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True Lies

June 2013 Newsletter 

We are experiencing a period of increased electrical intensity due to various solar and geomantic storms, electrical peaks and astrological events such as the solstice energies and a great many people are feeling the full effects of this electrical intensity in their physical body with rather uncomfortable feelings of anxiety, heart palpitations, frazzled nerves and for some an inability to sleep or feel properly grounded.

When we are feeling this way, it is all too easy for the pressures of our day to day lives to completely overwhelm us, leading to an increase in feelings of sadness, nervous depression, breakdown or even suicidal thoughts. Quite a number of nervous/emotional breakdowns and sudden deaths have been brought into my awareness in recent weeks. These electrical impulses also have an effect on the heart too, high blood pressure, heart attacks and the like.

When we feel unsettled in this way, commonly we look to our physical lives to see what is causing these unpleasant feelings and any imbalances are highlighted and glaringly obvious to us at these times. Because we are generally still working on the refinement and dismantling of our ego in order to be fully “heart guided”, these “highlights” will continue to be a recurring theme for those of us who are resisting change or who are in a state of denial about certain aspects of our lives.

When we consistently fail to make the necessary corrections in our life to enable us to be walking on our true path, at a certain point in our development our soul will step in and begin to orchestrate the variables in order to give us the opportunity to make more conscious and aligned choices, to effectively “get ourselves back on track”.

Whilst it is fair to say that there is always an element of this energy at play here, we also experience this as a force that comes in a wavelike pulse and currently this pulse is being experienced by many of us. That continuing push to get things in order… not due to any negative outcome necessarily but more for the positive outcomes that are waiting for us.

When we are able to go with these changes rather than resist them, then truly, beautiful things can come in to our lives. These are the wonderful divinely orchestrated events that can occur when we are aligned to God and to our individual spiritual purpose and mission. To be fully in this space of alignment it is required that we are able to break through the frequency fence that exists here that is designed to keep us in our mental mind rather than breaking free into our heart. Breaking through (this frequency fence) is truly breaking free and we must being willing to let go of the things that are no longer in alignment for us – not hold on to them out of fear of what life will be like without them.

So most commonly, once again, we are seeing relationships changing, jobs changing, locations changing – complete lifestyle changes for some people and this is all a natural process of aligning ourselves with resonant frequencies in order to continue our personal development and soul growth. For some of us “Being of Service” is just being in the right place at the right time and having the opportunity to make a difference, even if it is to just one person, as the one is connected to the whole and every single act of kindness makes a difference to the overall consciousness of the planet.

Highlighting the imbalances in our physical lives is useful but really just the beginning of this little journey to self awareness… we need also to look at the emotional, mental and spiritual levels to gain awareness of any imbalances that exist there. When we look at the macro level we know there is a micro level able to reflect back to us a deeper layer of imbalance, so let us make time for ourselves as a daily practice, to go inward and be open to what is revealed to us.

In our various stages of development and awakening we come upon layers of consciousness that reveal what has been our experience here on planet earth and for some of us, on other planets too. These beginning layers will usually reveal our personality self and it’s fears, worries, guilt, anger or greed. This very first layer can be too much for some people and they opt out of looking further within, or they lie to themselves that they are doing or have done their inner work in order to avoid more of their own truth from revealing. A common error in our development is that we tend to think we have done more work on ourselves than we actually have. This is an example of our ego at play – it tells us that we have “looked at something” and perhaps that is true to a degree however if we can still be emotionally triggered by the issue, or feel fear or the desire not to look at the issue again because we feel squirmy about it, then probably, the work is not complete around that and it has not been fully cleared and brought to neutrality in our experience of it. If we are able to work through this and go ever deeper and observe things from a position of being “the neutral witness” we can really get to know and understand our weak spots and vulnerabilities and then fully heal them.

