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Standing for Positive Change

April 2013 Newsletter 

Since the time of the equinox at the end of March abrupt changes have occurred in the lives of many people. These are generally very positive changes that take a little time to get used to but that offer us a glimpse into the exciting new world that is being created all around us.

Astrological forces are pushing the feminine aspects to the forefront to be noticed and claimed. Not just for the women but for men also as we are all working towards balancing the masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves.

Through situations of love or sometimes shock and trauma, our feminine emotional feeling part is coming up to be seen, felt and expressed. This is most often instigated through our relationships – a breakdown of an unbalanced relationship or the deepening of a supportive one. Any situation that causes deep emotion can be a catalyst for a process that allows for clearing of old wounds and the recalibration to a new state of being. We are being pushed to become self-sufficient and to become self-sovereign and this requires that we stand in the true expression of ourselves as free sovereign beings. We are busting out of unsupportive relationships, breaking free from those who want to control us and we are standing up to authority figures. This is another level of the Tyrannical Ruler archetype or programme that we are working to override.

Changing relationships and standing up to tyranny

This need to create change can be seen on a global level as more and more people in countries all around the world are rising up against their governments, against the control and restrictions that have been placed upon them. We have been “bound” in many of our relationships and we’ve stayed in these unhealthy relationships through a need to feel safe or secure or a desire to be “looked after” – unwilling to leave through our own state of fear. But the people are waking up now and they are trying to break free and take back their power and this is occurring in the banking system, people standing up against governments and law makers, against the medical system and in the area of food politics. People are searching for information and are educating themselves about what has been occurring behind the scenes. Naturally, when we discover that we have been cheated on, lied to and that so much has been hidden from us we feel repelled and want to break free and move away. That type of behaviour simply cannot continue on in the new frequencies, in this new consciousness cycle and as we become stronger and more sovereign it is NOW that we are standing up and saying “no more lies”. We are pushing for transparency and full disclosure. This is a natural process as we move towards personal sovereignty and freedom.

Relationships are a very important part of our life experience. They exist everywhere around us. We are in relationship with everyone… our spouses or partners, our parents, our siblings, our neighbours, our boss, our bank, our doctor, our landlord and on and on but most importantly we are in relationship with ourselves and with God (God-self). Have you ever taken the time to consider how many of your relationships you really enjoy having in your life and how many you wish weren’t really there? Do you want these relationships in your life or do you need them? Do you actively nourish and nurture the relationships that you want or do you leave them just hanging there so that you can call upon them one day in the future if you really need to?

If someone we are in relationship with fed us with food that is detrimental to our health, or stole money from us and then tried to persuade us that it was ok to do so or who deliberately manipulated events so that they could achieve personal gain as a direct result of us being put into loss or fear… what would we do?

Well, the people of this world have discovered that this has been happened to all of us at the hands of governments, banks and multi national corporations and they have decided to stand up against this behaviour en masse. That is why we are seeing protests and rallies and people are sharing information about the false flag events that continue to distract us and destroy our feelings of safety in this world. We are raising awareness to the injustices, we are uncovering detrimental evidence and bringing everything out into the open – we are creating a transparent world where everyone can be seen for their positive and negative traits, where we are all treated equally on our merits and where we are all supported within a framework of Unity Consciousness. We have a way to go… but setting our intention and moving our energy towards this will see it manifest into the physical.

For many of us it is time to clean up our act. We should make time to consider if there is anything in our life that doesn’t belong there and move it out quickly and consciously. Astrologically and energetically we are being supported to do this, actually positively encouraged to do this! Clean up our thoughts, clean up our behaviours and belief systems and clean up our diets too.

Take some time out now to become conscious of your thoughts – how you react to everything around you. Learn to notice your reaction when you pick up the phone and hear who’s on the other end, notice your reaction when you listen to mainstream media, notice your mood or feelings after an evening of watching TV, after eating certain foods… Notice EVERYTHING – this is the time to re-assess what belongs in your life and what doesn’t.


