migraines, whizzing feelings etc. Being in the ocean and taking salt water baths is also very helpful but actually drinking the water is particularly supportive to the body.


Until next time, Stay in Truth, Stay in the Light.




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