With that understanding comes the power of our awareness. When we are unaware of our weaknesses we are also vulnerable to manipulation (or even possession) so this awareness truly brings us the power to hold strong against any type of interference or trickery. Interference of the truth is very prevalent in our society and the whole subject of possession, manipulation or mind control is only just really beginning to open up publicly now though actually it is very common indeed. Previously it was something spoken of in hushed tones or played down but more and more the “new age manipulation” is being revealed and many of those spiritual folk, who have relied solely on “messages from the angels” (and the like) or on psychic readers to tell them what to do next, are beginning to realise that something is amiss here, they are sensing that all is not quite as it seems and they are now searching for the truth along with those people uncovering the truth behind governments, pharmaceuticals, food and chemtrails. On all levels, we are searching for the truth and people are feeling angry about what has been hidden from them and about being lied to. Lies and deceptions are now beginning to be uncovered in this natural process of bringing us back onto the Truth Vibration.

At more advanced stages of our awakening process we begin to become aware of our own cellular memory in order that we can clear and heal memories of trauma and pain. Currently a great many people are beginning to open up very painful memories of being invaded and abused. This is not necessarily a personal experience from this lifetime but rather this is a cellular memory of something that has been experienced by humanity whilst on this planet. It is in effect a planetary or race memory and it is coming up to be healed and released. In order to do this, we must be willing to face the truth as it is revealed to us and not shy away from it even when it is emotionally very difficult to witness. This particular part of the process can cause lots of chaos and confusion in one’s life as so much of this doesn’t make sense at all from where we have previously viewed it. In this process we are being asked to look at earth’s hidden history – a history that has been quite deliberately hidden from us and, should we dare to question it’s authenticity or point out the disparity of the story, we are almost attacked for it and certainly ridiculed for thinking that “the story told” could be anything other than the truth. Even in the face of the fact that so much of that story just doesn’t make sense. Take the pyramids for example… just how DID they get those stones up there.? and why are there images of spaceships inside the Kings Chamber? – but that’s a story for another day and in the meantime there we are, potentially the only ones standing up and pointing this out while the rest of the world is happy to ignore that and go about their day, or so it seems anway…

When all that you thought was true turns out to be a huge and deliberate lie or manipulation of the truth, it can be very shocking. I have been witnessing people absolutely spinning chaotically when even a tiny thread of truth is revealed to them. Even when something as simple and disturbing as an ingredient in their favourite processed food turns out to be a harmful ingredient these people are absolutely reeling from shock and going into denial. The intention behind revealing the truth is not to shock people with horror, but to raise awareness so that we can make necessary empowering changes. This chaotic response to truth revealing though, shows the potential vulnerability of humans. Deep within us are these painful memories of a time when the earth and its people were invaded and violated. Our collective memory was then deliberately wiped in order that there would be no record of this ever having occurred, then we could be “fed” a story and we would believe it – this is still happening today but this is a violation of humanity and on a cellular level we do remember this. Even if we can’t necessarily grasp the details, we know something happened to us that was not good – there was a deception there and when we realise that we are being lied to again now the effect of that trigger can be huge.

What the controlling forces did not expect though, is that as Christ Consciousness frequencies could be anchored and embodied on the planet - they thought they would be able to control things so that could never occur but the membranes between the layers of earth’s and our race memory are beginning to dissolve – and therefore the truth is revealing itself to us quite naturally. This is making it more difficult for the controllers to continue their shenanigans in quite the same way and this really is fantastic news. Just by witnessing their deceitful ways the structures used to hold these deceptions in place begin to dismantle. This is why it is so important to have great numbers of people witnessing the deception and also preferably to be able to witness in neutrality.

As more is revealed however, we can expect to see those around us spinning out of control with the revelations. We might be in for a bit of a rough ride in that respect so it’s important that we can hold our centre and know where we’re coming from. What I mean by this is that we should continue our own inner work, continue to learn more about ourselves and our own thoughts so that we can learn to recognise which are our own thoughts and which are external to us (thought impulses coming from mind control for example). We can train ourselves to simply be able to check in and ask “where is this thought sourcing from?” “is it my own thought or is it coming from external to me?”, “is this thought in alignment to my highest good?”. That way we can take steps to be free of manipulation – someone trying to make you align to their story of what is real and true, rather than the truth of your own experience. There should be no judgement of another person’s choice or thought, just a recognition that it is not in alignment, or resonant, for you.

Times are challenging right now, pressures are building and we need to be kind to ourselves and kind to each other.

Hold strong in this difficult terrain and hold on to the Light that is within your heart.




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