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Reaching for New Levels

February 2013 Newsletter 

Dissolving timelines

On 14/2 we moved through a time intersection point and into a whole new time/space experience. The membranes that separate the timelines are dissolving and many of us are moving on to an ascending spiral of time. This opens us up to higher dimensional frequencies which need to be passed through our bodies into the planetary field and integrated which then makes it more accessible for the global population. Those of us who have a prototyping contract for these frequencies were very deeply affected by these new energies as much physical body recalibration has been required for this upgrade. Symptoms of this recalibration have included (but not limited to) dizziness, nausea, visual disturbance, headaches, muscle weakness and coordination problems.

Many of us are now also experiencing a new level of awareness of our surroundings and we are being required to find inner strength to hold emotional stability in order to be the neutral witness to what is being revealed to us. If we are able to do this effectively we will see that we are having a “being in the world but not of it” experience. Our personal Christ shield can effectively create a safe and protected space from which to view the 3D world and its restless energies.

Great numbers of people are feeling challenged in their day to day lives by the increase of frequency on the planet and this is indeed becoming very evident when we look at the people around us, family members, colleagues or friends in our social circles who are experiencing great stress and dissatisfaction with their lives or even dis-ease and the breakdown of their physical, mental or emotional bodies. When a person is choosing not to face up to their inner thoughts or fears (or even follow their dreams), they create internal stress which in due course will begin to affect their health. A person who is over-stressed and burdened by fears and worries can become mentally sick to the point that they cannot think clearly anymore. Their thoughts are really not their own and in a very weak state they may even become prone to possession by dark forces and succumb to obsessions and addictions. In a sense their own fear and unwillingness to grow and develop holds them a prisoner within their own flesh and it is painful indeed to witness others on this destructive path.

Self awareness

We are at a time of spiritual ascension on the planet and this affects everyone who is here right now regardless of whether they are interested in the “spiritual” aspects or not. This is a time of awakening of one’s self and of remembering who we truly are. We are spiritual beings, here for a variety of reasons in physical form – every one of us has “spirit” within us and naturally our soul should be engaged and embodied, though often this is not easily achieved, particularly in those who have been heavily implanted, mentally driven/mind controlled, severely traumatized, abused or possessed.

As part of our spiritual ascension we are required to do inner work and to “know the contents of our heart”. Many people say that they can’t “feel” their heart and some say that it appears to be covered in black so they can’t connect with it or feel anything. These are signs, that much inner work needs to be done in order to clear and heal this pain and darkness, so that they can be opened up to the beautiful light that is within them. We know that sometimes life can be very difficult but nobody, no soul, is truly lost forever. Even if a person thinks they have been in the dark for an awfully long time and are beyond help, always with support and their own commitment to grow, they will be able to be healed, soul embodied and self empowered.

This is a time for us to step up now and work towards personal and spiritual self-mastery. Christ Consciousness has been anchored here, so this is a time where immense support for our spiritual growth and development is available to us should we choose to work diligently and sincerely.

Spiritual development work is not always comfortable, and many of us are having to go way beyond our natural comfort zone in order to progress to the next level that our spiritual self is demanding from us. For many of us there is a driving force from within that is pushing to go deeper and to reach higher. Those of us experienced on this path recognize that as our spiritual self or our inner voice and we know from experience, (sometimes finding out the hard way), that this is a voice we cannot ignore as if we do we are right in line for the (proverbial) Universal 2×4 to smack us around the ear and make us get back on the path quick smart!

Resistance to our inner spiritual work will always create emotional pain so the trick is to learn to recognize the feeling of “resistance” and then grit your teeth and face the issues head on!

Resistance to inner work always leads to spiritual stagnation which can be immensely painful and uncomfortable and in order to move beyond this pain and be liberated from it we must be willing to change and transform and to clear fear attitudes and their pain responses.

Emotional pain and discomfort are clear signs that all is not in alignment in one’s life and that there are issues that need to be addressed. When one is willing to engage with one’s inner spirit to address these issues, the pathway to sovereignty and liberation is clearly shown and can become our natural state of Being.

This recent time intersection point has allowed for an opening into the time fields for more to be revealed and the current surge of people “awakening” is really encouraging to see. This “movement” of humanity beginning to stand together in “Unity” is beautiful and the feeling of hope of better times is almost palpable. Without doubt though, in our bid to create these better times, much destruction of the old ways will take place. This will appear to many to be an extremely dark time and there will be much pain for many people as the structures they base their life and identity upon will seem to topple and in some cases fall. This is precisely why we need to be fully focused right now on our own spiritual development in order that we can build our inner strength and be emotionally stable. Without it we will be vulnerable and weak at a time when we will need all out wits about us to keep from being swept into a descending hub of despair when we find ourselves surrounded by the energy “pull” of those who are not stable enough to withstand troubled times.

We must keep working on ourselves to further develop the Light within.

Stay in the Truth of your own Light.




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