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Breathing in the New Light

January 2013 Newsletter 

The energies on planet have changed profoundly in the last month and that has taken us into a totally new place in space and time. Clearly we have overridden the planned Armageddon timeline (because we're still here!) and indeed have gone far beyond that by anchoring the new frequencies of the Christ or Unity Consciousness.

Many of us have been feeling quite different about this year but this is a much deeper feeling than the standard new years’ resolutions and hopes for a new year. In fact we may feel as if we have been imbibed with the feelings of newness, positivity and inspiration – the air we are breathing seems to have a different quality to it and even the sun feels to have a different energy. It’s difficult to quantify this exactly… other than to say that these subtle changes all play their part in the overall changes we are beginning to see or sense on the external. As we continue through our ascension process we open up to greater and greater levels of awareness and these changes create a very real experience for us.

A new way of relating

As our bodies become more refined energetically we are able to pick up extremely subtle nuances that others don’t and this in itself can create some challenges in our relationships with others. When you are aware enough to feel and sense the incongruence between what a person is saying to you is truth vs. what their body and energy field (and your inner knowing) is telling you is truth – well, where do you go with that? Or when their words tell you one thing and their behaviour tells you another – how do you address that? These are common experiences that many of us have seen and felt and yet the majority of the time we let that slide, rather that call it out to be seen and dealt with. Why is that?

In our move towards Unity there has to be a level of transparency, a code of conduct, that is inherent in all of our dealings – both with ourselves and with others. If you cannot be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others? And if you are unable to be honest with yourself, then why is that, is there perhaps some fear there for you around that issue? Wherever we are holding fear, we are also holding weakness and these weak spots provide an unguarded entry point for interference or manipulation by others. Admitting our areas of weakness is not comfortable but is a necessary part of knowing ourselves and a necessary part of becoming truly authentic. It is hypocritical to attempt to portray oneself as an authentic person when one has areas within that they are unwilling to view. An aware person will see through that façade in a breath… and in all future dealings together it will be felt until it is cleared and healed.

In order to “step up” onto this new platform of energy architecture that has been anchored here these are the things that we are being asked to work on now along with ethics, integrity and conscious relationships. Much of this is private, personal work that must be done in alone time but other parts may be done with a supportive person, partner or mentor. It may not be comfortable work but once these energetic blocks and fears are released, fresh air can be breathed into those areas and the feeling of liberation is almost tangible.

Feeling safe

Finally, we are at a time where it is safe to reveal “who we truly are”. There is now support for us to step into our mission work and it is time for us to step into our mission work. Where previously it was unsupported energetically now we have enough ground crew to hold these frequencies and an activated grid where the Unity current flows, so our missions, when fully aligned with Unity Consciousness, will have clear and open connections to receive supportive energies from our Guardian and Star families. There are now enough awakened ones on planet to hear our message and step in to help. This is an amazing and fantastic achievement for us as, for the longest time, we have been living and striving to get this done in this density within a fallen universe!

So finally, the Light is getting on to the planet and we are fully holding it here… things will get easier now for many of us.

However, there are still great numbers of people who remain plugged in to a False Ascension Matrix and who are relying on consumptive modelling for their achievements in life. Still many whose egos run wild in their use and abuse of others to get their needs met and still many whose energy fields (mental/emotional bodies) are littered with alien technology that needs to be cleared. With the old architecture that supported this beginning to collapse and give way to the new, there will be many confused souls who will be pushed to understand just why things are not working for them in the same way that they used to and our task remains to assist them to wake up and see things as they truly are and to help them to gently remove the blinkers from their eyes.

The age of the guru has now passed though a great many people are still choosing to experience this, allowing another person to tell them what is allowed and not allowed within their belief system or religion. They are bound by certain rules or expectations that are placed upon them and their ability to be free to express themselves as the unique and divine being that they are is restricted. For many, there is a feeling of fear when they think about leaving their group or organisation as they have often become so self identified with it that they cannot think of themselves in any other way. They may feel that they will be alone and have nothing if they were to leave, so in effect they are bound by fear and this can be seen in many religions, healing modalities and cults. Going forward further into this new energy we will see this type of binding beginning to breakdown and fall apart as it will not be able to exist in the new frequencies that holds “our divine birthright to know God freely and personally". These bindings are a type of enslavement. With many people held there through being too afraid to step away - they are actually enslaved and don’t even know it!

Binary code to Trinity Code

When one makes choices in life, these choices then follow a particular path to completion. These paths are often quite easy to read as they follow along and are primarily based upon “where the person is now”. The pathways exist there because they are all generally within a particular frequency band and adhere to a specific template. To some degree this keeps us cycling around with the same old issues of karma and most definitely incarnation (as that is an inorganic structure that has been used very effectively here). Life experience on this planet has been operating within a bi-wave system, a closed system based on polarity and duality which creates the continual looping of energy through parasitic relationships and ever repeating patterns of behaviour. Most systems in place here operate on a binary code  and are deliberately structured to prevent the balanced merging of masculine and feminine principles required for unity.

With thanks to the ascension timelines, we are not at the mercy of this frequency band any longer and as we come into the realisation of ourselves as multidimensional beings (as opposed to just 3D/5D beings) and we begin to integrate aspects of our soul and monad body, all of those restrictions drop away and we are open and exposed to a whole set of organic Universal Laws and energy dynamics. At this time many of us are working to rehabilitate our human body energy field to run tri-tone or neutral field frequencies. As opposed to a bi-wave system, this tri-wave creates an open flow system through a looping of energy through the zero point field of Source Light. This allows for regeneration through a continual supply of the creational life force that is the Christ. The trinity code is based on the merging of polarities, the merging of the masculine and feminine principles within and the creation of a third field or Unity Consciousness. When this pattern is fully embodied it becomes the trinitized form. This is the return of the energies have been so dearly missing in our experience here to date. We now have the tools and techniques that we need to heal and clear ourselves and others so that full embodiment of the trinitized form, which is our divine birthright, may be achieved and available to all.

And so until next time… Stay in the truth of your inner heart.



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