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Return to Inner Balance

December 2012 Newsletter

We have now passed the day upon which the Mayan Calendar ended and, at the time of writing, are in the final few hours of this three-day galactic window of alignment. As expected, many of us have felt these energies intensely as we have been the human acupuncture points to anchor this energy upon the planet. Others of us, appear to be unaffected by these energies at this point, as our bodies only take in the energies that we can cope with at any given time, so for some people further clearing and healing work is required before the body is ready to absorb more frequency.

In continuing our preparations to move into “a new era” many of us are once again, reviewing our lives – looking at old patterns of behaviour, remembering old grievances, old friends, pains and sadness – many things that we are now finally ready to let go of and move beyond. Some things no longer have a place in our lives, they weigh heavy in our light-bodies and we need to be willing to fully release them now and move forward into this new cycle. We should not procrastinate any longer.

This is the age of self-responsibility… owning our feelings, resentment, bitterness or anger towards another, or towards life, and then being willing to look at it in all its ugliness and work through each layer until it is healed. There can be no blame anymore – we each have to heal our piece in order that we can let it go and move on.

A common theme also seems to be the balance between male and female in its expression so we are seeing the opening of dialogue between the sexes, mother/father or parent/child issues, sharing feelings and touching on some extremely deep emotions and bringing all of that out into the open to be seen, heard and felt. Sometimes this can feel like a raw nerve, leaving us feeling vulnerable and fragile and requiring our partner/mate to hold a space of compassionate witness without judgement. This may also be a process of “admitting to oneself” what feelings and emotions are held inside and so it may become a process that one works through alone as one “gets to know oneself on a deeper level”. If you are in a partnership and are able to work through this together from a state of higher consciousness, rather than from a place of ego wounds, then the relationship can evolve into a higher/deeper level of intimacy and relating.

We are learning how to relate with one another, with respect, with compassion and with love because “when I hurt you, I hurt myself” and “when I withhold love from you, I withhold love from myself also”. How can we say that we want “Unity Consciousness” when we are still willing to judge another person by the colour of their skin, their religion, their sexual orientation, their position in society, the way they dress…? Seeing the damage that has been done to humanity through the reptilian agenda of “divide and conquer”, through the suppression of our natural ability to know ourselves as a part of God and through the destruction of the stargates that were to be a part of our natural and organic ascension process, is truly horrific and repelling and it is very clear that Universal Laws have been broken. A karmic impact will play out to the perpetrators of this but our anger and resentment of their behaviour is not helpful here as it thwarts our own healing process and takes us out of alignment with the God Principle. Therefore, we are required to be a neutral observer of what has gone before and focus on now, what is right before us and what we can do to bring back ourselves back into balance and into balance with the earth.

No matter how we approach this work, alone or in partnership, each task completed takes us a step further along the path wholeness and union - within, with another or with God. Ultimately when we connect with God from deep within ourselves then we can embody Christ Consciousness that is what we came here to do and it is available to us now as we step into this new cycle of 2013 and beyond.

Step into the Light…




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