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Powerful Forces at Play

March 2013 Newsletter 

Most recently, we have been witnessing a particular type of energy (archetype) running through the collective mind fields and that is one of the Tyrannical Ruler – dominating, controlling and with the focus of the male dominating the female. It has not affected everyone but there certainly has been an increase in the intensity of some of our relationships and interactions.

This is coming through as a specific attempt to cause disharmony between the sexes or disempowerment of another being and this of course is an energy that has been prevalent on this planet for eons of time.It is the force behind the enslavement, rape and abuse of women as well as the force that carries out barbaric female mutilation in Muslim countries. It is the force used to disempower the abused woman (or man) and it is the force behind which a husband can put so much fear into his wife that she feels powerless to leave him. This energy is the bully in the playground, the abusive boss and in many cases it runs through Government departments.

This energy, this force, is not the person displaying it, they are merely a vessel through which this force is channeled and that is why it can be so surprising when the person you love, family member or friend suddenly displays this behaviour seemingly “out of the blue”. Whilst this energy runs mostly from the male directed at the female it can also be channeled through a female body and targeted at a male or female or male directed towards male. In this case the female would already show behaviour traits of being a very dominating or controlling woman in the first place, thereby giving this energy/entity a place to hook in.  It's main purpose is to gain energy through victimisation and domination.

This energy is not the person’s true nature but is an energy architecture or archetype that they have running in their field. In severe cases it can even appear as an actual entity that steps in and out of their consciousness and “drives” the body vehicle. When impulsed from the collective mind field or when they find themselves in a situation that they are unable to control (which then leaves them feeling vulnerable), they become triggered to run that behaviour pattern (or the entity may step in) and that is why we have seen an increase in this type of behaviour of late as it has been sourcing from a much larger field.

In an emotionally stable person or in a person who is working on their spiritual development and is more conscious and aware of themselves this impulse will not activate within them. They may observe their own feelings of agitation or recognize that they are being triggered to run “an old pattern or an archetypal pattern that does not belong to them” but they will process it in a more conscious way rather than “playing it out”. Perhaps they will sit with it and observe it as it passes through them – being the neutral witness.

However in a person who is mentally or emotionally stressed and unstable or in someone who is feeling really pushed to achieve a self perceived level of success in their life through a sense of ego-need, then this energy when impulsed through the field may cause the person to act this out and they “become” the Tyrant King, showing displays of male dominance, the need to control outcomes, the need to be right etc.

When this type of behaviour is playing out in our surroundings it is extremely uncomfortable and unsettling and we may feel very frustrated as to what we should be doing to heal the upset caused. Timing is very important when dealing with these types of chaotic energies. Defensive outbursts open doorways for even more chaotic forces to enter – what was once a peaceful home environment can become a battleground with two opposing forces fighting for control so at these times it is wise to step back – not give in, but merely re-group and take stock of what has occurred from the position of observing as the neutral witness. The bad behaviour that you may have witnessed is not the sum total of that person, it is not necessarily who they truly are, however, at a certain time they must be called upon to take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge the chaos they’ve caused, particularly if the relationship is to be healed and for the propensity to “become” the Tyrant King to be neutralized and released from the person’s field. This “calling out” is always best delivered with calmness and stability and this is where timing is most important.

As if that has not been enough for us to deal with… riding on the back of the Tyrannical Ruler, we have also had some metatronic energies that have taken hold. These energies work at the Monadic levels of consciousness of the person they are using and this might reveal itself as the person being extremely mentally focused on a specific issue or more so than usual; as the person expressing rigid beliefs with seemingly a loss of emotion; or as the person being quite static in their voice and behaviour as if they are driving on “automatic pilot”.

For those of us who have been dealing with this it might feel as if “we have been under attack” and in a sense we have. These energies were focused on causing chaos and disruption to any harmonious or balanced environments. We know that we should not “take anything personally” when it comes to other people’s behaviour and processes however this may have felt extremely personal. These metatronic energies have an ability to “scramble” any sensible thought processes that we have, leaving us feeling like we are unable to communicate or speak properly whilst at the same time “internally freaking out” – a feeling of imploding for want of expression and the inability to do so. This combined energy “attack” may have created symptoms of headache, nausea, weakness, diarrhea, digestive discomfort and exhaustion. All in all, not a pleasant energetic experience of late…

As always, when more light is brought in, the darkness rears its ugly head and we have witnessed this in a big way.  What is in the internal is always reflected in the external and as more of us work on the internal balancing of masculine and feminine (in order to achieve sacred union within and with God) so this work will be reflected in the external and at global levels.

In order to neutralize and heal the levels of abuse that have been perpetrated upon the genders and upon humanity we must be willing to look at it, witness it and discover the energy behind it. If we claim that we want to heal the feminine we must be willing to look at the abuse of women and the slavery of the sex trade. Can we bear to look at all the parts of this, the force behind it or is the whole thing too sordid for us to look at? Can we really carry this with us into our future of Unity Consciousness without looking at it or healing it? We claim “we are all one” yet there are parts of “us” that we can’t look at? And we surely must question, is this abuse really human behaviour?

So initially, the work is to learn to love and embrace the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves as women or men and also to love and embrace that in others; to work towards breaking down the structures that have caused separation between the sexes. It’s important that we learn to hold a neutral space for our partner to go deep within and to express, without judgement or criticism, what needs to be brought out into the open to be healed. Only with full openness, trust and respect of each other’s process can we take our love for each other to a deeper level. When much is hidden inside of ourselves, how can we ask for truth and authenticity in others? It might appear frightening to lead the way by speaking up about things that worry or upset us, we might fear judgement or ridicule but only by being willing to speak our truth and live authentically can we carve out our individual path to true happiness.

If we are honest with ourselves, can we truly say that we have been living authentically? Do we hold inside something that we could share to a friend or a counselor that we would be unwilling say to our husband, wife or life partner. Why is that? What do we fear by speaking out to the person we chose to share our life with? What is holding us back from being open and truthful with the person we say we love? If this speaks to you then try to take some time this week to sit with this and perhaps write down all the things that you would like to bring out into the open. (Even if you are not in a relationship this can be adapted to things you might need to say to your parent, sibling, friend or boss). Reflect on each of these items and try to touch on the reasons why you feel you cannot speak these out loud. What response or outcome would you expect if you did speak out? Take a look at the questions again and see where your true motives lie. Ask yourself if you are allowing space for their experience or are compassionate to their needs and feelings.

It is commonly said that relationships are one of the hardest things we deal with in our lives. It is worth remembering then that through the work we do on ourselves now, at this specific time, we have the opportunity to create a whole new energetic template for conscious and true loving relationships on this planet . This is a fantastic time to consciously elevate all of our relationships so that we can experience the energetic reality of Unity Consciousness here on earth.

With love and blessings on your journey.



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