Food and food politics has come into my awareness in a very big way recently. This is a subject that has been quite close to my heart after it was first revealed to me about fifteen years ago, but with the recent energetic support towards transparency more and more is being revealed and it has shocked me all over again, on a whole new level.

We are doing our beautiful physical bodies such a disservice when we eat “food-like” products that are created purely for financial gain by huge multi-national corporations. They deliberately create “fodder for the masses” with ingredients that are cheaply produced (in a factory or laboratory) and designed to have a long shelf life. They contain additives and preservations identified by numbers, abbreviations or unpronounceable words or even descriptions that are deliberately misleading to the general public. To add insult to injury they fund the research on their own products, financially manipulate the scientists to produce “research based evidence” in their favour and pay governing bodies to turn a blind eye to any evidence showing that their product would have a negative impact on human health.

Strong links have been revealed between food manufacturers, government departments and the pharmaceutical industry – they “look after each other”. Governments offer food subsidies to the wheat, dairy, sugar and meat industries – foods that have been shown (in accumulated quantity) to have a detrimental impact on human health – and yet offer nothing by way of subsidies to fruit and vegetable farmers whose foods have clearly been shown to have an extremely positive impact on human health.

To take things further, we have Governments allowing genetically modified (GM) food items into the food chain as an exchange for huge pay-offs by Monsanto and friends. GM food has been proven in tests to have an extremely detrimental impact on our DNA, to cause infertility and cancer amongst other things and yet Governments turn a blind eye to this. Enter: the pharmaceutical industry whose cancer treatment “chemotherapy” has also been proven to cause cancer and yet is actively promoted as the suggested form of treatment for cancer patients. The pharmaceutical industry is the world’s most profitable industry and chemotherapy drugs one of their highest money-spinners.

For every health condition or disease caused by unhealthy eating there exists a pharmaceutical drug to “control” it. Never to cure it, but to control it. There also exists a pharmaceutical drug to control the side effects caused by the first pharmaceutical drug, and on and on ad nauseam. We must ask the questions: Who stands to gain when a population becomes ill from eating an unhealthy diet? If a Government really cared about its people why would it allow this to occur?

We are living in troubled times and many people feel this to be an uncertain world. Without doubt some of this newly revealed information can be shocking to hear and naturally we might want to turn away from it and not listen but there comes a time when we must face facts and the facts do exist now, it is no longer just a theory.

We are being asked to be strong in the face of some extremely disturbing information in all that we see unfolding around us. We must be strong so that we do not submit to fear and so that we can look these things straight in the eye and deal with them – unwavering. It is not helpful to turn a blind eye or deny that these things exist. Now we have to become active and stand up for truth and for the rights of every living Being on this planet and for Mother Earth herself.

Our natural state is one of health and longevity. When we give our bodies good food to eat, clean water to drink and fresh air to breath we can heal and thrive and enjoy a wonderful spiritual connection with God and the Universe and everything around us, living a very blessed existence on this planet. Mother Earth is impacted by the same things that we are but she can heal and restore herself in just the same way that we can. This is what we are fighting for – the simple things in life. Not huge profits, not celebrity status or luxury cars. We are fighting for clean healthy food, as Mother Nature intended – grown in healthy soil, without chemical pesticides and herbicides or genetically modified. Clean water that doesn’t contain poisons or drugs. Clean air that is not contaminated with aluminium and barium particles from chemtrails that make us ill. We are asking for a return to nature and good clean living, like our grandparents or great grandparents enjoyed.

Our youngsters now, are the first generation that is not expected to outlive their parents due to their already diminishing health and many of them are also expected to experience infertility. This is a tragic prophecy and the only way we can attempt to reverse this is by cleaning up our diets, our environments and our lives right now!

No more waiting – the time is now and we are being given the ability to see everything we need to see through our own desires to know the Truth.  Everything is becoming crystal clear.

So I’m offering a toast: to transparency, clarity and positive action in the name of Unity Consciousness!

Until next time, walk in the Light, walk in the Truth…




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