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Through the Eclipses and into Clarity

May 2013 Newsletter 

The lunar eclipse on 24/25th May closes out this most recent eclipse season. There have been many endings and closures in a very short period of time (since late April) and some were comfortable and some were not. Since the solar eclipse (9/5) we began to dream more deeply of the life we would like to have down here on this planet, dream of the way we would like things to be and many of us were able to tune in and begin to set things in place towards creating our dream and making it a reality.

On 25th May all around the world people will March against Monsanto. These people have a dream of how they would like to change the world and they are protesting peacefully against those who are running an alternative agenda that is detrimental to the health of humanity, the animal and plant kingdoms and the planet itself. This is just one such example of what we should prepare to see more of and we might even choose to be involved with these types of events to support a global change.

Astrological alignments (Uranus), going forward for the next six years, are supporting our awakening process. We are awakening to the reality of what has occurred on this planet and what is still occurring. We are awakening to the power that exists within us and that is all around us. We are awakening to ourselves as unique individuals and at the same time seeing our place in the whole and the part we play in the collective dream. We are beginning to see our power potential as a people to stand together and work towards a common purpose that benefits all.

What is your dream? Is it a spiritually based dream or is it a materialistic dream? Does your dream benefit the whole or is it just you personally who stands to gain?

We’re getting to know ourselves – what we want, what we need, what we desire and we’re having to be honest with ourselves in that. It’s not always comfortable to look deeply within and it can be shocking to uncover for example, a selfish or jealous part of one’s self that has previously not been seen or acknowledged. These personal revelations are coming up now to be healed, acknowledged and finally cleared.

To be true and authentic in our lives we must be willing to face the truth and with this current astrology, you can rest assured that the truth will be revealed to you in all it’s shock, horror and glory.

We’re in a time of transformation (Pluto), so all that is not aligned to our highest purpose will need to be transformed. This is not just for us individually though, this is affecting the greater whole and it is powerful and intense. It’s all about control, power, money and mastery/slavery and it affects the big guns… big brother, religion, corporations, banking systems, pharmaceutical systems. Anything or anyone that is holding power over another will need to transform, it can no longer be this way and as we come more and more into the recognition of our true selves, as empowered beings, so we will stand individually and collectively to peacefully rebel.

So please see many different connection points here and begin to join the dots… it’s like a string of pearls that is coming together now to make the most beautiful necklace you can image. We’ve been talking about this for a long while and as we look to the stars we see that it is being echoed there and we are being supported by these huge cosmic energies. The heavens truly are moving to support us in all ways.

This year has already been huge and there is more to come. As things unfold and unveil it probably will not be pretty so we must work on ourselves to stabilise our field, our mental and emotional bodies, so that we are not sent reeling from shock at what we may see or need to look at. My intention here is not to create fear, but to encourage you to prepare yourself. Forewarned is forearmed as they say, so I encourage you to begin to research and educate yourself on the issues at hand.

It has been known that the media, radio and television play an important part in “distracting the masses” and while we are happily watching shows like Australia’s Next Top Model, Hollywood Wives or watching men chase a ball around a field, there is a lot more going on in the world that certain groups of individuals hope we don’t have our eyes on. Don’t be shocked by this – use this as a springboard to inform yourself and empower yourself. I’m not saying you should never watch these things on TV ever again but become the multidimensional being that you truly are and become aware of the big picture and what’s really going on. Recognise that these shows are a distraction and that you are choosing to be a part of that**. Recognise that you are being affected by subliminal messages that come through the TV and that the frequency of your thoughts are being manipulated as you watch. Also, know that the frequency of your whole energy field is being manipulated to become addicted (and your frequency lowered) even by being in the same room as a TV that is pumping out signals to everyone in the room, your babies and children included. Be aware of these things and choose to consciously engage with that or not.

Investigate your food choices – what’s really in your food and is the energy of your food suitable for an ascending human? All food carries information that the cells of your body and your genes read. Is the information or instruction set that you are feeding your body, beneficial to health and the expansion of your consciousness or is it breaking down your DNA strands and turning your cancer genes on and your health genes off? (***epigenetics). Be conscious that your skin is your largest organ and that everything that you put on your skin is absorbed into your body, into your blood stream and cells. What “information” are you placing on your skin that is entering your body? What is the instruction set that you are programming into your cells – health or disease? Realise, that there is so much more to this than vaguely knowing that “what you put on your skin is absorbed” – it’s more than just knowing that some substances are toxic… it’s what is happening to the body that is of real importance here. Inform yourself. Become Conscious.

Again, I don’t want to sound alarmist but by becoming aware of these types of things you can ensure health and longevity and have the opportunity to reach your maximum potential in life.

Dis-ease, for the most part, builds quite slowly in the body, but then it seems that all of a sudden it becomes visible and you can find yourself locked in to the medical system and carried along a pathway that leaves you very little room to move. The better option would be prevention rather than cure. Make the changes now; don’t leave it for another 20 years when you’re already down the pathway to disease. Open your mind now and allow a shift of consciousness to come through so that you can move towards health. This is not a popular subject; it can be easily dismissed or pushed to the back of our minds in our busy lives. Perhaps you find it uncomfortable to look at or feel that the changes required will be too much to manage but ultimately for the sake of a few small changes, your health, your life and that of your children could depend upon it.

So here we are, at this most pivotal time, when all the planets are moving to support us. This is our time to awaken, to empower ourselves and to become God, Sovereign and Free.

And so, until next time stay in the Light of Truth.



** Like in the movie of the same name, when they visit “the Matrix” and then step out of it again – at no point did they get sucked back in to the matrix and believe that it was real. They were observing themselves from an outside space with full knowledge that they were visiting a playground illusion. I’d recommend watching that movie again if you haven’t seen it recently. I’d almost guarantee that you’ll be seeing it through new eyes!



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